Wednesday, 24 July 2013

self correction

Gnostics , or Telestai, as they call themselves, teach that evil is a human phenomenon and is essentially accumulated error that has got out of hand.  The way back from it and to the human ability to self-correct is through feeling.

Explains John Lamb Lash "... Tantric teachings also say that the most extreme moment of cognitive dissonance, when your mental fix conflicts alarmingly with what you feel and know reality to be, is also the moment when the fail-safe of the mind comes into play: the moment when self-correction turns itself on. One of the paramount benefits of telestics is to show exactly what triggers self-correction, so that you can recognize it when it happens. And more and more frequently induce it to happen..."

Monday, 1 July 2013

intimacy with the human condition

Martin Jacques observed that "we are becoming less and less intimate with the human condition itself. In an ego-market society where life becomes shopping, there is a danger that we will lose our humanity in our obsession with ourselves.  The mirroring menace of self-concern is the Sphinx of our time"