Tuesday, 30 November 2010

China Study has major flaws and news about wheat - Denise Minger

listen here

'Listen to Denise Minger share her story about why she stopped eating meat at the age of 7, the sickness she experienced when she turned 11 and the discovery by a naturopath of an extreme sensitivity to dairy and soy, the role The Weston A. Price Foundation played in her reeducation about healthy nutrition, why she became a raw vegan and the “nightmare” that it became in her life, how reintroducing animal products into her diet helped her health, the “cult” mentality of the vegan movement, why she created her “Raw Food SOS” blog in January 2010, what her family thought about her enthusiasm for vegetarian life as a child, what led her to want to start speaking out on her blog about the flaws in The China Study, how Chris Masterjohn’s review of the book inspired her to begin research of her own, how she got her hands on the 800 pages of the original China study data, her numbers-crunching comparison of the study with what Dr. Campbell wrote, how Dr. Campbell “obscured” the data related to animal products masquerading it as science, the difference between the studies cited by Gary Taubes in Good Calories Bad Calories and Dr. Campbell in The China Study, the Amazon thread that Dr. Campbell chimed in on, how Richard Nikoley from “Free The Animal” started a viral whisper campaign that led to an explosion in traffic at her blog, the extremely misguided conclusions drawn by Dr. Campbell about rat research of the milk protein casein, the strange method Dr. Campbell used for linking animal products to diseases from the original study data, the “upside-down” approach Dr. Campbell uses with epidemiology, the direct e-mail response she received from Dr. Campbell himself, the closing of the comments at Dr. Campbell’s response column, why it is difficult to have a conversation with Dr. Campbell, the response she’s received from the vegan community to her columns about The China Study, and whether she’s read Lierre Keith’s The Vegetarian Myth, what she eats in her diet nowadays, and whether a book about her rebuttal of The China Study will be forthcoming'


'Correlation between wheat flour and coronary heart disease: 0.67

That’s a value straight from the original China Study data. Could the “Grand Prix of epidemiology” have accidentally uncovered a link between the Western world’s leading cause of death and its favorite glutenous grain? '

Friday, 26 November 2010

It's done, just catch up!

‎'and if you could see it you would be as delighted as we are :)...where are you?
often you are the only component not there!...it's all there but you!
and until you get there it can't be your reality... figure out how to allow yourself to be drawn in...the feeling of movement toward the vortex is the sublime feeling of life working for you...enjoy the ride on the way to the vortex...

'moving toward the vortex is the blissful aspect of life...the most delicious breathtaking vivid, tactile, viceral, experience of life imaginable...you are eternal creators of a new vibrational reality and the living of life is the movement toward that vibrational reality - that's the eternal; nature of your being...'

Humour is laughing and crying, Abraham Hicks


‎'you never stop launching more creations!'
the whole thing exists for the pleasure of creation while you are in it
...when you start dancing with the cosmic angels - when you  are close enough to vibrational alignment with that energy that creates worlds...
the circumstances of events that will be arranged for you will knock your socks off...

The Big Picture, Abraham Hicks

exploration of contrasts...'you have the ability to do a much better job of tuning yourself than you usually do...constantly trying to figure out...conjuring these new ideas...contemplating them...
and this is the thing that trips you up...you defend your new choice by reminding yourself how bad it was before... that's my family reunions feel so awful...:):):) you go back to that place where you used to live and back to that place where you used to vibrate differently and you talk to those people who remember you as you were then even though you are in a whole different vibrational place...aaahhh!'nostalgia' :)...oh! disconnection:):):)...from who you really are
let's all let eachother live as who we are now... in perpetual amnesty...even with our own families and friends! :):):)
‎'in this red hot moment the fullness of who you are'
'the amount of time it takes from the offering of the idea and the flowing of it vibrationally into your vortex and the fully fledged manifestation of it is as short as no time when you are a vibrational match to what you are asking for'
‎'the freedom you want is from your own vibrational discord'

Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Trecena of Potential


 Akbal, or Aq'ab'al in Kiche Maya, rules the trecena that begins today. Akbal reigns over the realm of Night, of the great deep Void where nothing yet exists and all potential dwells. This is the place where all things begin, where all roads commence, where all thoughts germinate.

Honor the sacred seed within your soul, sink into the profound, pregnant silence and release all earthly stresses, pressures and deadlines. For here, time has no sway. Here, all simply is and will be. Here, the core cells of nascent life of everything shimmer, bathed in an inner peace that has neither beginning nor end, holding within the possibility to become anything and to be everything.

It is really a matter of choice, of acceptance, and of letting go. Choose which path you will follow, which direction in life to take, which aspects of your soul to let bloom. Accept those choices and the responsibilities that come therewith. Accept them fully and completely. Respect them and respect yourself.

And above all, let go of toxic emotions, desires and attitudes that would fracture the path you have chosen to walk upon. Remember that fulfilling your potential is both the toughest and the simplest thing you’ll ever do.

Be you. Be who you were meant to be.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

David and Annie Jubb - whole brain functioning


creating rapport, taking an interest, framing things positively, moving toward the moment we are in and preference for feeling inside first

Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas


'This dramatic video has had a tremendous impact on both the public and professional audiences.The full version plays 40 minutes with interviews of experts in the fields of mercury toxicology, environmental medicine, politics and dentistry.'

Even on UK National Health you can get sane dentistry now at least in some areas if you look around and even more importantly you can put a simple stop to tooth decay with dietary protocols - sometimes even reverse decay, especially tooth enamel.  The most effective information I have come across is this:

and the book 'Cure Tooth Decay' by Ramiel Nagel

Much of Ramiel Nagel's information comes from the research of  Weston Price - tooth decay is a symptom of general health issues.  Tooth decay and dentistry are a common source of distress, anxiety and discomfort  and are completely avoidable.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Natasha Campbell-McBride explains mind-body-belly connection


You can hear Natasha in London on March 26th at  Wise Traditions UK 2011, festival for traditional nutrition.
I would add that vaccinations also play a part in this syndrome and I have experienced people with subtle but real vaccination damage having their lives opened up by heavy metal detox and repair of the gut, using this information.  A typical pattern we are seeing is that the first vaccinated generation experience slight problems with gut flora that need remedying, if they are not remedied before these mothers have children, the second generation have further health and information processing problems, and the third generation may not produce a fourth generation.   This is what we are seeing but it can be completely reversed when we know what to do.

'... in today’s society, many people are walking around with impaired gut flora due to steroids, prescription medications, alcohol, stress, a poor diet of processed foods and sugar (which actually feed abnormal gut flora), disease, age, bottle feeding of infants, toxic chemicals, pollution and radiation.  A major cause of impaired gut flora are antibiotics and she worries about teenagers being treated for up to two years with acne drugs, leaving them with serious damage.

Dr. Campbell-McBride points to a study showing that rats treated with antibiotics succumb to mercury poisoning while those with untreated gut flora do not.  She believes the same is true of humans and that, while the government warns against eating fish because of mercury and PCB contamination, a healthy gut should be able to tolerate the exposure and get the health benefits of eating fish.        

Dr. Campbell-McBride believes that as a population we are degrading healthy gut flora more and more every generation.  Mothers who have been on the Pill or antibiotics or a poor diet for long periods develop abnormal gut flora and pass it on to their children.  This, she believes, has led to an epidemic of eczema and autism, noting that 20 years ago the autism rate was 1 in 10,000 children and today is 1 in 88. 

When children are born with their mothers’ unhealthy gut, they have immune compromised systems, develop ear and chest infections and are treated with antibiotics, creating more damage to their systems.  As the gut wall suffers more damage, it allows undigested food to enter the blood stream resulting in more prevalent food allergies, such as to peanuts...  '

Monday, 22 November 2010

Sally Fallon Morrell, Wise Traditions

Lovely Sally Fallon explains how we all carry the DNA blueprint for beauty, health and strength; we just need  proper nutrition for the full expression of our genetic potential to unfold.

Traditional diets of people who did not suffer from degenerative diseases, tooth decay or tooth crowding (symptoms of deeper structural problems), although very different from each other, had commonalities.  Here Sally explains these.  

There is a lot of emphasis on the importance of animal fats and the fat soluble vitamins they contain, especially crucial for children,  a point that has been missed in modern dietary fads. The fat soluble vitamins such as A (retinol), D and K2 are catalysts for mineral absorption.  An example of  a modern trend which has not been helpful is fat reduced (skimmed) milks.  They still contain the calcium, but without the full quota of fat, it is difficult for the calcium to be effectively utilised. 

There is a wealth of information in these videos and thoroughly recommend watching both through.  This is especially important information for young women and mothers, and may confirm what their bodies are already telling them.


Phil Ridley from Wise Traditions UK who hosted Sally Fallon earlier this year, will be talking about traditional diets at the Food for Consciousness event in Totnes on Saturday.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

our ancient past


This talk by David Jubb, in particular part 5 here, points to humans being originally vegetarian,  whatever we later have needed to do for survival; very high glycemic fruits can present a problem for some people, again not part of our original biological diet although fruit was; beans and grains not our natural biological foodstuffs; the long and ancient history of human  diet is long and sometimes seems complex but maybe distils down into something simpler and reflected by the experiences we have today.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

venus on fire, mars on ice


John Gray on stress, hormones and health, oxytocin and testosterone.
Oxytocin is the unconditional love giving hormone.  Women's stress levels go down and they are happier when they can give unconditional love.  And stress stops women being able to give unconditional love.  The world is not set up for this!  When cortisol levels are high consistently, the immune system is compromised.  Oxytocin lowers stress response and cortisol levels in a woman, but apparently it works differently in men.  It seems testosterone rather than oxytocin lowers stress in a man's body.  Here John Gray explains the importance of men relaxing watching whatever they like to watch  to rebuild their testosterone levels.

In the workplace women's cortisol levels are on average twice as high as a male's - apparently its a new phenomenon, women are overwhelmed.  The typical competitve, adenaline- driven workplace is testosterone rather than oxytocin driven.

The amygdala releases dopamine, in a man it's twice as  big as in a woman and it releases dopamine in time of real emergency.  A woman's brain releases dopamine in response to much smaller stimuli and is propelled to do things all the time.  If a man is expected to do this he gets worn out, because he needs time to relax to make testosterone - he needs to make thirty times as much testosterone as women.

It's important to understand women's need to make oxytocin and men's need to make testosterone, then everyone can be a lot healthier and happier.

For women, to make oxytocin anything that allows her to experience rhythm, support, freedom of expression and giving unconditional love helps.  This is why when a woman is stressed  she is driven to give more.  This works as long as she has a lifestyle which supports oxytocin levels which is not always the case in modern life - but this can change.

When there is trust, women open up, their oxytocin levels rise and men's testosterone levels rise in response, leading to lasting passion between them.  When women look after men they love them, but with a mother's love.  When men make fun of women it does not boost oxytocin levels!

Barbara Hand Clow - The Last Day of the Mayan Calendar, Neptunian Energies & Galactic Changes

Barbara is well known for her work as an astrologer, especially for her groundbreaking study of Chiron. In light of the building galactic alignment, she has written "The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind" based on Carl Johan Calleman's Mayan Calendar hypothesis and her own study of Earth's alignment with the Galactic Center in 1998, which intensified time during the Galactic Underworld-1999-2011. Barbara Hand Clow returns to discuss the 7th and last day of the Mayan Calendar, the universal underworld and the recent finding of gamma-ray energy bubbles at the center of our galaxy. Topics discussed: dreams, Galactic Center, energy, white hole, South Equatorial Belt of Jupiter disappears, Chiron Neptune conjunction, Day 7th, Universal Underworld, Dr. Alexei Dmitriev, bubble of energy, dark energy, dark matter, emergence of a white hole, transfiguration of our species, spiritual awakening, time acceleration, lines of consciousness, lines of times, technological global consciousness, Portugal, changes in structure and politics, time acceleration, Ian Lungold, world mind, willpower, Millennium films series, evil, abuse, tax dollars and war, masculine and feminine aspects, Afghanistan, oil, energy, official disclosure, Earth quarantined and more.

Freeman - Obama Cloning & The Coming Space War

follow on to 7 parts altogether
Be prepared! -the last bit about Obama cloning is stunning.

Our true divine nature has been usurped by magicians, or to be more accurate, sorcerers.  Instead of supplying our own divine future we can be tempted to go after money believing it can buy us the life we want.  But money is totally manipulated by those in power who don't have our interests at heart.  Freeman explains the magical symbolism on the dollar bill beautifully.  Obviously Bristish pound notes are laden with magical symbolism too.  Freeman  alludes to the esoteric abilites of gold and asks why it is being mined.  Luciferianism is the religion of manipulation of life.  We need to re-engage in the divine power of life.

Susun Weed, Wise Woman

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Susun Weed makes herbal healing simple for all of us. We don't need a scientific training, just begin one step at a time...dandelion, plantain, comfrey...

She talks about the industrialisation of birth and quotes Michel Odent 'the hormones of birth which are the hormones of love are no longer active in a woman's brain'.  Children are effectively being born without love.  Can we live without love?

She also shares her fascinating insights into menopause, hormones, and hot flashes as a kundalini experience!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Temple Guardians

Diet alone obviously is not enough to make for a life worth living.  The point of purifying our diet and adding in key nutrients is to clear the channels so that we can channel white light, divine energy, whatever we choose to call it. Clearing emotional blocks is to allow this too.  Unless we turn our attention to this purpose we may find ourselves caught in the details forever.  There is so much information available now the question is not to find it but to select the valuable information that can be practically implemented that will allow us to tune into our higher knowing so we know what to do without having to continually read things up.  It is so easy to get caught up in distractions, and sometimes as we go through this process the level of distractions can increase. I lived and travelled in the far east when I was very young and was fascinated by the grotesque guardian figures at temples - and why they were there.  Later when I began to have deeper experiences with plant medicines I understood - when we see our own personalities in the light of the divine they can seem grotesquely embarrassingly - but we have to face them to experience what we truly want to experience.  Clearing restricting personality traits seems as crucial now as sharing actual information - because really all the information we need is available now - it's just being capable of implementing it - and that is up to us to do.

Whatever uncomfortable feelings we experience along the way now, at this time in history, I don't think it is a sign of things to come - just clearing of aspects of us that we don't want, individually and collectively,  discarding old remnants so we can experience what we do want.  So we might as let go into all these intense opening experiences so many of us are having now because things are speeding up so much and the situation on this planet may be surprisingly different and much easier sooner than we think.

Nourishing Traditions

Personally I think there are good reasons for keeping meat consumption as low as we can but there are times when it may be necessary for nutritional reasons.  If we find we need to eat meat, it makes sense to eat organ meats - they have much more nutrtional value than the muscle meats and you don't need to eat as much.  Traditional cultures did not restrict themselves to lean meat but included the fats, organ meats and bone broths i.e. they used the whole animal.
You can freeze liver for 14 days to destroy any pathogens, then you don't even need to compromise the nutrition with cooking.

from Nourishing Traditions (thanks Phil Ridley) :

Makes 1 cup
1 small chunk pasture-fed beef or lamb liver, frozen for at least 14 days
4-6 ounces tomato juice dash of tabasco sauce squeeze of lime juice 1 tablespoon whey (page 87)
Dr. Francis Pottenger, author of the famous cat studies, recommended this tonic for the health and stamina-building properties of raw liver and gave it to patients at his sanitorium suffering from tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases. This is a great tonic for athletes. The liver you use should come from pasture- fed cows.
Grate liver finely to obtain about 1-2 teaspoons. Mix with tomato juice, whey and seasonings. Drink immedi- ately.

Makes 1 cup
1/4 pound raw beef liver, frozen for 14 days and thawed
1/2 cup cold water pinch sea salt juice of 1 lime 1/2 cup freshly squeezed orange juice 1 teaspoon Rapadura (see page 536), optional 1 tablespoon whey (page 87)
Wash liver, chop finely and soak for 2 hours in water and sea salt. Press through a fine strainer. Mix with the remaining ingredients and drink immediately.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Anthony Peake - Mystery of the Brain, Precognition, Time Dilation & Déjà vu


We explore the mysteries of our brain, consciousness and reality with author Anthony Peake. He has written, "The Daemon" and "Is there Life after Death?" Also, he is currently writing three books on related topics and working with a film project about Joan of Arc. Anthony has an interest in the déjà vu, near death and out of body experiences. With these topics as a background we tie in his recent interest in DMT, precognitive dreams, perception of time and neurology. Topics discussed: out of body experiences, Rick Strassman, Mitch Shultz, DMT, pineal gland, microtubules, zero-point energy, outer space is inner space, Psychonautics, wormhole, the brain, inners space, neurology, hard problem of consciousness, signals, holographic brain, filers, the field, skinner, empiricism, J. B. Priestley's letters, "Time and the Conways", "Man and Time", time machine, time dilation, 1952 Farnborough air show DH.110 crash, precognition, precognitive dreams about 9/11, Coup Party Music 9/11 precognition, déjà vu, bohmian Imax, Art Funkhouser, 3D simulation, zero point field, jump between world, "Butterfly Effect", Tom Campbell, "My Big Toe", the Virgin Life, buffering effects in the brain, perception of time near time, temporal lobe epilepsy, Joan of Arc and more.

related link: Origins of the OBE experience in relation to the endocrine system


'Consciousness and the Direction of Structure' by Tony Wright

This article is revisited to bring attention to the fact that the construction of the microtubules in the brain is affected by the hormonal environment in utero, as well as by the quality of nutrition and dna of course.  The hormonal environment, in particular melatonin and flavonoid levels determine the precision to which the DNA blueprint is read.

'Microtubules: Generally considered part of the cells skeleton these supremely delicate and complex structures are increasingly associated with cognition and intelligence particularly in neural cells where they are especially abundant, some theories even suggest a central role in higher consciousness. Either way like most biological structures, their precise design and molecular arrangement, is dictated by DNA. However they display a very high level of plasticity in response to their biochemical environment, an excellent example of real time hormonal and chemical effect on the transcription, configuration and functionality of structures directly related to cognition and consciousness. For example a minor change in the cellular concentration of the neuro-active hormone melatonin will radically alter the structure of these extraordinary intelligence-related machines. Is it any wonder that the near total loss of the complex and hormonally active chemicals present and essential during the evolution and development of our brain has left the most delicate and hormonally sensitive parts of our consciousness system twisted and distorted literally out of all recognition.'

Saturday, 13 November 2010

A personal encounter with Source


Nanci's personal encounter with the being/entity we call God, even to the point of merging into its energy field. That degree of intimacy revealed that we are not separate individuals at all--our experience as such is an illusion and wonderful gift--but rather we are literally part of God's own self-awareness. That truth removes all doubt about the outcome of life and how it should be lived.

Warning! The entire world is going insane!


psychiatry exposed - crazy! and very funny towards end...


Who said it can't be done?

The United Nations says $40 billion a year - about what consumers spend on cosmetics - would provide everyone on Earth with clean water, sanitation, health care, adequate nutrition and education'


' A THIRD OF A TRILLION $ A YEAR  spent on psychiatric drugs'


A Manifesto for Conscious Men

Men offer their rational thoughts in good faith but they can unwittingly cut into a woman's intuitive processes, confuse her and actually make her dysfunctional.  Women are impressed by intelligent men's minds, but especially if their ideas coincide with what they instinctively feel to be true. Men - do you want to just impress women or be loved by them as well?  A woman's love comes from the same place as her intuition.

A Manifesto for Conscious Men:


Dear Woman:

As a man, I feel sorrow that women and feminine energy have been suppressed for so many thousands of years on our planet. Everywhere we look, women have been disenfranchised. Throughout history, we have raped and abused you, burned you at the stake, bought and sold your bodies for sexual pleasure, barred you from religious and political office, relegated you to subservient chores, forced you to hide your faces and even cut off your organs of sexual pleasure.
Although I may not have done these things personally, I am aware of the forces in the masculine psyche that are responsible for dishonoring the feminine. I take responsibility for those forces and choose no longer to be run by them. I do this on behalf of all men, in order to usher in a new era of co-creation.

I vow to treat your heart as the sacred temple it is, and I commit to celebrating the feminine in my relationships as well as in my relationship to all life.

As a man, I acknowledge that the religions of the past several thousand years have been mainly founded by and propagated by men. As men, we have often acted as if we have the last word on God and the spiritual life, when all we have really known is the masculine expression of those things. I honor your pathways of spiritual awakening. I commit to the celebration of feminine spirituality.

As a man, I honor your deep connection to the earth. As men, our relationship to our planet, its resources, its weather, its oceans and its forests has for too long been motivated by acquisition and dominion. I commit to listening to the intuitive sense you have of how to heal our planet and make it thrive.

As a man, I honor your intuition and your ability to feel. As men, we have often devalued feeling and intuition in favor of a view dominated by data and logic. I commit to respecting the arts of feeling, intuition and wisdom of the feminine heart, so that together we can integrate them into a balanced view of life.

As a man, I love the beauty of your body. I feel sorrow that we men have used your beauty as a form of commerce: in prostitution, pornography and the sale of products through advertising. I take a stand against any form of commercialization of woman’s beauty, and I respect that your body belongs to you.

I honor your capacity for peaceful resolution of conflicts. We men have waged endless wars over our disagreements; by contrast, it is rare to find an invasion or war instigated by a woman. We welcome your wisdom in creating a world that can get along.

I honor your capacity to listen to your body and its needs for food, rest and playtime. As men, our preoccupation with goals and results has often driven us into a burn out mentality. I know we have often drawn you into that as well. I welcome your reminders to maintain balance in our bodies.

I honor your sense of compassionate justice. In our justice system,, men have dominated as judges and police, built prisons, and set punishment as a higher value than restitution. I welcome you to bring the return of the heart to our system of justice.

I honor your capacity to enjoy and pay attention to what is here, right now. As men, we often get overly-focused on reaching the next milestone. We place so much emphasis on progress — what is new and better and faster — that we often forget to enjoy what we already have. I know that together we can co-create in bringing forth the wisdom of sufficiency.

I know that in joining hands, and leaving the past behind we can create a synergy of our strengths. I know, and I know that you know, that then there is nothing that we cannot do together.

What is going on here?

Lord James of Blackheath, Speech on Foundation X (House of Lords, 01/11/2010)


Matt Monarch and Daniel Vitalis leave no stone unturned...

The healing power of orgasm without ejaculation.



They also discuss circumcision - a  ritual which, if you think about it, must have an enormous if unacknowledged impact on the collective psyche of the nations who perform it.

The Trecena of Collaboration

As we enter this trecena, the trecena of Oc, or Tz'i in Kiche Maya, it is time to think of our extended family. Not just our biological family, but our human family. All of the people you come into regular contact with, at home, at work, in our social or community lives. What is your relationship with these individuals? Are your relationships fulfilling, supportive, loving, do they propel you—and the people in question—forward and upward, or do they hold you back, do they harbor anger, envy, resentment, insecurity, fear? Remember you always have a choice in life; and if you’re staying in a relationship out of need, fear, or simply because “there’s no one better,” you might think again.

Collaboration is typically understood as an interconnected relationship with one or more people wherein all parties work or interact closely together for a positive aim or goal. But it doesn’t have to be work or a career, and it doesn’t have to have a specific goal. Collaboration can simply mean living a positive relationship. But that starts with YOU. Your collaborative relationships reflect where you are in your life, your outlook and attitude. And no matter where you are, you can make a choice to move forward—or backward.

Why? Because you naturally attract or repel certain types of energies based on your personal evolution. If you are depressed, something inside wants to be happy but prefers to be down. If you are psychically strong and free of toxic emotions, you will simply not be able to coexist or collaborate with people who pull you down. The energies balance themselves out according to their own nature. There is no value judgment in the universe—only balance. And that requires emotional maturity, inner peace, and integration of the stronger, healthier qualities that make us human: loyalty, integrity, honor, love. That is the challenge of Oc.

So tip the scales in your favor. Be a team player—first, with yourself. And that will naturally flow outward to the people in your life.

Monday, 8 November 2010


by the Sufi poet Hafiz

Is not easy
To stop thinking ill
Of others.

Usually one must enter into a friendship
With a person
Who has accomplished that great feat himself.
Might start to rub off on you

Of that

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Living from the Heart

John Harris speaking tonight at Buckfastleigh, Devon.

John  is known for his work exposing 'legalese' and the corporate nature of 'public services'.

However he now focuses his talks on 'living from the heart'  Because this is the answer. Bringing his own wide and child with him wherever he speaks, he encourages attendees to bring their families and children too.  Such a refreshing change from the anti-child British mentality!   Britain is the hub of legal la la land.  We have been given a corporate language.  It has shaped our lives for 4,000 years.  We need to laugh at language.  The rulers have kept us in fear, they really don't have that much power over us, they rely on us staying in the intellect - this is what we need to break out of...and live from the heart.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Sunspot 1117

sunspot 1117, 5 times bigger than earth expected to blow up 8-11 November, affecting earth within 3 - 7 days of that, could affect communications, electrical equipment, energy fields etc



Seventh Day

from Carl Johan Calleman:
The thirteenth energy, or seventh day, of the Galactic Underworld of the Mayan Long Count Calendar began on November 3rd 2010. Calleman says that the particular Yin/Yang-polarity that this has been projecting onto the Earth is locked into position and will not be replaced by any further night in this Underworld.

Just looked upon at face value it would then seem as what we are to align with and celebrate on the weekend of November 6-7 (which follows upon the shift) is a world where the feminine, the intuitive mind and the eastern hemisphere comes to dominate since they would all be linked to this enlightenment of the right brain half. Yet, as we can see from the figure this is not exactly the case since the world was for about 5100 years dominated by the consciousness of the sixth wave where the light fell on the left brain half and so as a result favored the rational mind, male dominance and the West and this is sort part of the platform that we are all already standing on. Hence as the seventh day of the galactic Underworld is activated we will actually finally come to a point when it is time to celebrate the end to male, western and rational dominance and we will be able to create a balance between the different aspects of the human mind associated with the left and right brain halves.

It would thus seem that the weekend of November 6-7 2010 would be a perfect time to perform ceremonies to recreate, celebrate and align with this new balance which is established on a cosmic scale and waiting for us to download it.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

To YOU Who Have Re-membered Your Beauty!

Take this for whatever - a gem found by my friend Sonja

Hey Avaloneons, here's a message that I found posted in the Forum of the Avalon Translation Team, where I assist in making transcripts of Bill Ryan's inteviews.
I find this message touching and full of love, go see for yourself, Namaste Tint.
Message from Naeshira
Telepathic transmission 10/10/10

From beyond knowing you emerge into being. Having released all that you were before you enter this new domain of life shimmering! Luminous. Transparent. Radiant, crystalline—carrying codes and knowledge and your own cosmic blueprint—and find yourself newly formed by gravity, heat, light and willingness upon a new frontier.

In this land of emerging potentials, the Law of One is the law of the land. Inter-IS-ness is experientially valued and love is abundantly available! Now, let us commence the work at hand.

Very little exists in form here. In order for the entire system which is YOU which is EARTH to tip, in one spontaneous moment into residency here, we will need, together and individually to get about the business of creating.

There are three things which you must do in order to fulfill your new role as a renegade settler of the new earth:

1. Protect Your Energy

2. Listen to your Divine Light within for Inspiration

3. Affirm and celebrate one another.

That’s it!

That’s actually a lot.

Let’s open up and enter into a new relationship with BE-ing which is coming forth and is online for you to tap into, download and commence upon completion of the key aspects of prior phases: integration of BE-ing rather than DO-ing (choose more do less); integration with the Unified Field and re-connection with your divine soul blueprint.

Protecting your energy is increasingly important.

As the dynamics on Earth become increasingly dynamic you will find those who exist on the energy of others finding it more and more difficult and their experience will intensify. As individual focus points of light become fully resourced from within and sovereign in nature, you will not be as available to others in terms of donating and actually “leaking” your energy to them through being triggered and excited by their usual and truthfully—unconscious—antics deeply imbedded to provide them with access to life energy.

They would only experience a deepening of shame to realize they are doing so; let them discover this on their own. But for YOU, Lightworkers, having awoken in this new, spacious land, it is time to realize that you will indeed want to be a source of energy flowing from the Great Central Sun and into form without distraction. There is much to be done!

A civilization is evaluated by its wholeness. You have participated many times in the Earth’s civilization and as such this is in part why you are here now and why you did so, all rolled up in one! You came many times to prepare for now, you are here now because you have so many ideas and observations from your other experiences here that you see great opportunity for creativity, innovation, harmonizing…for flavoring the Earth soup exquisitely and subtly, such that it is nourishing and palatable for all!

This civilization you will shape and extend into structure, process, networks of connectivity and patterns of communication, alignment, BE-ing and co-creation is but a single celled organism now. As with all life, it exists holus-bolus! In its entirety, and yet the diversification the specificity of this wholeness depends on the uniqueness and the cosmic blueprint which is you.

Begin to consider the elemental qualities of experience one might see in the New Earth from a distance. The peaceful qualities of a beautiful blue and green planet, flowing into culture and civilization that amplify, diversify and yet maintain this amazing beauty of life, abundance, balance, movement—which are visible from afar—this is the orienting vision for you to play with.

Listen to Your Divine Light from Within

You can confidently trust yourself! Having become profoundly aligned with the Zero-Point you are increasingly in great if not full alignment with the Unified Field. Your Divine Soul Presence communicates to you in dreams, meditation and in simple urgings arising as desires and inspiration. Trust your light flowing from within and BE as a force of the Universe; activate potential and energy to initiate the process of convergence into form and human experience. Bring forth that which makes your heart soar! Trust that what is glorious for you is indeed a blissful experience for many others and give life to new forms and consciousness; pave the way for happiness and well-being in our New Earth!

We, your beloved friends, your soul family, the Ascended Masters—all who watch rapt with love and idealism have not been disappointed with anything which is taking place! We are AWED by you! You have often turned to us for clarity, direction, love, support, guidance. We are happy to be of service. Now though we are really on the sidelines as the act of creativity in your new world although we may encourage, or help you to clarify your own inner direction, we are unable to create in your sphere; that magic is yours.

And so Magicians of the New Earth: take out your wands!

Give birth to all that makes sense to you. Do not doubt! Do not hesitate! Light loves speed…so flow and be fed more energy! If you make “mistakes” re-create and re-vise! Commence the creation of the New Earth templates for civilization and culture.

Affirm and celebrate one another.

There are many more Earth angels coming to join you. Some are still deeply resting. Some are deep in intensity which will be the catalyst to their awakening. Some look and long to be where you are. Some know where you are is merely an arm’s length away and within no time, they will join you. But YOU, you know who you are.

You for whom ease, abundance, clarity and light are flowing consistently into your experience and for whom this 10-10-10 portal found you awakening to see an entirely new person in the mirror, YOU have work to do. The stuff you came here for! So get on with it my dear ones.
The show must go on, and we, in the peanut gallery, are squealing with delight at all that is already and will take place. For we too jump in time and read the end of the story sometimes…and part of what is SO exciting about this one, is how much it changes, all the time!

Realize that each of you is experiencing this process perfectly as you chose and continue to choose. Celebrate and affirm one another. Play your part to the hilt. Love all the others in the game with you and realize the beauty of their performance.

The Law of One, which liberates so much, including the emergence of completion, informs all that you are, sense, wish to act upon and enjoy.

You have rewired your body, mind and emotional nature and aligned all of this with Spirit. For you matter will start to open up and reveal it’s inner essence as energy! As you begin to know matter directly as consciousness, this consciousness and energy flows into your body cells carrying explicit information and loads of energy. Your life will be somewhat incomprehensible to others, as you elevate different rule apply to your entire experience.

Do not become too enamored with all of this. Embrace and appreciate the role you have chosen in preparing and laying the groundwork for the New Earth. Do not become distracted by those who cannot relate to your experience or who question it. Know that your presence, your clarity creates a momentary restoration of order, of wholeness in anyone who is lost or at the time of your encounter confused. Rest in this. You will be living from a place of great security and personal power. You are beyond external validation; trust your inner knowing and commence the creation of the new culture reflecting here on Earth your sense of love, unity and beauty. Order longs to converge with energy; you are the missing dancer in the dance!

The music has started. Join together and as Ashira would do herself…sing the future into being, with the harmonic qualities of your focus here and now.