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Thursday, 29 May 2014

dutch rawfood fest

I am speaking in Amsterdam in Sunday evening about one of my favourite topics.  Please come along if you can!

Looking through the eyes of both modern cutting edge science and ancient mythology a coherent sense of the human story is emerging. In this talk we discuss how eating the biological diet of our species and restoring the biochemical environment of our bodies lays a foundation for reading our DNA blueprint to its full potential. This ultimately includes the capacity for an ongoing ecstatic fully lucid state of awareness with abilities that we might now consider beyond the norm even magical

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


" our longing for closure to what has been an endless, open-ended search"
Joseph Chiltern Pearce

"If you are thirsty, the river comes to you.  If you are not thirsty, there is no river"
 Sat Prem

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

positive primitive

with Robert Lawlor
Primitive means that which has remained close to the origins, to the source.  A child comes freshly to us from the source.  The connotations of various words such as primitive changed with industrialisation.  This was studied by Owen Barfield.  

Agriculture was a big mistake.  It involved the enslavement of the plant world.  Culture is to do with the way we draw nourishment and as we changed from nomadic to agriculture our culture has dramatically changed. The mystic, hunter, dancer, wandering indigenous nomad became the builder, farmer and unskilled worker.  An indigenous human can feed themselves by the age of 3 or 4 so knows true individuality.  Companionship is purely about the joy of kinship rather than economic necessity.  Indigenous peoples had about one square mile per person.  After agriculture we actually became shorter, our physical frames deformed under the burden of work and the nutrition became actually  poorer.

The human is the only organism wired so that walking is a spiralling motion opening up an imploding vortex of bioelectric field.  Walking and dancing are the fundamental ground of aboriginal culture, not the struggle to provide sustenance and basis of life...that's a major psychological and spiritual shift...

dreamtime physics

The Hindu myth of Vishnu, the god who dreams the universe, recalls the saying of the Kalahari Bushmen of South Africa, "There is a dream dreaming us." The Aborigines of Australia, close kin to the Bushmen, are heirs to an oral tradition that spans 40,000 years, if not longer. They base their worldview on a mystical dimension called Alcheringa, the Dreamtime. To them the Dreamtime is not in the remote past, as outsiders tend to assume. Rather, it is the Eternal Present with Past and Future nested in it. Visible and invisible worlds, spiritual and sensorial events, gods and humans, self and other, are dynamically coupled in the Dreamtime. Robert Lawlor writes:
Aboriginal cosmology allows us to conceive of a creation without the need to hypothesize a physical evolution nor a spiritual transcendence. A creation fully present, embodied, and magical in the union of its physical and metaphysical dimensions. (Voices of the First Day)
  This is also true for the creation story realized in the Gaia Mythos. The Dreamtime is an event that persists eternally, without beginning or end, and supports the constant play of shifting conditions, the world phenomena. When the Dreamtime comes to expression in particular knowledge and behavior, the Aborigines refer to the Dreaming of the creature who embodies that knowledge and exhibits that behaviour. For instance, the Kangeroo Dreaming is summation of the innate knowledge and instinctual behavior of all kangaroos, going back to the Dreamtime ancestors. One could say, in biological terms, it is the enactment of the genome of the Kangeroo species.
All creatures, organic and inorganic, human and non-human, live and die by the Dreamings that play through them. In the Aboriginal worldview the unique gift of humans to create culture stems from our capacity to remember and retell the Dreaming, not only of our own species, but of others as well. The indigenous belief that the role of humanity is to remember the events of the Dreaming for all creatures accords with the suggestion presented in Sharing the Gaia Mythos: namely, that the human species enables a memory-circuit for Gaia.
John Lamb Lash

break from the madding crowd

"Our potential can't be utilised and our dilemma can't be resolved by either intellect or moral and ethical effort alone (if at all).  But we have within us this other link, the three-way connection among our emotional-cognitive brain, our prefrontal lobes, and our heart.  Here in this connection lies our hope and transcendence - if we can break from the madding crowd"

from The Biology of Transcendence by Joseph Chiltern Pearce

Monday, 19 May 2014

turning off the mains

Been really enjoying having the electricity turned off upstairs at night.  Just going to the fuse box and flipping the switches for the lights and sockets so the fridge can still run downstairs...easily done.  We have a battery camping light in the bathroom in case it is needed (not by me!!).  I have noticed for many years how much better I feel outside the mains, for example at times when I haven't been living in a house..  in these circumstances I feel much more connected to what lies beyond.  I am becoming more and more convinced that sleeping within a ring of artificial electricity seriously limits our access to higher levels of intelligence and an expanded states of awareness.  I notice that my dreams are richer and more expanded and I wake up feeling clearer and inspired when I sleep this way with the electricity off.  

meadow of buttercups

Meare fish house

Enjoying the glorious sunshine and intense blue skies in Somerset.  There is something about a quintessential buttercup meadow.  When the sun shines in summer in England it really is paradisiacal.  A toad even jumped onto our delicious raw cake.
This village is deeply historical and also surprisingly quiet. Meare fish house is where the Glastonbury Abbey monks of old based themselves for fishing on the lake that was here then, this area on the Somerset Levels is known as the Lakes.  It was later drained for agriculture but in the winter the land still floods and the lakes reappear.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

the god of the left hemisphere

It's not God creating in his own image - it''s the left hemisphere...

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

tony wright book signing

This is the story that first inspired Food for Consciousness all those years back.

Sunday, 11 May 2014


Why we need to be electrically connected to the Earth!

blue skies

Nothing compares to being in euphoric state in erotic connection with the Earth, the set and setting to this human experiment.

on the electric universe

Liam Scheff in his book 'Official Stories' hilariously debunks the Big Bang theory and succinctly explains the electric universe.  Apparently Big Bang theory was invented by George Le Maitre a high ranking Roman Catholic prient.  "First there was nothing, which exploded.  Or, expanded....Big Bang theory is Biblical Genesis.  It is a creation myth."

On the electric universe:
"Anthony Peratt, plasma physicist at Los Alamos labs, has modelled plasma particles moving down a column.  Guess what shape they form in cross-section? No, not couscous.  Right, Catherine wheels, pinwheels, exactly like galaxies.  It's the natural shape of plasma flow."

In this video Wallace Thornhill tells the fascinating story of the electric universe.  It correlates many points of cosmology in the Sophianic myth of the Gnostic mysteries, which describes real cosmological events, known about in ancient times and explained in the language of metaphor, which could be thought of as a more right-brained language, before cerebral (left hemisphere) dominance was intense as it is today.

The electric force operates in real time.
All matter is connected resonantly.
Nuclear forces magnetism and gravity are all manifestations of a single force - the electric force.
These concepts are essential for coherence on all scales, from the galactic to the solar system, to life on earth and down to atoms themselves.

loose cannon left hemisphere

This great paragraph from Joseph Chiltern Pearce"s 'The Biology of Transcendence' explains part of our predicament wonderfully.

"While our emotional or old mammalian brain has rich connections to the right hemisphere of our third brain, direct connections between the emotional brain and the left hemisphere are sparse.  Herein the plot thickens and grows hazardous.  Having no efficient connections of its own, the left hemisphere's reaction to the rest of the three-brain system is largely through the right hemisphere, which has much stronger connections to the brain as a unit.
A think neural band called the corpus callosum bridges the brain's two hemispheres, and it is through this that the left hemisphere has access to the right and to the processes of the rest of the brain.  This neural connection allows the left hemisphere to take material from the right, retreat from the unified scene, ad operate on the material in isolation- dissecting it, analyzing it, and putting it back together in novel ways without regard to the checks and balances of the rest of the system and without concern over how this new creation will relate to the whole...through all this action, the left hemisphere maintains its dynamic interaction with the prefrontal cortex, from which creativity and novelty spring."

fractals with bruce lipton

Mandelbrot seahorses
The Biology of Belief  by Bruce Lipton is  a beautiful book, it tells a beautiful story and also makes a few concepts clear and simple in a  few short paragraphs.  For example, here Bruce explains fractals:

"The mathematics of fractals is amazingly simple because you need only one equation, using only simple multiplication and addition.  the same equation is then repeated ad infinitum.  For example the "Mandelbrot set" is based on the simple formula of taking a number, multiplying it by itself and then adding the original number.  The result of that equation is then use as the input fro the next equation and so on.  The challenge is that even though each equation follows the same formula, these equations must be repeated millions of times to actually visualise a fractal patter.  The manual labor and time needed to complete millions of equations prevented early mathematicians from recognizing the value of fractal geometry.  With the advent of powerful computers Mandelbrot was able to define this new math.

Inherent in the geometry of fractals is the creation of ever repeating, "self-similar" patterns nested within one another...Fractal geometry emphasises the relationship between the patterns in a whole structure and the patterns seen in parts of a structure.  For example, the pattern of twigs on a branch resembles the pattern of limbs branching off the trunk."

xocolatl dream

This is our new flavour of jun. Made with two of my favourite herbal teas tulsi (holy basil) and passionflower and the inspiration to add raw cacao powder to it.  With the spices of rooibosch chai also it turned into this amazing flavoured drink that you could not guess the taste of from the ingredients.  The cacao creates extra fizz, compared by some to the taste of coca cola, it's now my favourite flavour. The name is inspired by Aztec culture.  When the Spanish first encountered the Aztecs, who were immersed in some kind of frenzied chocolate culture, it is said that they felt like they were entering some kind of dream.  The Aztecs are remembered particularly for their appreciation of beauty combined with a warrior spirit.  they saw reality as oneric...coming through a dream.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

on narcissism

Echo and Narcissus

from the writings of John Lamb Lash:

Self Concern

Proposed term for human narcissism, borrowed from Castaneda who called it"self-reflection." In The Power of Silence, don Juan describes a shift of the assemblage point that applied for the entire human species, resulting in a movement away from silent knowledge toward self-concern.
Silent knowledge is the generic human capacity for knowing the world via our deep intuitive link to the cosmos, but self-concern short-circuits this link.


Miranda Shaw says that Vajrayogini liberates the mind from self-referentiality. I prefer the more emotively toned term self-involvement. This is the primary fixation of narcissism, the terminal psychic disease that goes pandemic at the end of Kali Yuga. Self-involvement is exclusive and excessive preoccupation with what affects a person, with little or no regard for what affects others. Meaning, no regard for how the self-involved person affects others, or even how the other person is affected by anything at all. Many behaviors blatantly demonstrate this type of callous self-involvement. Normally, we call such behavior selfish, self-centered.

For instance, a supposed friend shows no concern for the death of your cat. Trivial example, which could be multiplied into the thousands. Then there are non-trivial examples: someone you know and love shows no concern for your highest aspiration, what you seek to achieve in life, or what you have achieved. The self-involved person is never impressed. Such people are only interested in how you affect them. Self-involvement is the basis of using and abusing, controlling and manipulating others so that they only affect us as we would wish them to. It is a crass and sickening behavior, desolating to witness.

I like the term self-involvement because it indicates that a selfish person is involved or enmeshed in something that prevents them from other kinds of involvement, reaching toward the world and other beings, or toward nature, Gaia. In a healthy state of affairs, human beings get involved with each other. They may handle it badly and make mistakes, or get over-involved, but the basic willingness to reach out and be involved is sane and rewarding to both sides. Love is involvement with the life of another. Over-involvement is called codependency, and this is also rampant in our time. But over-involved codependency always stems from an initial self-involvement that is not seen or admitted. People are codependent, appearing to base their reality on others, because they selfishly think that this tactic will pay off, it will serve their self-involvement and egocentric neediness in one way or another. The codependent gives away self in order to extort something for self—a rotten bargain for all concerned. So the two behaviors are intricately related, and routinely enforce each other.

Some individuals can resist codependency:a their self-involvement is so deep and intricate that they can't engage enough with another person to develop or express codependent attitudes. Extremea self-involvement produces behavior that isolates the self-involved person and desolates others who care to reach that person. Isolation is the greatest social and emotional plague of our time. It is a blatant symptom of the global virus of narcissism, which I define as excessive self-concern based on the lack of a genuine sense of self. Without a genuine sense of self, you cannot relate honestly and openly to others and you sink into a black hole of self-concern. Such is the gruesome paradox of narcissism.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

dutch raw food fest

Please come to the Dutch Raw Fest on June 1st if you can!  We will be there with a very fun stand and also I'm doing a talk about the things that excite me most...

"Looking through the eyes of both modern cutting edge science and ancient mythology a coherent sense of the human story is emerging. In this talk we discuss how eating the biological diet of our species and restoring the biochemical environment of our bodies lays a foundation for reading our DNA blueprint to its full potential. This ultimately includes the capacity for an ongoing ecstatic fully lucid state of awareness with abilities that we might now consider beyond the norm even magical."

Sunday, 4 May 2014

sensible nutrition

from a workshop we did some while back...

Saturday, 3 May 2014

gog and magog

Ancient trees, part of a Druid grove, beautiful and magical in the sunshine today, near Glastonbury.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

young beltane moon

Today is Beltane.  This year the moon is near the Pleiades and also the star Aldebaran, 'the eye of the bull'.  The sightline to this star shows the direction of the Apex of the Local Group, to which the twenty four galaxies of the local group (to which our Milky Way galaxy belongs) are converging.

New Moon of 1 day and 19h.
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mythogenetic moment

We are at a mythogenetic moment, when we transition to a different way of living.  We are a  story telling species so we need a new narrative to guide us.  The living myth of Sophia  routes our NLP to our physical source the Earth and beyond to cosmic consciousness and the ongoing story, in the making, involving our correction as a species, guides back into ecstatic connection with this state, home.