Monday, 2 March 2015

fermented foods class

chocolate cherry kefir cheesecake
These classes are getting great feedback.  Next one is 12th April.  Click here to find out more.

I am very proud of and touched by the many testimonials we have had.  Here are some of them:

Saturday is resonating in my life like a brilliant new song I heard on the radio! ... On a health level, the food and drink we were offered was so high vibrational that I felt amazing for a few days. I missed it the next day and would like to make steps towards incorporating some of the magic into our lives now. Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit and information. It was brilliant. Am inspired to make more ferments and play around with the kefir and invest in the smoothie goodness. I had expected a fermentation course but for it to be grounded in your experience of raw food health was such a bonus for me as I have such an interest in dietary health and had so many questions answered verbally or otherwise. Alex, Somerset
Thank you for very enlightening fermentation fetish day session we have attended last before last weekend. It resurrected some of information we had about fermentation from our childhoods which will enable us to return to these very healthy practices. In addition, it has equipped us with a lot of information, which we can now build on. Our first four jars of salsa and sour kraut with goji berries are already actively fermenting and we can not wait enough to taste it soon. Denise and Marek London, formerly from Slovakia

Fabulously tasteful day - strawberry chocolate cheesecake was sublime - you've got to try it. Stella

There was some serious transmission of energies and frequencies in the room. I could feel my consciousness expanding with the words that were shared. Dunstan, Bristol

Saturday, 28 February 2015

technology of the neurophone

The first 1958 Neurophone consisted of components you can find in every household, such as a HiFi stereo device, metal cleaning sponges and plastic sandwich bags. Dr. Flanagan has continually improved the Neurophone since then. The later models include an acoustic feedback mechanism (real-time feedback), which automatically adjusts the resonance to the Neurophone user's body.
When you use the Neurophone your body becomes part of the oscillator circuit and works as a kind of radio receiver. Only if you put both electrodes onto your body, the circuit closes and you can hear the sound. With the feedback mechanism, the transmitted signals are being adjusted to the user's specific energies. These energies depend on your mood, your form on the day and even on factors such as your diet.
   The Neurophone encodes sounds that the electrodes then transmit to the brain via a carrier wave in the ultrasound range. The Neurophone uses the specific code for sound signals that the brain can decode as sound. The basic ultrasound signal does not transmit any specific information. The Neurophone user is therefore not being actively “programed” with specific frequencies. The user himself can decide on the kind of information he wants to receive by making a personal selection of sounds to be transmitted together with the ultrasound signal, for example by connecting an external sound device such as a CD player and a language learning or meditation CD. The new Neurophone NF3 is delivered with a CD that offers various frequencies.
   When transmitting stimuli, the Neurophone bypasses our usual ways to receive and process information and can therefore also bypass energetic blockades. Sounds that are being received in the usual way, through our ears, are being filtered and our subconsciousness examines their “importance”. This way, information are being selected and partly suppressed. The “Neurophone way of transmission” to the brain bypasses this selection.
   The Neurophone bypasses the whole usual hearing process. This is why even deaf people can hear with the Neurophone (That depends on the kind of auditory defect the person is suffering from). With his Neurophone, Patrick Flanagan has discovered an additional sense everybody has but that we usually do not use: We can hear through our skin. The Neurophone makes the small metal plates at the top of the electrodes vibrate. These vibrations are being transmitted to the skin as soon as the electrodes touch the skin. The skin then transfers the vibrations. The skin is our largest organ and has many nerve cells that work like sensors. The receive stimuli and transfer the received stimuli to the brain.
   Patrick Flanagan has discovered the code with which the brain decodes sound information. Simply said, he translates sound information into vibrations which are then being transmitted to the brain via the skin's tactile sensors. The code is being decoded in the bran and then the brain can again interpret the signals it has received as sound information.
   Sounds and information that are to be transmitted via the Neurophone are coupled with the basic ultrasound signal. The Neurophone transmits the signals via the skin to the saccule, a small bed of sensory cells situated in the inner ear. The saccule was

formerly considered as only being important for maintaining balance. Today, we know that the saccule is an ultrasound organ that serves mammals such as whales and dolphins to perceive ultrasound. Patrick Flanagan says that our ancestors possibly communicated with whales or dolphins via the saccule...

   Nerve endings connect the saccule with various regions of the brain, such as the area for long-term memory. The brain again decodes the received signals and perceives them as sound. The Neurophone can therefore transmit sound information or lesson contents to the brain without bypasses or filters.
   It is, however, important to know that the Neurophone's main function is neither hearing nor learning. Its core function is hidden in the ultrasound signal that is beyond the audibility limit. The dolphin therapy has shown that ultrasound waves have a relaxing and calming down effect. Studies found that the Neurophone begins to synchronize the cerebral hemispheres after only half an hour. Our left cerebral hemisphere (logic, linear, rational) processes information in a completely different way than our right hemisphere (creative, context-related, emotional/intuitive). If you “combine” the two cerebral hemispheres, a completely new form of processing information is possible and, theoretically, an unlimited IQ. For further information on the Neurophone, please have a look at thefree ebook and the free Neurophone online magazine.

   Patrick Flanagan says the Neurophone is a “device for experiments”. Users indeed often have different experiences. In addition to boost learning, Patrick Flanagan says you can use the Neurophone for relaxation and meditation, among other things. If you do not want to transmit sound information using the Neurophone could not be more simple. You switch the Neurophone on and put both electrodes onto your bare skin. The device will do everything else, even if you want to work or learn while using it. 

Friday, 27 February 2015

welcome to edenic states

At last we are launched!  I am over the moon. This first event is not far way in time March 13th to 15th, on the beautiful Isle of Wight, off the south of Britain. The Island retains a unique natural beauty yet is easily accessible from London and therefore elsewhere. I and crystal healer, Gwyneth Robbins will be teaching about entheagenic nutrition, plant communication, earth connection and crystal healing. Other events including other activities in the field of ecstatic connection will be announced in due course.  Please join the mailing list at the top left side of this website to receive mailings about not only future events, but also regular interesting and useful writings in these subject areas.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

berry coconut whirl

1 – 2 young coconuts
1 Tbsp lucuma
¼ tsp vanilla powder
300g berries/cherries - can be frozen 

Blend fruit, lucuma, vanilla, flesh of coconut and about half the juice. 1 coconut may well be enough; if there is not enough flesh to make the mix creamy enough then use a second one. They vary.  Also you can use less juice to make a thicker dessert.

Serve as it is or topped with raw cream, dairy or otherwise.

Cocoface (click here) are now supplying high quality deliciously fresh young coconuts around last!  I have no links to this company other than being a  delighted customer.

edenic states isle of wight

coming soon....

anything can be a cure for anything


In this talk, covering a  number of subjects, John Lash talks about the healing power of Parnashavari, plant medicine, the healing of humanity and how any plant can potentially be a cure for anything.

This is an observation we have made recently.  So many herbs are said to be cures for so many ailments, we feel it so often just has to be a matter of intuition as to what to go for and bear in mind it's good to have a wider variety of herbs and medicinal foods in the diet all round.

releasing the chiral lock

The chiral lock causes the severance of operation of our dreaming and reasoning attentions.  It is caused by anything that interrupts our attention in an unnatural way or requires only a few seconds of our attention.  It can be released in various ways such the thumb exercise described in this audio.  I have a feeling the neurophone helps with this too.

Scroll down to GTT Planetary Tantra Series 06-11, you get an option to download, then select Planetary Tantra 12.

"the chiral lock is an artificial bind that locks the first and second attention on a seam located right between your eyes. In a natural state, the first attention (left eye: Manas) and the second attention (right eye: Buddhi) carry peripheral fields like huge curving plate glass lenses and these two fields interact, they float freely over each other like tectonic plates. But when we slip under the archontic spell, mainly by everything that decreases our attention — using tv screen flicker, sound-bytes, twitter, jackhammer editing on MTV clips and advertizing, stop-motion photography, and other such technologies of entrainment — these two lenses of peripheral vision get locked on a seam. Consequently, reason and imagination cannot work together. "  John Lamb Lash

The cure for archontic influences is immersion in the bio electro magnetic aura (BEMA) of the Earth herself.