Saturday, 23 April 2011

Planetary Tantra with John Lamb Lash

John talks about the causes of the Japanese earthquake and whether they were natural; the dangers of playing into the fearmongering scenarios of the 'New World Order'; and the effects of the movement of the barycentre - the centre of mass of the combined earth and moon.

In these times it is impossible to know through the intellect alone what is happening; through Planetary Tantra we can find out from Gaia herself what is happening on the planet and also she shows us what to do including how to take down the predators within our species once and for all.  The predators cannot be simply figured out or brought to accountability...

We enter Planetary Tantra though desire; it is the path of desire and pleasure.  Firstly we connect to the earth by barefoot connection with her, and observation through the five senses; secondly we connect to the BEMA - bioelectric magnetic aura of the Earth through the iron in our blood, and thirdly through observation of the sky and the moon.

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