Wednesday, 20 May 2015

by the wind sailors

Velella velella jellyfish washed up on the shore Baja California.

mexican aloe vera

Used since the time of the Mayans for its many curative properties, from the freshly ripped leaf it is a wonderful remedy for sunburn.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

liberation in kali yuga

The benevolence of Kali is truly sublime. To understand it will make you cry tears of joy and gratitude at her feet. Far from any intent to save humanity, this terrific goddess offers liberation from the human condition itself. That, and only that, is what liberation means in Kali Yuga. Her Game subsumes all others because with every hand you win, there is no one left to play.

John Lamb lash

Monday, 13 April 2015

edenic states azores

Within of all of exists latently the capacity to sustainably experience ecstatic states of connection and knowing. In fact this ability is encoded into our DNA blueprint, which is waiting to be read to its full potential. This fact is borne out by recent scientific research and human experience as well as the ancient mythology and the inner knowing that so many of us tune into. Paradise on earth is more than just a garden of beauty, it is about a state of mind that can see and respond to that beauty, that can be informed and ecstatically guided by it on a moment by moment level, a paradisiacal sense of connection, an Edenic state.

On this retreat your teachers are Holly Paige who will focus on entheagenic nutrition and earth connection and Gwyneth Robbins who will share her deep knowledge and experience of plant communication and crystal healing.

About Sao Miguel, Azores
Known as the 'Green Island', Sao Miguel is the largest of the lovely nine islands of the Azores, Europe's remotest outpost. Formed from the upper sections of volcanoes, these islands were pristine and uninhabited until the 15th century and remain one of the most unspoilt areas on the planet. Modern conveniences such as electricity did not arrive until about forty years ago, there is no industry to speak of apart from cheese production; this is a place to regenerate in the wonders of nature. A rich variety of landscapes and microclimates exists on the islands. Within a tropical/subtropical climate influenced by high pressure atmospheric conditions and the Gulf Stream. On this island you can see the stunning natural beauty of the volcanic crater Sete Cidades and the waterfall Caldeira Velha.

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

rite of passage

Ibogaine takes the human who journeys with it into a  deep revelatory experience, a review of life situations including traumas, with the necessary detachment to process them.  Its addiction healing powers were first discovered in the industrialised world accidentally and serendipitously in 1962  by New Yorker Howard Lotsof, who is featured in this documentary.  He was addicted to heroin at the time, took a dose of ibogaine (estimated to be about 500 mg) for fun then realised he had lost interest in drugs and had a new life path.

Ibogaine has been traditionally extracted from the bark of the iboga plant by the Bwiti people in Gabon.  Nowadays there are alternative ways of producing it too.

It is the only known effective treatment for several addictions.  Perhaps because it offers a true rite of initiation; the experience and connection that is being truly sought. The way it, within hours, relieves withdrawal symptoms and addiction is becoming widely known.  It is important to take initiatory doses of ibogaine in safe conditions (there are treatment centres around the world) and also move forward afterwards into a new phase of life because that is what is really being sought in a rite of passage.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

violence in humans a social taboo

Rory Miller discusses the taboo subject of the capacity for violence in humans.  The host is rewilder Daniel Vitalis.  This is a fascinating and very pertinent issue for these times.  I love the part where they discuss the benefits of awareness.  It is great to be focussed on the good and what we want and open to opportunities on this level but genuine awareness will not filter out alerts about the safety of either ourselves or our loved ones.  We have been told by some that the world is a fearful place and we should just respond with love.  Love is great, but the antidote to fear is courage.

'In this episode of ReWild Yourself! podcast, I talk with Rory Miller — author of Mediations on Violence — about the human violence blueprint. We debunk some of the most common misconceptions about violence and self defence.
Episode Breakdown:
The Violence Taboo
Why are humans so afraid of violence?
The Violence Threshold
Common misconceptions surrounding violence
Misconceptions about law enforcement
The unknowns vs. creating your own reality
Levels of security
Scenarios of violent situations
Rory’s top tips for human survivability
Awareness makes your life richer
Nature vs. nurture
No one should be training for self defence out of fear. You should train because you love training.
Awareness makes your life richer.
None of us are the products of ancestors who refused to defend themselves. '

Saturday, 21 March 2015

eclipse on dartmoor

The solar eclipse coincided with a supermoon when the moon is at its closest to the earth (known as perigee) and also the spring equinox, when the days become longer than the nights in the northern hemisphere.  There was an utterly mystical atmosphere on Dartmoor, a sense of auspiciousness.   As we drove back towards Totnes and the sunlight returned we realised how low the light had been.
It reminded me of viewing the solar eclipse in Devon in August 1999.  There was a sense of something big changing but it was hard to pinpoint at the time.  On hindsight it was obvious.  it included a rapid development and increasing speed in information exchange and communications between people through fast changing and spreading technology.  Through this global link up knowledge is spreading to a point where I feel we are on the verge of a massive shift in awareness and actually experience of reality also social change, signalled by this 2015 eclipse.  Also we realise we need to embrace a whole solution for the woes of humanity, nothing partial will work any more.  As individuals we can play our individual roles in our specialist areas, whilst still embracing this whole solution.

Since the eclipse my life has turned upside down in unexpected ways.  However these changes are really catapulting me into the work I should really be doing, focussing on retreats in nature and providing  opportunities for healing for those damaged by the circumstances inflicted upon them so they can play their role too.  I will be back with more on this.  For people already signed up to Edenic States I can only apologise for the delay in starting regular mailings.  I have been doing a  lot of preparatory work. If you want to hear more about retreats and knowledge about how to get into a better feeling state please sign up on the left hand side of this blog.  I am also starting  a non profit venture for healing retreats, also ongoing sense of community, for those who are battered by life and need to heal and reset in order to make a contribution to society.  Please contact me at if you are interested in this project.