Monday, 25 April 2011

John Lash on a variety of topics

The Goddess regaining communication with the galactic centre and correcting her course; planetary tantra ~ connecting to Gaia through the binding of the iron in your blood to the bioelectric magnetic aura of the Earth; being guided by the Sophia story and at the same time being a participator in that story; sexuality and shamanism; understanding sexuality as an instrument of Gaia's own desire, Gaia's driving force is desire, healthy sex is arrangement between a man a woman and the Earth; dakini elixirs, telestic shamanism, the practice of the shaman seers in the mysteries, who define their aim; the delusion and toxicity  of saviour religions and the way they have infected the human mind,  the saviour as 'divine victim'; the understanding that you don't have a 'life of your own' ~ your life potential is connected to her, Gaia, the Earth; the hoax of the Annunaki script as social control device describing a master slave relationship; gnosis is cognitive ecstasy, this ecstasy is our salvation, our salvation is in immersion not ascension (disassociation); service is not in Gaia's syntax, she wants us to play and evolve; the use of transpersonal rage against the perpetrators on the planet, the intraspecies predators.

The sophia myth is for living ~ live it! ~ each of us also has a personal myth that weaves into hers, it is your destiny vector.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Fall of the Wisdom Goddess

This is a reading of "The Fall of the Wisdom Goddess" that John Lash has recreated from the Nag Hammadi Texts on his website, It was created with the intent of helping persons interested in the Sophia myth and the Gnostic viewpoint absorb this beautiful story in an audible format.

Planetary Tantra with John Lamb Lash

1st installment  This is the long awaited commemorative first Talk on Planetary Talk with Telestes John Lash. This is a series of talks that will continue for as long as deemed necessary. Topics covered in the initial first step, Melchizedeck, Castanedian magic, the Shakti Cluster, the Gaian Tantra Vow, the definition of Planetary Tantra and much much more.

2nd installment Aspects of bonding with Gaia/Sophia, Shaktism and the handling of power are discussed along with the energetic nature of the atmosphere, symbolism inherent in the Gaian Tantra Vow, attuning to the Dakinis with the Shakti Cluster and Kala Tantra.

3rd installment John Lash continues to explore the unique nature of Planetary Tantra. In particular John details his Planetary Tantra "download" in 2008, the events that unfolded on Infinity ridge, the role of the archons, some further observations about Melchezideck, and their relation to the Divine experiment.

4th installment John continues to talk about the Divine experiment, the factors and entities that are working to derail it, how Gaia-Sophia herself sees us, the direction we are going, the psychological make-up of psychopaths and how we can deal with them. We also go into the nature of the Planetary shift that is unfolding and the part rage plays in it.

5th installment In this first talk following the Kanto-Pacific earthquake, John talks about the difficulty of determining the authentic from the false in world events, the implications of the 3/11 earthquake, the practices of the Tantrika of Kali and the earth changes that make this time so efficacious for Planetary Tantra. We also begin to dive into the theme of The archontic factor, PT and the future of the Earth.

magic and initiation among the endtime tribes

The vast spiritual emergency to be undergone by the human species in ever-increasing numbers, with natural disasters, social violence, and outright madness escalating up to and beyond 2012, will open the seals of paranormal faculties and burst the floodgates of non-ordinary reality. As the world humans have made comes apart in convulsions of fire and flood, a world will arise anew, but first within human perception, because seeing the Next World comes with traumatic extrapolation of the senses toward non-ordinary reality, in the very moment we behold the destruction of the existing world.

John Lamb Lash on Cosmic Gnostic

John Lash explains the Sophia Myth and the nature of the human problem.

"The purpose of the divine experiment on Earth is for the human species who is engineered in the imagination of the Gaia-Sophia is to interact with that engineer, the Goddess.  Everything that interferes with this in terms of make-believe or technology gets in the way."

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Planetary Tantra with John Lamb Lash

John talks about the causes of the Japanese earthquake and whether they were natural; the dangers of playing into the fearmongering scenarios of the 'New World Order'; and the effects of the movement of the barycentre - the centre of mass of the combined earth and moon.

In these times it is impossible to know through the intellect alone what is happening; through Planetary Tantra we can find out from Gaia herself what is happening on the planet and also she shows us what to do including how to take down the predators within our species once and for all.  The predators cannot be simply figured out or brought to accountability...

We enter Planetary Tantra though desire; it is the path of desire and pleasure.  Firstly we connect to the earth by barefoot connection with her, and observation through the five senses; secondly we connect to the BEMA - bioelectric magnetic aura of the Earth through the iron in our blood, and thirdly through observation of the sky and the moon.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

pesticides and unborn children

Researchers found that exposure during pregnancy to pesticides called organophosphates – used on food crops – may impair child cognitive development.

David Wolfe on tobacco

"Tobacco is the most sacred food of the entire Americas.  People test strong to organic tobacco and weak to  chemical tobacco".

Tobacco plants protect gardens from rodent and critters.

Telemores - Truth Calkins

The potential lifespan of humans who live well is currently 120-130 years - this is dictated by telemere length - with cutting edge information emerging now about telomerase youth can be greatly extended - this information has fascinating implications.

We need to eat plenty of nucleotides e.g. blue green algaes and nutritional yeasts; enough proteins and trace minerals. Certain strains of astragalus (active component is TA-65) can turn on telomerase, the enzyme which lengthens telemeres.