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Natural nutrition is more than food; it is the air that we breath, the water that we drink and bathe in, our relationships with others, our connection to the earth and the sky, light and dark, the colours that we use, the sounds and smells we expose ourselves to, the fabric that we put next to our skin, the home environments we create, natural cycles and our relationship to time as well as space.  Contact with nature, exercise, sunshine and relaxing right brain activities are essential to full physical health.  In order to reach our full potential as humans there are also deeper degrees to which we can attune to nature.

Eating in alignment with the Biological Diet of our Species

This is outlined in nutritional regeneration.

Walking in Nature

Walking  is one of the most underestimated activities there is with regards to our health and well-being.  Medical science now knows that walking on a regular basis cures depression in more than ninety per cent of cases!  Of course we all know that spending extended times of time in nature can take us to new heights of well-being.  Walking in nature also has a psychological effect due to the effects of moving and looking into the distance and widens our mental horizons and sense that we can move forward in life.  When we are walking we are focused on what is front of us whilst staying subliminally aware of what we are actually doing – in this way it resets us with good mental habits and clears our minds for inspiration.


If we were living more as nature intended we would spend far more time walking on the earth, lying in grass, swimming in natural bodies of water and so on.  Indeed we would be conceived, born and sleep in contact with the bioelectromagnetic aura of the earth.  Planet Earth can be described in a scientific model as being charged electrically and emitting electrons.  Connecting to this flow of electrons or electricity menas that we are 'grounded' or 'earthed',you could even describe it as 'charged'.  Within the charge of the Earth our vibration is modulated so it is in harmony with the circadian rhythms or our environment.  Shoes and also our homes for the most part act as insulation from this natural  mechanism.  You can find out more about this fascinating subject in a revelatory interview with Clint Ober, click here.  There is now a lot of information on this subject on the web including the healing of chronic apparently incurable conditions.  On the more esoteric side of this subject we receive information and guidance in the day to day living our lives through contact with the Earth, it is almost our original internet connection.  Our desires become more health and life-affirming when we are immersed in the Earth's field rather than that of the artificial electric grid.  Many years ago Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, in his book Body's Many Cries for Water, made known the crucial  importance of drinking adequate water in the maintenance of basic health and prevention of disease.  Now we are learning that 'earthing' is a similarly crucial requirement for health.  The recommendation is at least 20 minutes twice a day for basic health needs.


Exercise of course has many benefits in itself and really is  a prerequisite for health and well-being.  It does not have to  be done in a gruelling way.  Done in the right environment it brings fresh air into our lungs.  One of the great benefits of exercise is  to move our lymph fluid. Like our blood, lymph fluid  has a job to do of carrying around nutrients and removing toxins but unlike blood it is not pumped around the body and we need to move to make lymph move.  Another mechanism by which exercise makes us feel better is that it increases endorphin levels.  It also helps in the uptake of tryptophan to make serotonin, that chemical messenger of happiness and well-being mentioned earlier.  You can get a lot done in just 10 – 15 minute bursts which can be repeated several times a day .  In fact this is the way children naturally exercise and is the  best way to stimulate the production of human growth hormone, essential for not just growth of children but also the maintenance of our bodies.


It's well known that we all feel better when the sun is shining, but what to do about it. Especially in a temperate climate, when it's not?!  There is actually a lot we can do to compensate for the lack of sun.  If  available in your area a sunshower is a wonderful way of getting a blast of much needed UVB light on the skin of your entire body.  It involves entering a cubicle wearing eye protection and being exposed to 3 to 6 minutes of UVB.  For example, between September and March in Britain, varying slightly according to latitude, the angle of the sun is such that we do not actually receive UVB light rays.  As well as making you feel like you've had  a day at the beach, a  sun shower can have an amazing effect on food requirements as food is assimilated differently when we get sunlight.  Because of this it can help prevent weight increase in winter and also takes away that pasty look it is so easy to get.  Wait a few hours after a sunshower before showering or bathing to let the vitamin D be assimilated.  Taking vitamin D in the form the body can use i.e. D3 is important for those of us living in this kind of climate.  Vitamin D is a hormone as much as a vitamin and has been dubbed the 'happiness hormone'  Incidentally walking outside early in the morning and going to bed reasonably early at night aligns our circadian rhythms and can have miraculous effects on our happiness and productivity levels and is so often  overlooked in the distractions of our 24/7 culture.

Music and Dancing

Feeling, sensual, artistic and creative activities are important to engage the right hemispheres of our brains in the face of left hemisphere cerebral dominance.  Dancing, or rather letting our bodies move to music is a particularly effective way to do this.

Interactive Magic with the Planet

Full emotional involvement with natural cycles the living being that is the Earth and rhythms of nature brings a dimension to our lives which is hard to describe and can only really be verified through experience.  It begins with telluric electrical connection through being in direct physical contact with the Earth.  Observation of the lunar cycles and the movements of the constellations brings us into more intimate connection with divine intelligence and into  more natural sense of time.  Bonding into the bioelectric magnetic aura of the earth and immersing our imagination in her dreaming takes us somewhere we knew all along...just forgot.  The other steps we can take to reactivate our minds make this entry into feeling connection with the Earth and the cosmos much more accessible.

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