Sunday, 24 April 2011

Planetary Tantra with John Lamb Lash

1st installment  This is the long awaited commemorative first Talk on Planetary Talk with Telestes John Lash. This is a series of talks that will continue for as long as deemed necessary. Topics covered in the initial first step, Melchizedeck, Castanedian magic, the Shakti Cluster, the Gaian Tantra Vow, the definition of Planetary Tantra and much much more.

2nd installment Aspects of bonding with Gaia/Sophia, Shaktism and the handling of power are discussed along with the energetic nature of the atmosphere, symbolism inherent in the Gaian Tantra Vow, attuning to the Dakinis with the Shakti Cluster and Kala Tantra.

3rd installment John Lash continues to explore the unique nature of Planetary Tantra. In particular John details his Planetary Tantra "download" in 2008, the events that unfolded on Infinity ridge, the role of the archons, some further observations about Melchezideck, and their relation to the Divine experiment.

4th installment John continues to talk about the Divine experiment, the factors and entities that are working to derail it, how Gaia-Sophia herself sees us, the direction we are going, the psychological make-up of psychopaths and how we can deal with them. We also go into the nature of the Planetary shift that is unfolding and the part rage plays in it.

5th installment In this first talk following the Kanto-Pacific earthquake, John talks about the difficulty of determining the authentic from the false in world events, the implications of the 3/11 earthquake, the practices of the Tantrika of Kali and the earth changes that make this time so efficacious for Planetary Tantra. We also begin to dive into the theme of The archontic factor, PT and the future of the Earth.

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