reactivating our minds

As we begin to generate a more active brain chemistry and feel more alive with more capacity for feeling we can more accurately navigate our way through lives of our conscious choosing.  We notice how our thoughts actually make us feel.  Taking responsibility for our own happiness is one of the most liberating decisions we can ever make.  Extricating ourselves from cultural programming and above all else the belief that suffering has a redemptive value we quit the role of victim and become more aware of how we dream into existence, co-create, attract and manifest what happens to us and around us.   The past as a treasure trove of memories and resources and the future as a collection of visions, possibilities, probabilities become a real  part of the moment we are experiencing.  We begin to live in real time rather than conceptual time.

Natural diet and lifestyle lay a physical foundation for more healthy and activated brain chemistry. Taking active steps to stimulate the right hemisphere and reduce cerebral (left hemisphere) dominance is also part of the picture. Click here for more about this.  Our species has a long standing connection with the psychoactive powers of the plant realms and reestablishing this relationship is crucial to our awakening.

This shift in biochemsitry makes a shift in thought patterns much easier.  It becomes easier to leave behind addictions and fear based conditioning and become focussed on solutions.  Rather than living by concepetual ideas of what is right, when we can feel more we can live more connectedly and holistically by our feelings, intuition and creative inspiration and focus on our true desires.  Our internal narrative includes us getting back on track of our evolutionary potential with the capacity for euphoric connection with divine intelligence.  We have a narrative back to connection with the source.

Connecting energetically with the Earth refines our desires into wholesome and harmonious ones which bring true happiness.  The way we use our minds can become more natural, focussed on things of beauty that we enjoy, our imaginations and dreams become tuned into a greater reality, the source of our lives and so become more real,vivid and powerful.  We are designed to live in a lucid dream state, more awake and yet at the same time more dreamy than maybe we have been, a state where we are more in tune with reality and less imprisoned by concepts , more pleasurable, more joyful and more functional..

On a more mundane but really practically benefial level, there are some very definite positive mental attitudes we can adopt immediately that can transform the quality of our lives.

A Sense of Purpose

This links our day to day lives to our spirituality.  It is a way of channelling our desires in a constructive way that benefits ourselves and others long term. It can begin as a simple desire to feel good and if we don't have a definite purpose for our lives our first purpose can be to find a purpose! Our goals connect us to our purpose in life.  They need to be big enough to excite us and manageable enough so that we know we can achieve them.  Then we feel good thinking about them and working toward them thus enabling us to delay some gratification in order to experience greater reward in the future. This practice in itself significantly increases our sense of well-being and keeps levels of dopamine, the enthusiasm neurotransmitter, high.


Soon after waking if we can think of a few things or at least one thing we are truly grateful for it starts the ball rolling for the day.  When we focus on gratitude it automatically attracts more things into our lives to be grateful for and also connects us in an appreciative way with other people.  Choosing to think about what we want rather than what we don't want is a related practice.

A Commitment to Turn all Circumstances to our Advantage

When things fail to according to plan or 'go wrong' we decide that we will create something beneficial out of whatever has happened.  Not only does this create great benefits for us in our lives but it also gives us an inner confidence that no matter what happens, all will ultimately turn out well.   This attitude in itself can bring miracles into our lives.


  1. I love the way you write it is very wonderful indeed x

    1. thank you I really appreciate your comment!

  2. I absolutely agree with Anna.