Monday, 25 April 2011

John Lash on a variety of topics

The Goddess regaining communication with the galactic centre and correcting her course; planetary tantra ~ connecting to Gaia through the binding of the iron in your blood to the bioelectric magnetic aura of the Earth; being guided by the Sophia story and at the same time being a participator in that story; sexuality and shamanism; understanding sexuality as an instrument of Gaia's own desire, Gaia's driving force is desire, healthy sex is arrangement between a man a woman and the Earth; dakini elixirs, telestic shamanism, the practice of the shaman seers in the mysteries, who define their aim; the delusion and toxicity  of saviour religions and the way they have infected the human mind,  the saviour as 'divine victim'; the understanding that you don't have a 'life of your own' ~ your life potential is connected to her, Gaia, the Earth; the hoax of the Annunaki script as social control device describing a master slave relationship; gnosis is cognitive ecstasy, this ecstasy is our salvation, our salvation is in immersion not ascension (disassociation); service is not in Gaia's syntax, she wants us to play and evolve; the use of transpersonal rage against the perpetrators on the planet, the intraspecies predators.

The sophia myth is for living ~ live it! ~ each of us also has a personal myth that weaves into hers, it is your destiny vector.

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