Monday, 15 September 2014

on correction

coco de mer

Central to the Sophianic myth was an event called in Gnostic terminology the “correction” of the Earth goddess, a concept that verges toward teleology without predefining it. In Sophia’s correction, Gnostics imagined the realignment of life on our planet with the cosmic center, the source from which the earth goddess originated and emerged. This intriguing idea is found in Gnostic cosmological writings from Nag Hammadi, including the Apocryphon of John (cited below). Scholars sometimes translate the Greek diorthosis as redemption rather than correction, but the concept of correction taught in the Mysteries was utterly unlike the divinely insured redemption promised in salvationist religion." - From Not in His Image

Gnostics taught that the human role in the transhuman designs of Sophia, the divinity embodied in the earth, was to assist her correction,

That deviance into mindless robotics is the essence of Archontic influence: it is due to nothing original on the part of the alien parasites but merely the exaggeration of pre-existing tendencies in the psychosomatic structure of humanity — in the plasmata, modelled form of the Anthropos.

The power of the Authorities is a moral illusion enforced as a lie so transparent that it needs continuous application of brute force to be sustained. This lie is the opposite of the truth: only freedom to explore and express its natural tendencies will allow humanity to reach its true potential. This freedom is the true anarchy of life on earth. It is the basis of the confidence of the wisdom goddess Sophia, the foundation of her reliance on the species she designed.

The true anarchy of the human species is Sophia's guarantee of the success of the divine experiment she preconceived for the Anthropos, without setting a predetermined end to it. Gnosis today is the open source spirituality of imaginal and moral empowerment that optimizes the prospects for creative anarchy. Thus in Gnosis we can fulfill the Edenic promise of life on earth.

Organic Light, the living plasmatic luminosity of the galactic core, is the natural energy form of the Aeons or cosmic divinities. It is not electrical as such but carries a light electrical component.

The Coco de Mer is the icon for the world dreaming of the Aeon Sophia as it came to be realized by her metamorphosis into the setting of the divine experiment she had previsioned in the Pleroma, the galactic core.


John Lamb Lash

carried by the wind

paragliding at Chale
We unexpectedly had the amazing opportunity to paraglide in the Isle of Wight ( this summer. It was such a transformative experience I have not felt ready to put it into words until now.  We fly in our dreams and strangely, as a human, it feels completely natural to fly. Sometimes I talk about living life as if carried by the wind and here I was!  To soar like a bird and see the beauty of the Earth from the viewpoint that they do filled my dreams for the nights ad mornings afterwards.  Jumping off the cliff and submitting to the elements funnily enough felt so much less stressful than some of the stuff we face daily on the ground!  Yet we sometimes cling to the cliff with the illusion safety in familiarity, when in reality all this awaits us.

paragliding at Culver Down

And nearby is the exotic Ventnor Botanical Gardens which we visited around the same time.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

changes with kate magic

I interview Kate about how we can make raw food work long term by considering the food groups, raw food for children, changes in the raw food scene over the years, and  how this way of eating helps you to be more balanced and able to act positively in the world.

from Kate's website Kate  has over two decades of experience of raw eating, and is raising her three sons on the raw diet. She is the author of four raw lifestyle books, and tours internationally giving talks and workshops on raw foods.
She is Creative Director of the Raw Living website which offers advice and information on the raw diet, as well as the biggest range of raw foods and superfoods products in Europe. She is driven by a passionate desire for change in this world. Everything she does is fuelled by her vision of humanity living together in peace and unity, and restoring our mother earth to a garden paradise. She believes raw foods and superfoods to be an important tool to unlocking our inner potential and empowering ourselves as individuals to create the cultural renaissance that is so urgently needed at this time.

festival of life
A very busy day including a  talk on kefir and fermented foods and selling fermented foods, jun, superfoods and a lot of books relating to food and neurochemistry which was a nice sign.  I approached the day with some foreboding, just the journey to London really. A friend had said well, watch the omens.  We set out from Somerset at dawn and dozing in the dar I had a vivid dream of being in  paradise on Earth, then I woke up in London.  After that auspicious start I actually had a wonderful day.  Festival of Life is a great event for connecting with both friends and acquaintances right back into the "olden days" of raw food and also new inspirational and young people. I met Charlot and Prem from Raw Ecstasy, with some of the most amazing raw gourmet food I have ever encountered.  This is their website: I hope we will be stocking some of their snacks soon.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

wild floral jun

This is our new jun, the traditional healing fermented beverage made with honey and herbs.  This variety was inspired by the profuse elderflowers in our neighbourhood this summer, childhood memories of drinking my Welsh father's traditional elder beer and Stephen Harrod Buhner's writings on sacred indigenous brews of these islands.  It includes heather, a traditional ingredient which becomes psychotropic upon fermentation.  The other ingredients are : spring water, wild poly floral honey,  Mayan lily, blue lily, sacred lotus, wild fennel, guayusa, Sage and lapsang souchong.  It's interesting that the guayusa feeds the jun culture itself, one of our main reasons for including it.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

pandas and biological diet

This beautiful red panda is living at Amazon World in the Isle of Wight, where we were this summer.  It's a little sad to see animals taken from the wild but at least they are protected in these environments and hopefully there are better things to come.  Red pandas aren't really related to giant pandas but they share something in common - their need to eat bamboo.  Unlike the giant black and white panda of China though they  eat other foods too. If giant pandas lose access to bamboo forests they cannot continue to live.  I often mention pandas when I do natural nutrition talks.  They are in a way an opposite extreme to humans.  Humans seem to be up for eating practically anything and, removed from what might be considered our natural habitats we have adapted to a diet far removed from the natural biological diet of our species. We have continued to survive and reproduce for generations in this manner.  The question begs to be asked, what is our optimal diet, and in terms of what?  Are we speaking about immediate health in terms of freedom from disease, strength and long life?  And what is the optimal diet for happiness?  How we would we eat in order to heighten our sensory and extrasensory perceptions, to engage the supernatural powers that are natural to us as humans, to feel a sense of connection to source?  I have a starter list here...always developing this theme..and no-one has the last word!

More about bamboo eaters in this fascinating video here:

Amazon World is near the Arreton Valley, one of the sunniest places in Britain.

Monday, 8 September 2014

supermoon and perigee

At the ancient barrows at Priddy, Somerset.