Wednesday, 30 April 2014

scarlet letter

from Official Stores by Liam Scheff, what a great read!

from the chapter HIV - The Scarlet Letter

"The Confessional

When someone says that they're "infected with HIV" they mean that someone gave them an HIV test.  When they hear that there are 10 or 40 or 100 million billion HIV positives living in the world, "half of whom do not know that they have the virus", (because that's how they sell it), it means that the official number makers have used a device called an "HIV test" on a few people and extrapolated it onto nations."

It was Steven Ransom and Phillip Day's book, World without Aids where I first read fourteen years ago that there simply isn't an identifiable AIDS completely made sense...and the discover of the virus had even been found perpetrating medical fraud.  Phillip Day's books were the kind I would read in one night and Liam Scheff is just as compelling. This book lays it our beautifully and shockingly, definitely an 'adult read'.  The AIDS story is scary because it is so mired in confusion and helplessness...what an illustration of the layers and layers of irrelevant programming and belief systems we really can let go of to move into the beauty of reality.

star riddled roaming child

from The Physics of Beauty, John Lamb Lash
Star-riddled roaming Child,
you are not home
Yet on the way will the going
become light
And where home will not be found,
is there
any destination
closer to the lost center
than any other?

Sunday, 27 April 2014

callibration of the anthropos


Anthropos is a name for the human species, we are anthropine animals as, for example, cats are feline animals and dogs are canines.
From the writings of John Lamb Lash:
The base substrate of the human genome is nous, nucleic acid, the basis of sentience and genetic transmission, divine intelligence
"Within this substrate Sophia compounded or deposited other archetypal radiant essences: 
each component can be understood in three ways: a divine archetypal impulse from the Generations, a capacity or talent, a chemical component or reciprocate"
dianoia, communication and language, serotonin and dopamine
metanoia, the ability to see patterns, to construct and deconstruct models and paradigms, DMT
perinoia , ludic or pretending skill, endorphins.  Note coupled with fear this becomes paranoia.
enthymesis, passion, desire, enthusiasm, eros, iron radiation field based in haemoglobin, 
plus lymphatic fluids and electrolytes of cardiac action
ennoia, free will, intention, with the enhancement of conative latitude, freedom from instinctual programs, adenocortisone
cognitive apprehension, proprioception, knowing what we are apprehending, genius learning abilities, wisdom, serotonin
Our capacity for free will, togther with our cognitive abilites and our ability to pretend, and also to build abstract models, leads to a tendency to disconnect from our environment and even turn against it...hence the problem. An extra capacity came later which can help us.
luminous epinoia, creative imagination, mitogenic radiation of the ribosomes, related to ATP and luminosity invisible wavelengths of DNA (biophotons)

cerebral dominance and symbiosis

Tony Wright gives a brief introduction to his symbiotic theory of human evolution presented in 'Left in the Dark'.  He describes how the limitations of cerebral dominance (left hemisphere in charge) affect our capacity to see the problem.  He then describes our symbiotic relationship with plants and how this is a key factor in our cognitive capacity.

"A lot of our complex traits have been shaped and sculpted by the chemistry of the plants, it's not logged in our DNA, it's not something we can do so you end up with a situation where our consciousness system, our neural system and much of our physiology becomes entirely dependent on the plants particularly fruit."

Separated from our natural environment, the non-seasonal tropics, our unique traits which are to do with this unique symbiosis, including cognitive function, dwindle.

Fruit compounds such as flavonoids have a triple effect on the way our DNA is transcribed or read. They affect transcription directly, they also affect the steroids which are the major players in terms of transcription and they affect the hormonal output of the pineal principally pinoline and melatonin which also affect DNA transcription.  We are not talking about subtle changes here, with changes to the neural system, we are talking about the potential to effectively experience a different sense of self.
Forging a relationship with the hormone rich sex organs of plants, as if in the uterus of the plants, led to less differentiation and longer windows of development, less differentiation meant more fluid neocortex and less difference between the brains of men and women. Take that away by losing our relationship with the fruit forest and we revert to a simpler mammalian type  - good at survival but it's the symbiosis with the humans and the fruit chemistry that produces the amazing neural system with all its traits.

zapping and earthing

I have been using a zapper whilst driving recently and just want to share what a massive difference it has made to the way I land at the end of the journey!  Previously, after say a two hour car journey, I would arrive feeling in sore need of nurturance and certainly unable to deal with composure with any unexpected problems at my is a different story.  I have been very grateful for this recently as have had a lot driving to do between work and seeing my precious family in Devon.

The effects of zapping resemble those earthing technology.  I am not one with over enthusiasm for collections of gadgets but really this one is really worth it if we are in situations where it is difficult to be earthed.  Personally I am 'earthed' most of the time these days, when working, sleeping and much of the time when out. The more we can stay energetically protected whilst in the artificial labyrinth, the more capable we can be of seeing the beauty of nature on reemergence.

Another thing I have noticed on myself which is something that happens when I live immersed in the natural desire to eat late at night or for reasons other than a direct desire for food.  I think, living cocooned away from the Earth there can be a tendency to eat sometimes just to be 'grounded', to be connected to living organic material.  Even the electrical connection of a grounding sheet or mat can ameliorate this situation.

interview with healthy112 year old Bernando Lapallo

"The other day i had a wonderful opportunity to speak to someone who was born in 1901! Now with most people if they got to this age and you and they had a chat you would be lucky if you could speak to them coherently or even if they could hear any of the words you spoke but Mr Lapallo is very much alive and very able to communicate clearly and understand pretty much everything in the course of a conversation." Kenny Bountiful Sun Bernando cites five foods including honey, olive oil, moderate amounts chocolate.garlic and cinnamon. Although he eats mainly raw foods he does include cooked fish.

Sophia's Correction

Dendera Zodiac

with John Lamb Lash, teacher of 'directive mythology.', this piece about Sophia's correction dates from 2011 I believe.  Here, John expounds his views and fascinating insights into how our sexuality can protect us, the dangers of Abrahamic religions, the most useful lessons of 911 and free energy and also how it is possible to have misleading encounters with psychedelic experiences and channellers.  As he says "there is no more time to get involved in the problem.  It is time to get involved in the solution."
"If you have been following our website for the last years you will know we put focus on many of the earth changes and space anomalies that have been reported by the media, alternative press and individuals on their own blogs, websites and youtube channels. Obviously there is so much that it is practically impossible to keep up with it all. Some of the major stories have been about magnetic North being on the move, strange spirals appearing in Norway, Australia, Mongolia, New Zealand and Russia. There have been birds falling out of the sky around the world. A mirage city mysteriously appeared in China in June. A portal like light burst bubble was seen over Hawaii. And the sun rose two days early for our friends up in Greenland. There have been strange plasma like light phenomenon in Fortworth Texas, and many other places as well. Low rumbles and hums are recorded and there are also people saying that the sun rise and sun set has shifted that it is setting more towards the North and that the quality of light is different. Some people are even saying that the stars are displaced and the moon is consequently also behaving strangely. And then we have the usual strangeness continuing as well with increased amounts of earthquakes, strange weather patterns, sink holes have opened up in different places around the globe and strange bright lights are being recorded around the world and while some of these strange phenomenon might be a consequence of technology or experimentation I don't think it explains everything and the suggestion is of course something else is going on and the question is what? Maybe we are making a mistake when we are connecting all these different phenomenon but they are nonetheless all contributing to the sense of strangeness that something is going and who knows? Maybe the strangeness has just begun. John Lash is back on the programme with us today to talk about Sophia's correction and what might the reason for many of these anomalies. John Lash is a self educated freelance scholar who combines studies and experimental mysticism to teach directive mythology and that is the application of myth to life rather than its mere interpretation. He is a leading exponent of the power of myth to direct individual experience and drive historic events over the long term. He teaches the critique of belief systems and on his website he presents a radical revision of Gnosticism with original commentaries on the Nag Hammadi codices. He also presents the only complete restoration by any scholar of the Sophia myth, of the pagan mysteries, the sacred story of Gaia, Sophia, recounting the origin of the earth and the human species from the galactic core. How are you John?
I am very fine Hendrik thank you so much for having me on again. It is a pleasure and a privilege.
What is Sophia's Correction?

Sophia's correction is a term taken from the gnostic writings of Nag Hammadi. It is found in those texts. It is a clue left to us by the Telestis who were the ancient seers who directed the mystery schools and the ancient schools of initiation in Europe and the Pagan world. It is a very intriguing clue for, Sophias connection, for a number of reasons because the myth of Sophia, the story of the goddess Sophia that was the centre piece and guiding vision of the mysteries and is really the only true planetary myth that we have that explains the origin of the earth and the origin of humanity and also explains as well the presence of predatory extra terrestrial beings in our world.

I recovered and restored this myth from my study of the gnostic materials. This myth is not my creation, it is not the invention of John Lamb Lash, not by a long shot. I am the only scholar who has completely restored this myth which I consider to be the directing myth for the human species.

The gnostics themselves and the ancient seers who developed it also considered it as such. I mean myth in this sense as a story of power and magic and a true story presented in a metaphoric or poetic form; I mean myth in the sense of a deeper truth not in the sense of a fiction and fabrication. The beautiful thing about this myth is that it is an open ended myth. When you take any other myth from any other culture like the myth of Ragnarok or the end of the world myth from Tutonic or Scandinavian mythology or when you take the Biblical myth of creation and the coming of Messiah and the end of the world, all the myths that you can examine that have come down to us have a pre-scripted end. This story about the divine Sophia who is the earth goddess and is in fact embodied in the earth does not have an end. It is an open ended experiment. The myth is an invitation to become involved in a cosmic and supernatural dimension of life and to be conscious agents and participants in the future of the earth itself. This is a tremendous concept. This is where Sophia's correction comes in.

The word correction is found in the Nag Hammadi texts as the word 'diorthosis' which scholars translate as correction. It can also be translated as dual solution or two form solution. It means the solution or the correction to a problem. So what is the problem that is described in this Sophianic myth that is due to be corrected?

The problem is the goddess Sophia as the myth tells us conceived that there could be a divine experiment with humanity, our species. She had a particular idea of how this experiment would go. The way we are living now, the place that we find ourselves on earth currently is a place in which this divine experiment has gone badly wrong. Something is very wrong about the way we do business and the way we treat each other and the tremendous degree of secrecy and manipulation that permeates our world.

One of the beautiful aspects of the Sophianic myth is that it addresses this situation. Sophia's correction is actually the solution to this situation. This is our guiding theme and the beautiful thing about the correction that humanity is about to achieve is that it is a cooperative correction made with the earth goddess. It is not something that we as human beings just do on our own. We finally figure out what is wrong. We finally figure out where all the secrecy and deception are coming from and clear things up: certainly that is possible. The beautiful part of the Sophianic myth is it offers us the opportunity to clean up our act and bring humanity back into the true path of our divine experiment with the earth goddess in actual interactivity and communication with her. I call that interactivity with Gaia Sophia, Planetary Tantra. It is a name that I have put on the practice of that interaction and communication. We stand now as a species on the threshold of Planetary Tantra.
Why now? What are the properties of this John?

There are three particular reasons why Planetary Tantra would be possible now.

One is that we are coming to the end of a great cosmic cycle, which is the cycle of the procession of the zodiac. According to my calculation which is based on the Dendera Zodiac in correlation with other Maya Aztec and Hindu chronologies; the great cosmic clock of the zodiac; the great processional cycle ends in 2216. I choose that date because that is the date when the winter solstice aligns with the point toward the galactic centre. The location of the winter solstice is currently about 2 to 3 degrees offline from the galactic centre. When the winter solstice aligns exactly with the galactic centre: that is the zero hour on the cosmic clock, as it was calculated in ancient times.

It becomes possible in the last 200 years of this vast cycle of 26 000 years to make a tremendous leap and amplification in human experience and to actually recapitulate our past, see the errors of the past, jump beyond those errors and move into a period of rapid amplification and acceleration of human consciousness in these last 200 years technically called Kali Yuga.
Is this connected to a cosmic alignment?

This opportunity for Planetary Tantra right now and this opportunity for interactive magic with the planetary goddess is deeply physical in many ways.
These anomalies that we are seeing are indications of the physical breakthrough into interactivity with Sophia.

I said there were three factors. One of them is that it is happening within a cosmic timeframe. The cosmic timeframe does not guarantee that anything is going to happen. The ancient teaching says in the last centuries of Kali Yuga where we are living now that is the time where humanity as a whole reaches its worst state of degeneration, absurdity, stupidity, violence and oblivion.
And we sure can see it John:

At the same time because there is a double message about Kali Yuga, the other thing that the Mahayavana Tantra says is that even though the great mass of humanity descends into degeneration, this is the time for the highest opportunity for spiritual development in the shortest period of time. This opportunity for very rapid fast track spiritual development and fast track acquisition of shamanic and magical powers by our species uniquely occurs in this timing. That is one reason.

The other two reasons why it is happening now is first of all humanity, the human being is organised in such a way psychically that we have had to go to the worst case scenario for our species before we can break into the secret of our divine experiment. This is not going to end in a nightmare. This is not going to end in a doomsday scenario but we had to go to the point where it would almost be so, where that threat would actually be looming on the horizon in order to be in enough shock to be woken up.

Kali who rules over this period of time which is exceptional degeneration and exceptional advance is the shock goddess. She awakens us by shock.

We have to be shocked by the prospect of a nightmare by our own making in order to wake up and seize the true potential for this divine experiment. The third factor is Gaia herself: the living, animating, divine, indwelling consciousness of this planet is like the consciousness of an animal. She is an animal. Gaia is a name taken from science from the Gaia hypothesis by Lyn Margulis and James Lovelock and I have talked a lot about the Gaia hypothesis in my book, 'Not in his Image,' because it is very compatible with the gnostic vision of Sophia. Therefore I coined this joint term GaiaSophia to bring those two things together. It would be a very good practice from here on as well as thinking about the planet as a super organism as Lyn Margulis calls it as well as realising the planet is alive and that it is a living being and is not a dead lump of matter. Think of it as an animal. I call that animal PAM: Planetary Animal Mother.

PAM is waking up. PAM is like a big big lion, she is a very ferocious animal; very protective of her progeny. When Gaia awakens to the plight of humanity and we humanity awaken to our plight and then to her presence as a living divine animal, then it is a whole new game. That is the shift and the shift is now. I am not talking about things that are going to happen. I am talking about what is happening. She is making her awakened presence available to every single human being who can bring themselves to it. Planetary Tantra is the simple practice by which each individual can bring themselves to her living presence and make this connection one person at a time. And this is a great opportunity that is unfolding.
Is this a window of opportunity?

It is a window that is open from now on. It is not a window that is going to close. It is like the aperture of a lens, opening to a portal for humanity to enter and in that portal is the meeting with the goddess and the interactivity with the earth and the continuation of the restoration of the divine experiment according to her terms. The gnostic myth says she is a divine being who conceived the human species, and also conceived a certain experiment for us. When we can interact with her intelligence and know what that is then we are really on the proper path for our species.
Are her protective tendencies for us John?

For all species: She has a fiercely protective sense for all the living species on the earth and if she sees them in danger she will respond, but there is a particular role we play. I have kind of taken a chance in my latest writings on to say lets' call ourselves her pet species.

I want to qualify that being her pet species doesn't mean that humanity being the pet species of the goddess is any better than any other of her species be they beavers or bears or whales or beetles. But, it means we have some exceptional role in her dream in her aeonic divine plan for an experiment. We play some exceptional role. Her protective tendencies are certainly very strong in regards to the human species. She keeps coming up with measures to protect us and these are not things I have invented. These are things that I can describe and everyone can verify by their own experiences.
Are humans separate or different from other animals?

Disconnection is a disadvantage or a risk that we face because we carry exceptional faculties that other animals don't carry.
When Sophia acting from the pleromic centre engineered the human genome, the human genomic design which is called an anthropos, she conceived it as possessing certain faculties which are metanoia, dianoia, noos, epinoia and other faculties like this which are noetic capacities, intellectual capacities of our species, which other animals don't have. One of them is obviously the capacity for language and for complex symbol systems. Another marked capacity of humanity which makes us exceptional but not superior is that we can extrapolate and plan and model things. Beavers can build a damn and that takes a certain amount of beaver genius and it is a marvellous thing but we can build fantastic bridges. In order to build a fantastic bridge which beavers could not build, we have to preconceive that bridge and preconceive the steps of constructing it. That is one of the gifts of our species, it is called modelling and putting into application what we have modelled. There is also a great drawback with that and that is we can model things and simulate things and get more interested in modelling than in reality. We can get lost in our concepts and our simulations. The gnostics warned against that because when we get lost in our models and simulations, we get lost in playing with the tools rather than in using them, we become subject to their archontic deviance and that is when we really go off the track. In a way one of our highest gifts which is language and symbol making and modelling also carries certain risks which other animals don't have.
It is the curse and the gift wrapped into one. Would this explain our collective neurosis?

When we make models and culture and construct things abstractly and we construct language systems and we use codes, we become so fascinated with these that it subtly over a period of time takes our attention away from our source which is nature. No matter what models we can build there are no models superior to the models of nature herself. Unfortunately a lot of it leads us away from nature and into a self referential maze of our own thinking and of our own abstraction and when that happens we do become insecure, paranoid and neurotic because we have lost contact with our source, the source of life which is our planet and not just the physical planet but the living and divine intelligence of the planet. And so we have lost our way and we wonder into narcissism and we wonder into psychosis. This is basically where we go and we can't go much further in that direction.
Why was the Sophia myth left open ended?

The Sophia myth is incomparable for two reasons. First of all it is the only complete coherent myth we have that describes our origin as a human species and the evolution of the earth, the conditions of the solar system and many many other things. It is the myth for our species. Just as each indigenous tribes in Australia and Africa and the Arctic had a myth of origin, the human species has its myth of origin and this is it.

Second of all it is left open ended which makes it a participatory myth, technically speaking. The gnostics did not invent this myth as a mind programming tool as certain myths have been invented for that purpose: for instance the myth of the Messiah, the myth of the chosen people are toxic myths of human invention that have been introduced as mind programming tools.
Absolutely on the contrary the Sophianic myth is a mind liberating vision story and it is left open so that we can participate in it and also it is left open because in fact they did not know how it was going to end. They put us in a story and where we are today we come to the story realising that it has reached its critical point and that we are involved in the solution of the divine Sophia. We are involved in her correction.

These anomalies that we are seeing in the sky: the length of the day, the setting of the sun, weird powerful rumblings and inexplicable sounds coming from the interior of the earth, vortexes appearing in the ocean, huge vortexes appearing in the Caribbean ocean. You could name more than I because I think you carry them on your news feature.
Sink holes and spirals in the sky, what is that all about?

I am not saying I can explain all these anomalies. I am suggesting that if we take the Sophia myth and we bring it right up to the current moment, we say okay Sophia is a name for the divine being from the cosmic centre who turned into the earth. She is the wisdom goddess, the earth goddess. She is alive and she is now taking the earth on its own course in interstellar space. The Sophia myth is an astronomical myth. It is a story about something that happened in this galaxy and how the solar system and the earth arose.

We currently know based on science that the earth belongs to a planetary system that is orbiting around the sun and this entire planetary system rather like a fleet of ships is sailing along upstream in the third arm of a four armed lenticular spiral galaxy. Everyone can form this simple picture. When you form this picture you have the actual setting of the Sophia mythos.

I am starting to work with a group of people who are collecting observations on these anomalies and as they send them into me I am attempting to use my understanding of astronomy combined with this myth to explain what these anomalies are by way of saying up until now, up until Sophia's correction, the planet earth was captured in the solar system: gnostic cosmology teaches us this. The planet earth is an organic body captured in an inorganic system.

None of the other planets in the solar system, Mars, Jupiter Saturn contain organic life in large animal forms. There may be microbial forms of life on these planets. They don't contain life in the form that it is on the earth.

The earth is an organic body captured within this inorganic celestial mechanics. The correction of Sophia is an actual astronomical event. I couldn't talk about it until now. Many people asked me. My book came out, many people who got the Sophia myth and learned it in the 9 episodes came to me with a question and said well John what is happening in the ninth episode, we are in the ninth episode, Sophia's correction is supposed to happen and how is that going to happen. I didn't tell them any answer because I didn't know. Now I realise I was acting from a deep gut intuition but not even trying to answer that question because the wonderful reality here is that the correction of Sophia can only be known in the moment that it is happening. And that moment is now. These anomalies are indications that the earth is beginning to move as a self propelling self directing material globe.
Out through the inorganic system that we are trapped in?

That is right. It doesn't move out of the inorganic system even though that is possible. I am using a nautical metaphor to help picture what is actually happening: imagine the solar system as a fleet of ships. Don't even think of the sun as another ship. Think of the sun as a huge eddy; it is a huge spiralling vortex or eddy. This eddy is moving down the stream of the galactic arm. You know when you are standing by a river or a little creek sometime and you are looking at the surface of the water, you can see that there are eddy's in the water and they travel along down the stream and they keep their form. Imagine that the sun is a vast eddy of solar plasmic energy and that the planetary system is moving around it in such a way that the whole collection draws itself into a spiral because the solar system is not flat. The eddy is moving, so the orbits of the planets are drawn into spirals. That is the motion to visualise of the fleet of planets.

Up until now the earth which is a member of that fleet of planets has followed the general laws and has been in formation with the fleet. What it is doing now is it is taking its own course. I believe I can prove that to be so. I can show in specific detail regarding the observations that have been made; for instance the sun would appear to be setting more hard North? That is because of a certain movement the earth is making independent of the whole rest of the solar system. Hard science would say it is impossible for earth to do anything other than what it is supposed to do when it is locked in celestial mechanics of our solar system. I don't care about science if it doesn't fit the evidence. These anomalies that we are seeing and I am expecting we are going to see increasing anomalies. I expect we are due to see staggering anomalies, anomalies that stop people in the street and leave them with their jaw hanging open. Science will not be able to explain these anomalies within the current paradigm of astronomy. But, if we follow the journey of the earth through the stars, through the intergalactic space, where it is sailing, these anomalies can tell us what the mother ship is doing. How she is actually turning her course. Where she is turning her course, what stars she is using to navigate by, it is down to that detail and this is what I am doing now in my navigational experiment I am conducting with some people.
We have an author in Sweden called Harry Muckton and he has written a story Aniona about this space ship that people are on. Where is it going?

Using the nautical metaphor: if you want to understand Sophia's correction I propose that the best tool to use is a nautical metaphor. It is a very interesting metaphor. The earth is a mother ship sailing through the starry seas, that is a metaphor. This metaphor is a literal description of what the earth is doing. It is the same as saying that the earth is a planet moving through interstellar space. That is also a metaphor. I am saying let's use a metaphor that we can participate in. We are passengers on a mother ship sailing through interstellar space.

On the navigational deck which is where I stand, we can actually understand and chart the journey. How is it possible that I can say the earth is taking her own self propelled motion, moving slightly in relation to the solar system, assuming its own detectable motion within the solar system and that is going to cause enormous astronomical and geophysical anomalies. Where is it going? The mother ship is taking her own course now and she is going actually, back home. We are all going home.

What is home? According to the Sophianic myth, home is the galactic centre. We are going back to the galactic centre but we are going back on a long slow boat to China. We don't go back by zipping into the galactic centre. We go back by sailing up the big lazy river of the galactic arm. The sun and solar system is said to move around the galactic centre every so many billion years.

Picture this: the sun and the earth and the planets are moving around the galactic centre and each time they make a full circle they move a little bit more inward toward the galactic centre; it is like a closing spiral. If you want to visualise astronomically as well as poetically, Sophia's journey as planet earth is a journey around the galactic centre but moving more and more in and returning homeward because she comes from the galactic centre. The being dwelling in the earth is an aeon or divine energy from the galactic centre. We can plot the way she is moving through the stars and moving in relation to the galactic centre. This can actually be plotted and I am showing how to do that and by this plotting we can understand how and why these anomalies are taking place.

I will give you one example, I realise this is very wild: One of the first anomalies noticed is that the sun is not rising at the same angle anymore, it is rising very hard to the North. It seems to be further North than it ought to be. How can I explain that anomaly in terms of Gaia taking a new course. The earth is in the galactic arm and the galactic arm is a river of stars, but she is not sailing on top of the river of stars, she is sailing in the river of stars and sometimes she can go deeper in the river of stars that is she can go down and sometimes she can go up in the river of stars.

It is my understanding that in taking her new course; Gaia is using the star Canopus which is in the constellation of Argo in the Southern Hemisphere. It is the second brightest star in the sky after Sirius. She is using the star Canopus as sort of a lighthouse or siting point to set her new course and the star Canopus is deep in the Southern skies. She is setting a course and she is dipping down slightly into the Southern skies and the star stream and the result of that would be to make the rising of the sun appear further North as she is dipping to the South. It would make the axial orientation to the North appear more extreme. It doesn't really change but it appears to and the appearance of the anomaly is real. That is the amazing thing. You can observe it but you can't explain it by ordinary astronomy.
Hendrik reads an article on the movement of stars and planets from:

Furthering to that point: June 29th 2001 astronomers using NASA's Hubble space telescope have spotted something extraordinary: Apparently there are planet sized objects wandering through a distant globular cluster of stars. Unlike the other planets in our solar system, these objects are loners. They have no central star of their own. Because the findings are so exciting researchers said they must be confirmed by follow up observations. If this discovery is verified it can change the way astronomers think about stars and planets and how the two are related.
I am so glad that you read that because I also came across that article. When I first started teaching the Sophia myth and sharing this fantastic story I brought up the outrageous point that the earth is an organic body captured in a planetary system. At the time I brought that up I shook my head and said nobody is going to believe me this is too outrageous. Now, science says there can be such things as free floating planets. So, if there can be free floating planets in the spiral arms of the galaxy then there can be the possible scenario of a free floating planet being captured into a planetary system.

If the gnostic seers were right, which I strongly believe they were because they worked in teams and they were trained clairvoyants, trained observers of the universe and trained shamans. If they were right then this is what actually happened to the earth. This is actually how our solar system came about. One of the lines you find in the Gospel of Philip of Nag Hammadi says, the world system that we inhabit came about by a mistake or 'animoo;' an anomaly.

What is that anomaly? The anomaly is that the earth is a profoundly alive organic planet captured in a more or less inorganic system. That is a kind of observation. The very fact that scientists have been able to view these remarkable mist clouds and these free floating planets is due to the fact that planet earth is slightly breaking away into its own course. As it does so it is going to move in a way that takes it out of the paradigm of the solar system. The paradigm of the solar system has a kind of control on our perception. The paradigm of the solar system and the planetary spheres is an archontic matrix. We don't really live in that archontic matric but we can be captured in it and as we break out of the archontic matrix we are going to see fantastic things in the cosmic environment. It is like a journey where suddenly we are standing on the deck of the great ocean liner, getting up out of the cabins, putting away our magazines, turning off our ipads and getting up onto the deck and look at what we are seeing. Look at the islands that we are passing. Look at the ship wrecks over here on the right and the left. We are actually on a voyage with her. The entire perception of the human species of its place on earth can rapidly and radically change as this voyage proceeds.
The first story I read was back from 2001. They were looking for confirmation. May 18 2011 after scientists had confirmed this phenomenon estimate that there can be 400 billion wandering planets in the Milky Way alone?
And we are in the Milky Way: the Milky Way is the name that we give to the visible edge of the spiral arm where the solar system is embedded. The visible edge of it is not the whole spiral arm it is only about 3% of it. Just imagine what we don't see in the spiral arm if we only see 3% of it with the naked eye. Science will be discovering things as Gaia corrects her course, as the mother ship takes her own course in interstellar space. We as people standing on the deck as passengers and crew are actually going to be seeing these things and there is nothing to be afraid of. It is not about planets and comets coming to crash onto the earth to destroy it. It is about awakening to a fantastic journey with the planet.
We have been looking for planet x and Nibiru and what have you John, what if we are becoming it, one of those strange planets that has a weird orbit and we are going to travel through other systems much the way we get stories that we have had a visitor as well.
I often think many of the things we are expecting from outer space are actually going to come from the earth herself. We may not be on planet x, but we are definitely in planet S, that is S for Sophia.
Let us take the hard edge scientific stuff that comes with this. How could we make a journey like this without a companion star to keep us up on the way and furthermore cosmic radiation and a number of things we hear about which are dangerous out there.
The gnostics were very subtle teachers and had a profound grasp of the relationship between physical reality and the mental projections of reality. They were noetic scientists of an unsurpassable level of finesse in my opinion. One of the things that they pointed which is one of the more difficult parts of their teaching to understand but very valuable to understand it is that any physical system carries with it a mental paradigm. If you change the mental paradigm associated with that structure you change the structure itself.

What is happening to us is not only are there going to be astronomical and geophysical changes as the earth assumes her own proper course in interstellar space, but there are going to be mental and psychological changes in our species and the biggest change which is ongoing right now is that the entire archontic false matrix falls away. It literally disintegrates. Part of that archontic false matrix which has many dimensions, which people call mind control, prison planet, the matrix. Part of that false archontic matrix consists of scientific knowledge which is quite frankly wrong. You can spend two or three days researching this. For instance go and look at the people showing how Einstein was wrong and explaining how. Go and look at the people teaching plasma cosmology and the electric universe who are saying that the whole idea that gravity rules the universe is completely wrong. In so many ways the accepted scientific paradigms, 'this is the way it is, this is the way it works,' are simply wrong and they are going to fall apart because at the same time the astronomical correction occurs, there is an enormous correction in the human mind simultaneously. One of the beautiful opportunities of this correction is the breakthrough to free energy systems. We are on the threshold of the breakthrough to free energy systems. There is only one thing that stands in the way of this and that is due to go down very fast and very hard. I am not making predictions here. Free energy systems are the true dynamics of the universe. Why wouldn't it be the true dynamics of planets as well? If Gaia could realise her own ability as a free energy system, who says she needs to be in a planetary system in order to carry on her journey. We don't know and we can't rule out the possibility.
I have always seen the scientific field as being a prominent construct of control. It has limited the way humanity has been able to use their creativity, their imagination, think outside of the box. It seems we have been on the path all this time limiting our knowledge. There are more and more mysteries opening up to us every day because of our observations rightly so controlled by the scientific field. Our sense of magic, our sense of wonder and fantasy have been slashed, cut, disintegrated because of the fact that we have been limited in the way that we think.
Correct. Science and these master theories like quantum theory, string theory and relativity is just total crap when you really look into it and it has really crippled our ability to perceive the real dynamics of the universe. This has happened for over 150 years; Science and physics got really off the track in the 18th C and science today has become nothing more than a mathematical game and it doesn't really allow us to perceive the true dynamics of the universe or interact with it, but that is changing as we speak. True science and true magic are not incompatible. When these false paradigms like quantum theory and string theory crumble because the evidence overwhelms them and when we get to true science we shall also be in true magic and that is where we want to be as a species because that is what the divine experiment offers for us. It offers for us to realise our highest capacity by an understanding of physical and natural laws to the level of magic. Imagination plays an enormous role in how we reach that point.
Tell us a bit about your website John?

My website is It is a teaching website. The whole process of presenting and transmitting the Sophianic vision of the gnostics and developing planetary tantra with people is a completely free educational non profit event. I don't make money off it, I don't do seminars, I don't charge anything. The site is there as an open source for information. If you go to the home page of metahistory you will also find that recently there have been three recorded narrations of the Sophianic vision story. And I would like to thank the people who provided those narrations. Beautiful narrations; so you can listen to the story as well as read the story.
Many people say that the moon is an artificial body. You seem to take this a whole step further when you say that the whole system is artificial?

According to my understanding of the astronomical truth and the astronomical facts that are encoded in the Sophia myth, this is the way to understand the solar system. The earth is an organic body and it is actually the living embodiment of a divine being from the galactic centre. She, Sophia (wisdom), morphed herself into the planet Earth. Then the earth becomes the habitat for many different species including one particular species, the human species which was also the creation of this very goddess.

The myth says that when the goddess Sophia was in the pleroma before the earth was created, before the earth came into being, she had a vision of an experiment that she wanted to see happen. She envisioned the setting of that experiment as a three bodied system. This is called in the language of the gnostic text a trimorphic protennoia. Trimorphic means three bodied and protennoia means the primary idea. The primary idea that the goddess herself has was she sees the three bodied system and sees the human species appearing in that system and living out a certain experiment and we are learning now exactly what that experiment was and what the terms of it were.

The sun the moon and the earth are structurally coupled, they are part of the Gaian system.

The Gaian super organism is the earth itself but the total Gaian dynamic is a three bodied system. So even though the moon may not be as far as we know, organic in supporting life, or the sun. The moon and sun are integral to the support of life. They are not hostile in anyway or alien to life on earth. They are actually integral to the support of the Gaian super organism. The rest of the planets of the solar system, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are an inorganic celestial mechanics: that is the archontic part of the system. The sun moon and earth is the organic part and the organic part is where Gaia's experiment is being played out.

I would completely and absolutely disagree with David Icke and other people who are getting on the bandwagon about this artificial moon. The moon is not artificial. The moon appears to be an artificially constructed satellite because that is in fact how the earth intelligence herself, set it up. She uses the moon to monitor life on earth in certain ways; it is her tool, her satellite, her bio feedback device. The moon is a bio feedback device of the living planet, it is not some artificial satellite, set in place by the alien extra terrestrials.

I want to point out something very quickly and I am glad that I have the opportunity to say this because this is an outrageous omission. I like Credo Mutwa very much. I think that that Zulu Sanusi Shaman is a profound voice of the indigenous wisdom of our planet and there is very important testimony of him from his shamanic background. I will point out that Credo Mutwa who has worked closely with David Icke has said there are these predatory aliens called the Chidori. In certain respects those predatory aliens that he describes are very similar to the archons that gnostics describe. I don't know why, I can't be the only person who has noticed this, but in his testimony of the Chidori, Credo Mutwa makes a remarkable statement. He tells about all these encounters and his own abduction encounter which is hair raising and gruesome and he tells what they do and how they were responsible for the separation of the sexes, because the original androgynous human went into these caves and then they came out and they were separated and apparently now he is saying that there is a Zulu legend that the Chidori set the moon in place as an artificial satellite. But, the observation that I want to point to is that Credo Mutwa says that the Chidori, ET Annunaki aliens are liers and deceivers. He says they are known to be liars and deceivers. He is not the only one who has said that. If you look at the comparative material you can build up quite a case. The gnostics said exactly the same thing about the archontic mind parasites, they are liars and deceivers. Michael Harner who was a key figure in the shamanic revival of the 70's was one of the first people to go to the Amazon and take Ayahuasca and in his ayahuasca vision he saw an Annunaki archontic type dragon figures who flew in the sky in a kind of canoe and they talked to him in his Ayahuasca vision. They told him, 'we created the human race, we are the dragon masters, we seeded you on this planet,' and everything and his mind was blown. When he sobered up and he had his briefing afterwards with the old Ayahuasca shaman, he said you know I can't believe it I met these alien dragon like beings and they told him that they are our creators and the shaman laughed and he said they are liars they tell everyone that.
It is a good point, they wish. Why should we trust their accounts?

If Credo Mutwa has said that the Chidari are liars and deceivers and this testimony is supported by other cases, then why does he believe the story about the moon because that story comes from them? I think a lack of critical scrutiny is very serious here. These beings have told us they are lords of the universe. I have pointed out that the Annunaki script of Sitchen is disinformation, it is a lie planted in the human mind to make us think we are a slave species. The whole slave species scenario is a lie. And the first people who pointed that out were the gnostics. I am taking up the torch and reiterating that message.

I guess they take this information as coming from a higher source so is not run through the same critical filters that we would do with another human being.

There you go. These archontic beings are psychic shape shifters and can take various forms. I believe the Annunaki, the Archons and the Chidori are shape shifting versions of the same mind parasites. Another translation the gnostics gave for the word archon is 'rulers and authorities'. There is a huge warning in that. Basically don't listen to the authorities or anyone who presents themselves as an authority, especially when it is an authority on the supernatural.

When we take them as an authority for instance when we go to the Sumerian tablets and I think Sitchen's reading of them is very dubious, but let's say they do contain this story of a genetic intervention but just because something is written on clay tablets 3500 years ago doesn't mean it is true. It is no more different than something written in the Wall Street Journal. We have to be very careful about authorities. One of the great breakthroughs that is happening now is that the power of the authorities is being shattered by the in-pouring of the Gaian mind into the human mind.

Gaia's correction began on March 19th 2011 and is going to last for three years until March 2014. It is going to happen very fast and in this time what will become evident in many aspects of life will be like the veil falling off your eyes. Many people can have the same experience of what they previously took on authority, whether it is from science or from a channeller, suddenly falls apart, and some more beautiful self evident reality breaks in. It is going to be a breaking into the human mind. The divine Sophia goddess is breaking into the human mind, that is her intervention and we can actually observe and verify how that is happening. It is not a fantasia that I am proposing. I am asking you to bring critical scrutiny to what you are told and look at the evidence of your experience. There is no authority greater than the evidence of your own experience.

The control of the archontic matrix would be assisted quite a bit if at the outset we have the advantage of thinking that they are our creators. From square one we will be subservient to them. Why does communication come so frequently from them and the firewall falls apart in that frame of mind and people totally believe what they were told.

There is a firewall and the gnostics talked about this a lot and they talked about immunity to the alien presence. They didn't mean that you block out the alien presence to the extent that you deny its existence. The gnostic seers were acutely aware of the psychic extra dimensional presence of these mind parasites. They were the first ones who observed them and left us a record of their behaviour, of their modus operandi and of their two primary forms which are the draconic or reptilian form and the neonate or embryonic form like an aborted or premature foetus. This information profiling these intruders is in the gnostic text. They were acutely aware of them but they were also acutely aware of how to ward them off, dispel them and put them in their place. We have a very weak immunity as a species now. We have a weak immunity to psychic intrusion. The reason for that is we are sexually very degenerate. Due to a long and sad story since the cults of the goddess were overthrown, sacred sexuality was overcome and replaced by patriarchy and the rule of theocrats or men, we have had a down spiralling of the quality of the sexual experience in our species.

When the quality of sexual experience is high, when we have the ability to experience sexual ecstasy together and rapture, the freedom and the joy and the bliss of sex for its own sake and not for procreative purposes but for the beauty and pleasure of the sexual act then we have a high psychic immunity. Good honest clean voluptuous sex produces a high psychic immunity. The pagans had that in their world, they had a healthy sexual attitude. The sick and pathological sexuality that has emerged on this planet over the last 2000 years is of course due to the Abrahamic religions, due to the condemnation of sex and then you get something wicked such as the sexual apartheid of Islam.

The reason why we have a very pure immunity is: lack of contact with the earth, lack of having your bare feet on the earth, lack of being in nature, breathing the air, and lack of absorbing the natural elements of the earth also lowers our immunity to these psychic intrusions. Therefore, it is understandable that when people venture out of their normal mind frame into a psychic or supernatural journey by ayahuasca or any other influence, they are going to be facing forces with a weak firewall. The gnostics talked how to build up that firewall, how to ensheath yourself in an envelope of organic light by raising kundalini. Kundalini is the main weapon against these archonic intruders. You can actually zap them with kundalini. It is very easy to kill archons, it is very easy to drive away and kill predatory ET's. I have wiped out many of them. People are to be taught psychic self defence with regards to these entities. The fact that they are encountered in these altered states, doesn't mean that they are masters of the universe and it doesn't mean we can allow them to tell us things without applying critical scrutiny. Furthermore the best foundation for critical scrutiny and the best foundation for taking a stand in relation to these entities is the Sophianic vision story. That story explains who they are. It tells us what their role is and it tells us what the threat they pose and it also tells us how to confront them and how to ward them off. This is contained in the first apocalypse of James. This is clearly an exchange between a gnostic teacher and his student where the gnostic teacher describes alien abduction. Then he says listen all you have to do when you stand in the presence of those beings is to tell them that you are of the race of the divine Sophia, that you know your origin and that they are not your parents and they will dissolve because they are powerless they can only operate through a lie. We are in a very desperate state with these archonic beings now because through religious indoctrination and mind programming as I explained in 'Not in his image,' there have been centuries of the breakdown of the human mind, leading us to a pathological state where in a sense some people are walking around possessed by these archonic parasites. And who are these people? Unfortunately they are the people that are largely in charge of our society, in charge of the military and the government, many of them are in the entertainment business, many of them are in the media business and they are archontically infected pathological predators. If we want to survive, and have a life worth living on this planet, the moment has come to face those predators. The Sophia myth also gives us a framework in which to do that. It is an invaluable tool for orienting ourselves to this momentous shift that is now happening on the planet.
The Abrahamic suppression of sex and their strong foothold was this an instruction that the archons gave to the elite priest class at the time, or was this something that was a consequence that they themselves were damaged or hurt in some way?

The one thing led to the other. There was a need for men at a certain point as rejected human beings to assert their power. They needed an excuse to assert their power. They were vulnerable to this archontic influence and to the lies that came through mainly channels: watch out for channellers. The soothsayers of the ancient world brought in this Annunaki script. The Archons brought their story to our species through channelers, psychics.

I would like to address what you said and bring it around to something very important. The Abrahamic religion is about the problem. I would like to steer from there into the solution. I great deal of the problem as the gnostics identified it is Abrahamic religion. The gnostics gave us a brilliant analysis of the Abrahamic religion and one of the amazing things about their analysis is that they pointed out that it has a parapsychological origin. The Abrahamic religion programme of the chosen people, the paternal father god who is entirely male, the removal of the divine feminine from the creation process, the divine Messiah saviour that comes, the glorification of the suffering of the saviour, the victim perpetrator game between saviour and saved and the end of the world scenario. All of those elements were of a parapsychological or extra human origin. They were an implant of the archontic powers into the human mind. An alien implant as Castanada suggested. They give us their mind as an alien implant and that alien implant is a mental virus and it had to come to humanity through a vector like any other virus. This has nothing to do with blaming the Jews, because the ancient Jewish people and the Jewish people living today who are genuinely Jewish, have nothing to do with the cause of this problem. It just so happens that it was in an ancient Jewish sect that this vector planted itself. That is the way it worked out historically. There is a moment in history where parapsychology, exopolitics and extra terrestrial influence comes into history and turns us away from our connection to the divine Sophia and from our connection to our own sexuality as a source of pleasure and beauty.

Pleasure and beauty is what it is all about as far as Sophia is concerned. If she had her way entirely we would just live in pleasure and beauty all of the time because that is her dream for us. We got turned away from pleasure and beauty and turned away from the healing powers of our own bodies by this Abrahamic archontic virus. I want to bring this right up to date now.

One of the messages that I would like to put out to people in this interview is that there is no more time to get involved in the problem. It is time to get involved in the solution. We have been looking at the problem for a long time now and it is a complex problem and I have great admiration for the sleuths and the detectives and researchers like myself. I have looked into the past to figure out how humanity could have reached this psychotic nightmare that we appear to be in today and how this massive mind control scheme could have been established. I already submit to you that we already know as much as we need to know about the problem and to really concentrate on the solution.

A key factor in getting to the solution is 9 11. The event of 9 11 is like a riddle presented to humanity. Our own madness has presented us with a riddle. Our psychosis as a species, our alienation from the divine source that we are standing on and the divine source at the pleromic centre has driven us into a psychotic state and that psychotic state has blown up in our face with a riddle. We cannot get to solution unless we solve that riddle. We are coming around to the tenth anniversary and what I see happening, just an observation, I believe there is going to be an orchestrated attempt to crush the 9 11 truth movement. There are very devious things going on. There are people who are betraying the movement who are probably planted there to do so in the first place. There is going to be an attempt by the official powers to celebrate the tenth anniversary and say to the world well it was awful and we all agree but we are going to go beyond that now. Lets put that behind us. And lets go in with the official version and let the authorities take care of us. But that's not the way I see it playing out my friends. I see the 9 11 event exploding because we have been provided with a fuse to blow the 9 11 riddle right open so that it blows a hole in the human psyche that we can move out of psychosis into a sane way of life. The fuse is lit and it is burning. That fuse is the work of Dr Judy Wood.

Some of you are sympathetic to the 9 11 truth movement and I am too but I have to tell you the very sad and unfortunate news. At least this is John Lash's opinion.

From its inception and especially from the third or fourth year, the 9 11 truth movement became a controlled opposition and was deeply penetrated by Co Intel Pro. The proof of this is in the position taken by Steven Jones and Richard Gage regarding the work of Judy Wood. By the way they respond to the evidence in her book. Her book has more evidence about 9 11 than anything ever written or probably ever will be. She does not speculate, she does not theorise, she presents the evidence of what we actually see there and they will not face that evidence and that proves that they are Co Intel Pro, they a part of a controlled opposition. If we correct our perception about 9 11 based on the truly sober and scientific work of Judy Wood we have a breakthrough toward the correction of our species and that also leads to the breakthrough of Sophia, the two things are really closely related. We have to get through 9 11. We can never put it behind us. This is how we get through it. I can tell you in one sentence. The 9 11 truth movement which is controlled opposition has claimed that the official story is wrong the buildings did not come down because they were hit by airplanes, the buildings came down in a controlled demolition due to thermite explosives planted in them.

First of all this is not true. The best authority in the world is the evidence of your own experience and the evidence of your own senses. It is not true to say that the official story is wrong because the buildings were actually brought down by controlled demolition because the buildings did not fall down. If the buildings fell down then there would have been 110 stories of rubble and there isn't. There is at most 15 to 20%. There are maybe 12 stories of rubble. Where are the other 80 or 90 stories of rubble?

Everybody saw what appeared to be the buildings falling down because of the way that the floors seemed to be removed as the buildings disappeared. Actually what happened is that the buildings disappeared and they disappeared in front of everybody's eyes. No matter what you think about CGI cloaked missiles, missiles disguised as airplanes hitting the building which I think was the case. No matter what you think about the possibility of some thermite traces in the dust, thermite even if it had brought down the buildings by controlled demolition could not turn steel and concrete into dust.

Judy Wood's evidence and her case leads to one irrefutable brilliant clear conclusion that the 9 11 event was done by the use of free energy devices that are capable of disintegrating the molecular structure of matter and turning it to dust right in front of your eyes. If you don't believe me look at the photographs in her book. They are photographs of the building actually turning to dust. What was all the dust? Why didn't the paper burn. She shows that the only thing we know of is free energy. Now I want to come back around to the solution and I want to pick up a point that I made in the first hour, in order for us now as individuals and as a society to realise this fantastic opportunity of Sophia's correction; we can take the riddle of 9 11.

The way we deal with this event is key to taking responsibility for life on earth and taking responsibility for the future. It is absolutely clear to anyone, scientists or non scientists that the inference of Dr Judy Wood's work is that these devices already exist which means some human beings have the knowledge of free energy physics. They know the laws and the principles and they know how to construct these devices but it so happens unfortunately that those people are using them as a weapon against the rest of the human race and that they are genocidally insane. That is the worst possible thing that can happen on this planet. Only by facing 9 11 can we deal with it, not by putting it behind us, not by forgetting about it and not by being appeased by the authorities who are now going to try to bury it, not by being tricked by the Co Intel Pro controlled opposition.

Everything on a geopolitical scale that consequently has happened in the last ten years is because of 9 11. How can we forget it? Forgetting about it, forget about that!

We may as well give up and say we have no control and we have no responsibility for correcting what has gone wrong in human society. And I am saying no way. It is not going to go away in September 2011 which is a new 9 11. I see the possibility and the opportunity for the breakthrough that 9 11 really presents and that is where we come around to the solution. First of all I urge everyone to read 'Not in his Image' and read the story in the first six chapters of the rise of the Zadakim sect of the ancient Hebrews. The Zadakim sect was the religious fanatics of the dead sea, they carried the archontic virus that is now mutated into a global pathology. None of the secrecy and manipulation and deception that we see in a mass scale on this planet could happen if that infection had not taken place. That infection has to be lanced like an abscess. It may not be a pretty thing to do. When that infection is lanced, the source of that infection is identified, then the great healing of humanity can occur and that is now. Somebody has those devices and who are they? The gnostics gave us an idea of who they are.
Was 9 11 orchestrated from an archontic consciousness. In some regards it appears to be a shoddy event and on another level if you study certain things within the event it seems beyond brilliance, recently I put up on the website what the children were chanting in the classroom when Bush was sitting reading the story of the goat, the book, upside down, 'kite', 'hit' 'steel' 'plane' 'must.' What the hell is going on there?

One of the things we need to be very careful about regarding both the archontic powers and the archontically infected human being, the interspecies predators and psychopaths who are running around on this planet; we need to approach them both with great courage that they can be defeated and great vigour. We need not to over attribute to them.

I am of the view that there is a large tendency among certain people that are exposing the new world order mind programming orchestration to over attribute it; to say that these psychopaths have these satanic rituals. No, they are just like serial killers. They like to do things ritualistically, but what makes the whole thing so dangerous is not their magical power but it is the contagion of confusion.
In the contagion of confusion we all become suggestible and in that contagion of confusion that cloud of confusion and deception around these beings, we unwittingly start to manufacture things in our minds that contribute in a way to the magic that they are trying to perpetrate on us.

We must be very skilful to avoid that danger and one of the best ways to get out of that danger is to read what the gnostics said about the people who are today the heirs and final heirs of the original vector of the archontic virus. It is the people who are the heirs of that vector who have these weapons and intend to use them against humanity and wipe out the human race. I have to point out that they are insane and one of the reasons why I am strongly urging now that we spend less time on the problem and more time on the solution because that there is a huge risk in going into the solution and going down one rabbit hole after another. If you are playing chess with a psychotically insane person you will never be able to understand their moves.

The gnostics warned in crystal clear language, they told us the ammo of the archons and the ammo of the archons is the ammo of the Zadakim cult and it is the ammo of the people today who have these weapons and that is it is a plan of absurdity and senselessness. It is a of absurdity and senselessness.
They will throw anything at us to keep us occupied with the things that they consider important.

I suggest this point as a point of warning. If you want to investigate the planetary predators and the people who are perpetrating lies deception and manipulation that is throwing our world into chaos, go ahead but watch the film Manhunt which is the prequel to Silent of the Lambs. Manhunt shows you how the detective who is tracking down a serial killer almost goes insane because he has to put himself in the mind set of the serial killer in order to catch him. That is a very dangerous game. And the serial killer knows that. The serial killer loves to play with codes. They love to lay down rituals, they love to lay down a trail of bread crumbs because while you are walking along and sniffing along the trail of bread crumbs and figuring out the latest code that they use, they are perpetrating more crimes. I warn all of you who want to track down and expose these criminals do not get involved with that because you will not reach the goal, it is only to their advantage. It is time to turn to the solution and the solution is twofold as presented by the challenge of 9 11.

One responsibility is to recognise and face the facts. Those buildings did not fall: they were turned to dust by free energy devices. The inference therefore is that free energy devices exist and this is the moment for our civilization to claim that technology and find it and bring it out because with the free energy technology in this world, we are not going to have a perfect world, we will not have a perfect world, there will be conflicts, there will be differences, but we will have a much fairer world and we will have a fair chance to create a cooperative and compassionate society of mutual aid and that is in line with Sophia's vision for our experiment.

Sophia is an aeon from the divine pleroma. When we come to understand the physics of the galaxy we are in; the relation of the core of the pleroma to the galactic arms; in that understanding is the recognition that the pleroma and the galaxy we are in is a free energy system. We live in a free energy system. True physics is a free energy system and those parts of the physical world that don't appear to be are just exceptions to the general rule.

The beauty of the universe is that it is by in-large founded in large on a free energy physics and Sophia being a divine being and being an instrument herself of divine intelligence wants her pet species to discover that magic. That it is withheld from us and that it is used by a tiny fragment of genocidal maniacs is the great crime we must face and that is why 9 11 is the turning point and cannot be forgotten.
Energy is everywhere in the cosmos. It is everywhere around us. It is an abundance, yet here on this planet we are encouraged to put on a sweater because Gaia is dying.

It is a complete fraud. I also want to point out that this term eco fascism, which is a very good term, is the false plea to Gaia and save the earth. Al Gore, Maurice Strong and all those people are accessory to this madness in their own way and they are promoting a complete hoax. It is a complete hoax and it is only a pretext. They don't care about the earth, they don't know Gaia. They don't love the earth. It is just a hoax for steeling and controlling the resources of the world and it is time to face this frontally. With the evidence that Judy Wood presents I think there is fantastic opportunity to find the real truth of the 9 11 truth movement. Let the controlled opposition fall away and let the real truth emerge and let people ask themselves and each other and ask their governments, if our scientists are so brilliant and our engineers are so wonderful then how come they are not presenting our society with free energy systems. We know they exist because they were used to destroy those towers.

The breakthrough comes from us. The breakthrough is also coming from Gaia Sophia and I would like to wind up our talk on a more positive note telling you how that is coming about. I restored the gnostic Gaia mythos and I called it the fallen goddess scenario because that is what it was typically called. Fallen goddess means that a powerful entity, a divine being in the galactic centre fell out of the galactic centre which the aeons and inhabiting gods of the galactic centre normally don't do and fell into the realm of physics and materiality of the galactic limbs and got involved in planetary evolution and that is the story of our PAM, the Planetary Animal Mother. And when I retold that story in 9 episodes I ended up and said the 9th episode is the moment of Gaia's correction. Gnostics didn't say what that was but we are going to find out when it happens. People wrote to me and said this Sophia story is so beautiful and if she is here, if she is alive, if she is aware, then is she going to do something? What is she going to do? Is she going to intervene.

It is sort of like that moment in Avatar when Jake turns to Neytiri: the military industrial complex is coming right and they are going to destroy the natural habitat of the Pandorans and Jake says 'lets go to Awa and ask her to help, doesn't she intervene.' Awa is the avatar equivalent of Gaia, the mother goddess. Neytiri says, “she only intervenes to restore the balance of life.” That is a beautiful line. That is a very inspired line.

GaiaSophia is now intervening. She is intervening in a way that I couldn't say before because I couldn't know what it was. I couldn't predict it, I couldn't invent it, I couldn't second guess it. The message I am now giving to the people who are now working with me on the deck of the mothership following the navigation, the message I am giving is: We come into correction with Gaia in real time. This is real time. What is happening in real time? A number of things!

She is making her intervention on several fronts but primarily she is making it by breaking into the human mind. Try and think of a supernatural power breaking into the human mind rather in the way that a wave of surf would break through a plate glass window into a room. And how does she then reveal her presence to us and speak to our hearts and speak to our minds? She does it through the awesome power of her beauty. Beauty is her weapon. Beauty is the most powerful weapon of the earth goddess. Her beauty is breaking into the human mind with correction. This started on the 19th of March and is continuing with an accelerating and amplifying move. As the beauty of the divine Sophia breaks into human imagination it produces spontaneous spiritual experiences, spontaneous awakenings in all kinds of people all around the world in different moments. These awakenings can happen in a dream and typically the dream will involve white: a white woman, a woman in a white robe, a white animal or just white clouds as white is the colour of organic light. It has nothing to do with racial white or black. This breakthrough is happening in a general sense with the beauty of Gaia coming to recognition in people's minds. On the 19th she made her first hit on the human psyche. She is hitting the human psyche, yours, mine, everybodies with a kind of an impact that is very intentional.
We had a supermoon?

Supermoon, right!

I am developing a navigational process on the deck of the mothership as it were. I explain that the mechanism of the moon which is called the line of the apsi'dies, the barycentre and the point which the moon is closest to the earth which is its perigee and furthest from the earth; that mechanism is the steerage of the earth. Gaia uses the lunar mechanism to steer the earth in interstellar space. People can observe whether this is true or not.

On March 19th it was a supermoon. The moon was at its perigee because it was very very close to the earth. That happens once a month. That is the moment when a signal went out from the interior of the earth which indicated that Gaia was beginning her course correction. That signal was due to the fact that the barycentre which is the point of shared mass between the earth and the moon, which circulates inside the earth, momentarily exceeded the speed of sound. The result of that is there were anomalous phenomenon at that moment. One of them was these sounds coming from these caves in Tibet another was rumblings and inexplicable roarings coming from inside the earth that were reported in Canada, Florida and some of these are still continuing. These anamolies are due to the activation of the steerage mechanism of the earth moon system.

What she steers with: imagine it not like a steering wheel that is round but more like a control-yoke like you use in a video game or in an airplane. She uses a yoke and this yoke is actually the earth moon barycentre device. One handle of the yoke is the perigee and the other handle of the yoke is the apogee and she actually steers because these two points are not constant. By observing the way these two points apogee and perigee of the moon are moving I can plot how she is steering the planet.

You who are interested in following that can then make observations and compare those observations with what I say. This can be verified. The process of correction is not only the breaking into the human mind and imagination of an immense source of beauty which is the presence of Sophia herself. It is not only a supernatural and metaphysical event it is an actual astronomical event which can be plotted chartered and verified. That is the fantastic thing about correction. We can know that it is happening in real time. As Sophia brings the power of her attention to the human condition and brings the power of her mind into our mind, she is not going to intervene in events, she intervenes in our mind set. One of the signs of this intervention is that the whole archontic paradigm of false science is literally going to crumble, it will fall apart because the obvious falsity of it will be made apparent by these anomalies. That is much more convincing than a theory.
What happens then is people can basically participate in this. What would you suggest people can do?

It is easy to observe the anomalies as they happen locally and collect records or reports or testimony. Keep a record of what the anomalies are. You can write to me at
I am saying lets accept a nautical metaphor but this nautical metaphor of you participate in it, it will actually show you what is happening. The great thing about the solution or the correction is that we can participate in it whereas if we go back to the problem too much we end up participating in the problem. This correction is going to happen in ten seconds of her time. I have to tell you that Gaia's process is vast and fast.
In our time are we talking about three years?

Yes. 1 second is 108 days of our time.

What is the journey that Sophia is taking us on toward the centre of the galaxy is that on a timeline are we going to travel for thousands of years?

I call it the journey of living eternity. The correction that starts now is an eternal journey and our participation in it as human beings becomes an eternal witnessing and an eternal interaction and actually the secret and the beauty of everlasting life comes to be revealed in the process of this journey. I would like to leave everyone with a name and a title for the Sophia myth. In its received form from the gnostics it is called the fallen goddess scenario and it has 9 episodes, but when the moment of correction comes, which is now and we have that magnificent opportunity then the story changes. I am not calling it the fallen goddess scenario anymore. I have given another name to the present and future part of the story. I call it Wisdoms Dare. Wisdom is the word Sophia. Wisdom is the name of this goddess. The earth is wise. All creatures of the earth are wise, the clouds, the skies, the grass is wise. The earth is a living embodiment of divine wisdom. And we are her children as well. And so wisdom dares us to join this experiment. And that dare comes from her and when you hear that dare, when you feel it and it comes into your mind and heart at any particular moment that is the moment of responsibility to be a real human being in a real divine experiment that is no fantasy. That is what we are here for. That is our purpose here on earth. I trust that every single human being capable of responding to her who is not too sick from the archontic infection can absolutely know when that dare is in front of you. Wisdoms Dare is the name of this experiment and the name of this story and it is ongoing and eternal."

Thursday, 24 April 2014

the human condition

"the basic tragedy of the human race: to be misled from its true potential by simulation, falling for a false version of itself."
The Second Treatise of the Great Seth (64.4f), interpreted by John Lamb Lash

time with Bruce Lipton and John Lash "The right brain senses time in the present moment and uses creativity, the left brain perceives time in terms of past and future and uses logic, and we are caught in the middle. As far as consciousness is concerned, we use our creative thinking 5% of the time, whilst our subconscious mind operates 95% of the time. Time a system, and perhaps the reason why time feels like it is speeding up is because our perception of time is evolving."

In this wonderful audio John Lash describes the deepest cut and also the ten dimensions of time:

The whole picture is emerging, the different viewing points of science and mythology give perspective...the glitch in the reading of the DNA, the consequences for the left cerebral hemisphere and the endocrine system, our consequent submergence in the perception of time as linear progression further confounding our way out of the labyrinth of limitations and imitations...yet there is a way...what a fabulous puzzle!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

natural birth

Held my beautiful friend Ash while her baby boy Auryn Sky fell into his father's peaceful and still...amazing...Graham told me yesterday that their baby grew on about 75% wild food.

A transcendental experience, we felt like we were in a different dimension. A divine quality of innocence pervaded. This is the first time Ash has given birth, the first time Graham has caught a birthing baby and the first time Kate and I have attended a birth...and we all knew innately what to do.  Ash had read just one book - Spiritual Midwifery.

Monday, 21 April 2014

light force food lifestyle

Biophotons coupled with electromagnetic radio waves produce light suspension particles which sporulate and double sporulate to form body cells.  In order to do this properly and form healthy body cells rather than unwanted substances we need the right biochemical environment in the body.  We do need weak organic acids.  We do not need disaccharide sugars or indigestible proteins.  This is what light force food is about. Light force food has positive bioaccumulation which pushes out negative bioaccumulation.  It is a biological diet which facilitates us expressing our full DNA potential.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

speech is a dumbed down form of singing

"speech is a dumbed down form of singing...we are all in a perpetual state of delusion...left hemisphere is in a perpetual state of delusion..right hemisphere can connect with reality which corroborates with objective data...left hemisphere is dominant...we are so deluded that we think we are advancing...most of us most of our waking hours are filled with chattering craziness that we wouldn't want to share with anyone else..."

Saturday, 19 April 2014

the beauty and wonder of the sea

Castle Cove Dartmouth

Just for the sake of contrast and compare, drove to the heart of Bristol shortly after dipping my toes in these Devon waters...

everything is so beautiful

"everything is so beautiful and lovely and alive...this is reality" 

I had an amazing dream last night about living in the physics of beauty, I was sleeping outside the mains....

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


my garden in the gravel is really flourishing this spring...

wild flowers and edible plants that I love have found their way into the raised beds...chickweed, chamomile and lots more, violas have seeded themselves in the gravel...

Sunday, 13 April 2014

waxing moon

Glastonbury Tor in the distance...

Sunday, 6 April 2014