Thursday, 19 May 2016

Spring water, Devon

Harper's Well, Totnes

There is a wonderful list of springs in Devon, England here:

Neuroactive Nutrition at AV7 Conference

Holly at AV7
Practical application of the research encapsulated in Return to the Brain of Eden by Tony Wright
• Food, supplements and herbs that regenerate our neural systems, supply good fuel and modulate our existing biochemistry to give us the best experience of life possible....enhance our cognitive abilities, perception, capacity to feel and to feel good. ongoingly,sustainably, functional and productive in the world as well as ecstatically connected.
• The optimal biological diet of our species.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

sex hormones amok ~ the biological origins of the fall from grace

Up to 200,000 years testosterone and other sex hormones unmodulated by the micronutrients and biochemicals in the optimal human biological diet. What effects might we expect to see? ...
Return to the Brain of Eden by Tony Wright.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Alternative View

I am talking at Alternative View 7 on 14th May. It will be videoed.

What is 'food' ? Is it inert building blocks or an intricate array of complex biochemical components that interact with our own neurochemistry to affect our thoughts feelings and actions. Putting aside what we have been told, what is the natural biological diet of our species?
We look, in a very practical way, at how we can eat and use herbs to regenerate and optimise our incredible neural equipment. We also see how this can empower us into a state of awareness where we can not only see the nature of the problems that confront us but can also clarify and focus on the solutions.
We explore how our synergetic connection with trees and plants through fruit and herbs widens our intelligence and kickstarts the pineal gland into pumping it's own biochemicals of perception. There are particular plant species which reset our neurotransmitters and receptors thus clearing lifelong and ancestral trauma. We look at how changing our biochemistry can change the stories we live and we ask how we know what is the true story of our individual destinies.

Science and mythology tell the same story. We are designed to live in states where we feel alive and free and we now know the steps to get into them.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

May Day flowers

Green alcanet, pennywort and yellow archangel are edible. 

coastal path South Devon

green alcanet

yellow archangel