Thursday, 17 July 2014

raw high, home grown strawberries and durian meets cream

strawberries in my Somerset garden

Over the last few weeks have really enjoyed the raw high at its best again - I'm the kind of person who can easily slip into eating too much of the wrong types of food when I'm under a lot of pressure and justify a bit of this and that.  After a while it can all add up and when I go back to eating a fresher lighter diet I really notice how much happier I feel.  It's been so nice to have some time settled working at home in the beautiful summer weather with the abundance of local and not so local fruits. After 3 days (in fact almost exactly 72 hours in my case) without deviation from what I know works for me in terms of sustaining that special feeling that can come when not eating any cooked food  I feel a transformation, a lift in mood, a different feeling and perspective on life, one which I much prefer.  It's like feeling more aligned with the life force and less in the clutches of mental and cultural conditioning. Anyway, a topic to endlessly come back to.

Meanwhile what have I been eating?  Right now, although eating some salad and raw vegetable soups too, I have been mainly enjoying the lovely summer fruits, both local and tropical..raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrants, cherries (from Cheddar Gorge), mango and durian (bought frozen and thawed).  And complemented with my beloved raw dairy produce - local raw Jersey milk made into kefir and local raw Jersey cream.  I also have a few strawberries and raspberries  grown in my own little garden patch, cucumbers and tomatoes on the way.  Even to grow a small amount is a lovely fulfilling connected feeling.

kefir, mango, cherries, raw cream and vanilla powder
Breakfasts, which I eat several hours after getting up as I prefer to spend the early morning on drinks and maybe a little bee pollen, have been an adventure.  Lovely ripe mango with fresh raw cream or kefir and cherries, lucuma and vanilla powder sprinkled on.  Usually I mix noni powder and lucuma powder into the kefir as the noni complements the kefir marvellously because it opens up the pores in the intestines to allow the large tryptophan molecules in the kefir through.
kefir, mango, raw crea, cherries , vanilla and lucuma powder

Even occasionally I am having durian and cream for breakfast!   Generally durian is a fruit I generally like to eat alone intact but raw Jersey cream and durian seem to have a strange affinity to each other, at least in my taste buds and digestive system, that rich fatty but fresh feeling.  I feel euphoric afterwards and nourished for hours.  In this photo can you tell where the cream beigns and the durian ends?   See what I mean!

durian and fresh raw Jersey cream

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

strawberries and cream

kefir, raw strawberry coulis and raw cream

So traditional and yet so updated.  And so delicious. 

Of course not that long ago dairy products such as milk and cream were not pasteurised so all our cream was raw.  Traditional diets around the world have taken what is available locally and adapted it to meet our nutritional requirements now that we are away from our wild biological habitats.  In the British Isles where we do not get consistent sunshine we have had other sources for vitamin D often through dairy products.  Pasteurising or heating them reduces the vitamin D content so is slightly missing the point.  

Fruit is a very natural food for humans to eat and strawberries are great as as most berries are with low glycemic indexes (they don't spike blood sugar levels) and with lots of vitamin C and also B17 especially if blended so the seeds become nutritionally available.  Throw in some noni and we're home!  So this is my recipe:

400g strawberries
40g dried mango, soaked
1 Tbsp raw honey

Just blend together until smooth.  If you use a vitamix you can just put in the dried mango as is; with a less powerful blender you are best to soak the dried fruit first in spring water.

Here I served this delicious coulis with kefir sprinkled with lucuma powder and vanilla powder as well of course the dollop of raw cream on top.  We have our kefir delivered from Dreamers Farm.  You can see  a list of raw dairy suppliers here.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

ancient oaks on dartmoor

 Local legends associate Wistman's wood with the faerie realms and this is certainly a mystical place.    Amazing to think that once that Dartmoor and most of the British Isles were populated with trees and arboreal beings.  That we would have walked through woods from one place to another like in the fairy stories.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

the magic of barrow mump a beautiful bump

This area of Somerset is strewn with mounds which rise above the Levels, an area which until comparatively recently was under water.  The mounds formed islands rising above the lakes and these areas were inhabited a long time ago.  I love the lingering memory sense of the boat travel between the islands.  For  a year I lived in a caravan on the Levels and this impression was very vivid. The mounds intrigue me and I often look at them and wonder if they formed with or without human intervention.  Barrow Mump at Burrowbridge is a lovely place to visit, it's a quick trot to the top, almost like a miniature Glastonbury Tor and the views are beautiful.  Travelling between Somerset and Devon as I often do its a great place to stop and go barefoot and connect to the energy of the Earth and so be inspired.  The name burrow implies that that the mound was made by humans, just as a rabbit excavates its burrow.  The topsoil has been examined and found not to be local but brought from about twenty miles away.    Another magic place to enter a magical state of awareness.
Alder in Ogham tree lore is determination, discrimination

Lizzy at the top

Lizzy on the Levels

Friday, 11 July 2014

holy thorn on wearyall hill

We shouldn't have laughed when we realised that the new holy thorn tree planted to replace the vandalised one, had also been destroyed since we were last up here.  Now the old battered thorn is being celebrated with ribbons.  

Wearyall Hill is lovely to see from the town of Glastonbury...when you take the short stroll up there it's another world.  We were contemplating just how magical it would have been up there comparatively recently without the sounds of cars; now we need to go further afield into the countryside to have this amazing experience.  I think we underestimate the impact of car noise on our sanity.  Yes we get used to it and learn to filter it out, but what gets lost in the process are all those other audio signals from earth nature that keep us on track, truly inspired and knowing where we are, the rustling of wind in the trees, birdsong, insects...I guess we get the chance to truly appreciate these things and realising their worth having had the experience of losing them lost them.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

true confessions of my escape from electronic relationships

Have had the enormous pleasure recently of deactivating my facebook account.  By the way I still have a public page to which I post blogposts from here because I acknowledge that many others, like me, have connected with beneficial knowledge and also people they want to meet through this medium.  The trick is not to let it take over and this is easier said than done.  It can easily turn into a major distraction (I once met a woman who spent by her own admission14 hours a day on it) and an alternative to a much more fulfilling life in the sensory world of nature including humans.  Someone told me that their friends who had come off it felt a major weight off them.

I was so happy to be off it that I had  a major urge to go back on and make a status update to that effect...fortunately I had forgotten my password and in my frenzy tried to reset so many times that I got blocked for 24 hours which really saved the day.

Social media is understandable in  a world where we seem to have lost touch with our telepathy and humans still need contact with each other but often don't like each other... However I was noticing how many people were remarking on facebook about the state of their eyesight and also the insanity of it all, and of course to some degree it is fakebook, people can be facebook friends but not even recognise each other in the street, let alone have any desire to connect with each other in such a situation.

And of course all that great 'information'..well, firstly is that titbit in the newsfeed really the next clue we were looking for in the fulfilment of our life purpose and while it's great to read a well chosen book (or indeed blogpost) on a subject of interest or listen to a speaker whom we are interested in but surely we also need time to reflect and allow our own insights to come through from source.  I have noticed `I am 'downloading' more in the way I used to since abandoning this dubious pastime.

(p.s. with public page on facebook  there is no news feed and you only see notifications if you specially click on the appropriate tab, so you can post stuff without getting distracted.)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

magical sunset walk in meare

I've found a beautiful circular thirty minute walk that's ideal for barefooting and watching the sunset and even do some sungazing over the Somerset Levels by the river Brue near my home.  When you look at the low lying sun (obviously briefly) you see how its's a living being with a life  and consciousness of its own.

 It's so magical, sometimes I see deer, often swans on the river, many many rabbits confidently scampering around in the land backing onto the river, also bats circling. 

  It's amazing in the sun but also in different weather conditions; a few evenings I went out there to find swathes of the legendary Avalon mist low lying over the fields.

 Every evening it's a  little different. There's something about doing the same walk every day at about the same time.  Tuning into the Gaian network, the original internet, through the trees, birdsong, the water and the sky.

There seems to be no getting away from the fact that our internal biochemistry makes a difference.  After wavering a few times, travelling away from home, the 'raw high' kicks in almost like clockwork for me about 72 hours of being back with my chosen way of eating, and with it a blissful tuning into birdsong and the sounds of nature in general and a feeling of hearing what they are communicating.

Himalayan Balsam

I love Himalayan balsam, I know it's an invader and can take over from other long standing species here but I love its exoticness and fragrance  and the masses of pink flowers by the rhynes.