about food for consciousness

Food for Consciousness is for a shift into a very different and profoundly preferable state of awareness to the one that we have come to consider normal.  The term 'Food for Consciousness' came to me in a flash of insight  around 2006.  I nurtured it in the mountains in southern Spain and then created this website to explore and share  knowledge about this change and also to connect with interested others.  I have learned from many people but the two biggest sources of knowledge in this whole area have been consciousness researcher Tony Wright and comparative mythologist John Lash, both of whom have taken me to the edges of my mind and beyond.

Paradise on Earth

As we become more aware of the steps we can take to feel better  and  we reactivate our minds we realise that life is indeed a precious gift. Noticing how much capability we have to participate in our everyday reality and how much our wishes are supported we realise that we are indeed living in a sacred paradise where we can experience everything we truly desire.  We become aware of how our lives are part of a bigger dream in which we are all deeply connected.

So why is this not always apparent? A picture is emerging, the different viewing points of enlightened science and mythology give a deep perspective.  It seems there has been a the glitch in the reading or transcription of the DNA, with consequences for the building or our neural and endocrine systems.  Research in the fields of anthropology, plant biology, mythology and the brain itself suggests that we have the capacity to  live in a very different and profoundly preferable state of consciousness to the one we have considered normal.  There is growing evidence that given the right nutrition and hormone levels our physical consciousness systems could redevelop to a level where we could ongoingly experience a mode of awareness, function and well-being currently associated with 'peak states', in 'a benign state of perpetual wonder and joy'.

Virtually all cultures preserve myths describing some kind of fall from grace for humanity from which we have the potential to recover and take our evolution even further. The Sophianic vision story of the ancient Gnostic mystery schools is the one that inspires me the most, it contains so much accuracy and has the capacity to inspire us into an eternal living future.  It connects what has happened to us to what has happened to the living planet, The Earth, which is our source of our physical life.  It  feeds us a narrative through which to get back on track of our peak evolutionary potential.

To consciously  feel and enact our connection with the source of our life and each other, to become awake in the dream, involves biochemical shifts, changes in our thinking and lifestyle patterns and to generally to take responsibility for our experiences.  This does not mean that what has happened to us is our fault, rather that we have the power to change things now. The human species is now at a juncture.  We have the knowledge we need to make conscious choices regarding our bodies, minds and souls.  What steps can we take to optimise our experience on this planet?  They can be divided into three distinct areas although of course they are all interwoven.

1. Erotic connection with each other and the living planet.  )Erotic here meaning pleasurable feeling including but not confined to sexuality). As we tune into the bioelectromagnetic aura of the Earth we  regain connection to our power supply and also healthy desires which lead to true happiness. This becomes easier as we regain our sense of feeling through natural living and nutrition and mental reactivation.  We become more aware of the energetic connections between ourselves, the natural world and others and we become more aware of the way we co-create. We can make more sense of our lives here.  Healing relations between the genders is or particular significance and comes through connection with the Earth.

2. Regenerative nutrition and natural living so our bodies can become conduits for the life-force and enthusiasm for life.  We can restore optimal function of our brains and bodies and reactivate our natural yet seemingly supernatural abilities, genius and capacity for euphoric bliss and also connect more clearly with divine intelligence. This process includes cleansing out old debris, rebuilding our bodily structure and neural system, optimising our brain biochemistry, and reactivating our endocrine system by eating the biological diet of our species in an appropriate form for these times.

3. Reactivating our minds and cultural deprogramming with the liberating realisation that we can take responsibility for our  lives yet at the same time our lives are part of something much bigger than us. We move from fear based conditioning into having more interest in the solutions than the problem.  We remember the natural way to use our minds, focussed on our highest desires, on seeing beauty and engaging our imaginations.  We connect with divine intelligence and develop a true sense of purpose and live by a visionary narrative...