Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Cutting edge - teeth and health

Cure Tooth Decay with Ramiel Nagel 'focuses on the correct use of diet to instruct the body to stop causing decay, and to give it resources and information to start healing and rebuilding damaged teeth. Finally, we address the real cause of cavities, our diet and lifestyle...'


from David Wolfe and Mark Merriman:

'What takes less than 2-minutes per day
and can extend your lifespan by as much
as 6.4 years?'

Is entirely FREE and reduces your risk
for the no.1 disease in the world?!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Moon Matrix

Don't listen to the hype about David Icke's latest book but listen to this instead - it's lovely.  Whatever you can bring yourself to believe about the moon there are some gems in here.
So glad to find out that David Icke has at last read Left in the Dark and related some of his research to Tony Wright's research.  So wonderful the way things are linking up this year.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Main Event

This is one of my favourite trees, it's by a path that runs along a ridge of land that I see from my bedroom window - another world so near yet so far. Funnily I woke up this morning feeling that I have no space in my life any more for unnecessarily thinking about or talking about things that don't make me feel good.  What we imagine is what we will create so lets imagine things that make us feel good.  Sounds obvious, but as usual doing it is far more powerful than and different to nodding to the concept - what if we were to do it consistently - maybe for an experimental length of time (say 21 days, 3 days, 3 hours, 3 minutes??) and see what happens?
If there is a starting point I would probably say that this is it and I came to this before I came to see nutrition as one of our main allies - that's how I found raw food nutrition.  and colours my approach very much to raw food.  In order to feel good, and to know what makes us feel good, we need to be able to actually feel - and we need some kind of happening and connective neurochemistry in order to do this. So, the path of us all feeling better is a holistic lifestyle package.

Recently I have been feeling even less interested than ever with the sideshow dramas and distractions.  The main event, as far as I am concerned is moving into a heightened energetic state and this involves the refinement of brain neurochemistry, our surroundings AND the imagery we create and so on .  I keep connecting with more and more people who are feeling the same. It's not that anything can prevent the main event going ahead - it has all the power of nature and natural desire - the distractions are just irritating and boring delays - that draw us in with the promise of something else.

Obviously the connection between men and women can be one of the most amazing things we experience I was delighted to read this by Matt Monarch in The Raw Food World. 

' In a few paragraphs, let me tell you why I feel that I am the LUCKIEST man on the planet. It wasn't until Angela entered my life that everything seemed to become 'effortless' for me. Although I still had a lot of growing up to do when we first connected, it was the first time in my life where it felt like everything just flowed with ease. Previously, I had always had this feeling of being painfully LOST in some way, which came with a feeling of being on a NEVER-ENDING search for SOMETHING, and I did not even know what I was looking for. When Angela and I committed to our path together, it felt like this 'never-ending' search came to a close. For me, this was and is like living in perpetual bliss. I have written many times before about the very special characteristics Angela posesses, which I hadn't seen before in another human being. She is always DRAMA-LESS!

Angela doesn't entertain ANY relationship drama whatsoever and she spots this type of drama instantaneously when it arises. Before I met Angela, I had never met anyone like this, who doesn't accept or support an INKLING of drama within their lives. Angela seems to have the ability to PINPOINT the roots of any 'negative' energetic expressions that arise in practically ANYONE!!! Initially, when we first met, for COUNTLESS MONTHS I would defend myself after any ERUPTION of mine that she would pinpoint. At the times I wouldn't settle down she would just send me LOVE until I would work the things out that I was SOLELY responsible for. I have grown and learned so much with Angela. I feel that she has rubbed off on me QUITE A BIT and I now feel happily settled into our "No Drama" lives together.'

Bypassing drama takes us to so much more energetic things like appreciating of things we love and men appreciating women is specially nice.  We like it!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Recreating the Psychoactive Forest
Just created this website yesterday as we lead up to solstice.  More pages will be added later - it's just a starting point for information and links about what we can practically do to get us ourselves into a more enjoyable state. Eager to hear from anyone doing anything positive along the lines mentioned with anything to share.

Our forest home of antiquity was a biochemical factory which gave our brains everything they needed to enable us to experience cosmic consciousness.  No wonder we still run round looking for highs.  We are right to look for something more. To restore the brain chemistry we have lost because of pineal inactivity and loss of natural environment is ultimately possible and steps in the right direction can be made immediately.  We can do this in our homes  and localities without rushing off to live in a forest (!) but it may be that in a different brain state we will feel moved to let our urban areas repopulate with trees rather than lumps of metal and so forth...
The painting here is by Jasmine Barratt who was born on summer solstice.

The melatonin saga

Just to clarify on the rye grass illegal story, the full story on this case is here:
The basic plot is that, Festuca arundinaceum (Lolium arundinaceum.) , a meadow grass, is now considered a 'Novel food'  therefore requiring a costly licence.  A successful prosecution was brought in a Welsh magistrates court last summer and the 'offender' who sold the meadow grass as a supplement (it contains significant amounts of melatonin but this was not the ostensible reason fro this prosecution) was fined several thousand pounds.

I personally had a hilarious 'Blackadder moment' when I realised that the defending barrister was someone I knew from the Green party many years ago and a very with it chap well versed in these kinds of issues.  In another court case recently he had managed to save a man who attacked his wife repeatedly with scissors from prison - instead being required to do community service and attend a domestic abuse course - while Roger Coghill got what he did for selling meadowgrass - of course it is the lawyer's job to represent his client's interests to the best of his ability, the comparative outcomes in these case reflect the legal system we live under.  Personally I think Roger Coghill of Asphalia has been doing community service for years with his research  - anyway these are the times we live in, ironically one of the causes of the general mental condition is lack of melatonin.

It is perfectly legal, at the time of writing, to grow this melatonin rich festuca grass, and, for that matter, will always remain lawful under Common Law.  You can perfectly legally grow it, consume it and give it to your friends.  In fact two friends are already taking active steps to grow significant amounts of it.

It is the richest known natural plant source of melatonin, one of the biochemicals currently lacking in our brains due to pineal underactivity.  It is likely we produced over 70mg a day during our peak of consciousness as a species.  It is crucial in the accurate reading of the DNA and therefore a particularly important supplement for women of reproductive age but indeed for all of us.

Thursday, 17 June 2010


I have always been cautious regarding large amounts of iodine consumption simply because  overdosing in iodine can cause similar problems to iodine deficiency.   However it's becoming apparent that our soils are so overused and depleted that iodine deficiency is much more common than had been realised.
After supplementing quite generously with iodine for about two months I found for the first time I did not get cold in the early hours sleeping outside.  After a lifetime of difficulties dealing with cold (it got better after going raw but still was a problem) I wondered if it really has been at least exacerbated by lack of iodine.

Anyway I was delighted to find Seagreens (in my local health food shop Greenlife in Totnes) which supplies iodine and lots of other important trace minerals and other nutrients in a natural form.  You can buy the food capsules which contain a wealth of trace minerals and other nutrients including iodine or an iodine plus version which still has trace minerals but twice as much iodine.  You can also buy it online at  (By the way, this is just sharing useful information, I only earn income from products I sell directly).

Something many raw foodists are not aware  is the following information:
 'When raw crucifers [cabbage family and includes maca - these vegetables are traditionally cooked] are chewed, or when microwaved and steamed crucifers are digested by intestinal bacteria, they release substances called goitrogens that increase the need for iodine when consumed in small amounts and can damage the thyroid gland when consumed in large amounts.
These goitrogens also inhibit the transfer of iodine into mother's milk.
Steaming crucifers until they are fully cooked reduces the goitrogens to one-third the original value on average. Since release of the goitrogens from steamed crucifers depends on intestinal bacteria, however, the amount released varies from person to person.
Boiling crucifers for thirty minutes reliably destroys 90 percent of the goitrogens.
Fermentation does not neutralize the goitrogens in crucifers. When foods like sauerkraut are consumed as condiments, however, the small amount of goitrogens within them is not harmful if one's diet is adequate in iodine.
An increased dietary intake of iodine compensates for the consumption of moderate amounts of crucifers but cannot reverse the effects of large amounts of crucifers.'

It seems it is not just the thyroid that is interested in iodine but also the pineal which, we are told, stores it for the thyroid.  This reminds me of the out-dated idea that the pineal is a vestigial organ (they thought this about the right hemisphere of the brain once...though maybe for some it is - no i did not say that).  I can't help wondering if the pineal is so keen to lap up iodine whether it has some use for it.  Fluoride and chlorine have a similar atomic structure to iodine (they are all halogens) but are smaller atoms and this is why the pineal takes up such a large proportion of any chlorine and fluoride that manages to get into us.  They are of course foreign substances to the pineal though and thats why its so important we protect ourselves from them.  Getting sufficient iodine is one of our lines of defence.

How to Care for your Teeth

sorry this is only a clip but i particularly like the point it makes about letting the salive heal our teeth

Monday, 14 June 2010 Glastonbury Tor

four of the stars of the main event...

Vitality Networking Evening withTony Wright

from Kyle Vialli:

Join us on the 3rd of July at the beautiful and highly unique Transformational centre The Orassy Kendron for our first ever Vitality Networking Evening, with revolutionary guest speaker Tony Wright- author of the highly acclaimed book Left in the Dark.

Tickets cost £29 per person & can be booked here

For any other questions please call Kyle on 07883270560

(Please book asap, as places are limited, and will sell quickly).

Who will be there?

Come and meet and mingle with fellow vitality agents, wellness professionals and conscious musketeers from around the capital. Whether your predominant interest is business masterminding or social heart-storming you will find plenty of time to network tonight, and your first drink is included in entry.

What is there to eat?

Included in your entry price will be a selection of tantalising buffet canapes crafted by Inga Konradsdottir. It doesn't matter if you can't translate the name, she is one of Icelands top Chefs, and a raw chef specialist who has recently become head chef at the vibrant raw foodery, Aloka, in Brighton.
After your free juice or smoothie, we will have a a high quality vitality bar available that includes some of the most enlivening unpasteurised and living alcoholic beverages in the UK.

So Who's Speaking?

I am really excited to have Tony Wright as guest speaker at our first event. Tony is author of the pioneering Left in the Dark (check it out on Amazon), a highly rewarding read that shows how the shift and decline of our diets has produced profound effects upon are conscious and existential states, impoverishing both the quality of our wellness and behaviour. His highly acclaimed anthropological and neurophysiological findings excel in showing how our shifting nutritional intake has diminished the activity of the right, creative and intuitive brain, whilst concomitantly exacerbating the neural operations of the left, logical and linear hemisphere.

Tony's work helps us to consider, in a direct way, how many thousands of years ago we fell from grace, from paradise, and how we may return there once again, on a planet whose central axioms and logarithms generate vitality for every man. woman. and child.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Rye grass illegal?

Busy researching an article for next issue of Funky Raw magazine and came across this - rye grass an illegal 'novel' food - never!

Make the females happy...

'I must now do what instinctively feels right for me to do and in doing so have remembered the most powerful memory which I know is already held by many of you – If you truly want a happy planet then make the females of this planet happy, as the male domination of this planet must end. '
John Harris

I had the pleasure of meeting John Harris and his lovely family at Sunrise Celebration where he gave a heartfelt talk about the need to forget what we know in order to remember amongst other topics.

Autism and genetics

Autism made the front page of The Independent today with the story that a link between autism and genetics has been discovered for the first time.

In this article in the same paper the link between testosterone levels and autism discovered by Simon Baron-Cohen and his colleagues is mentioned - yet it is put in the context of diagnostic testing and the point about testosterone being involved in the mechanism that causes autism fails to be seen - ah well - it will come to light in due course.

For clarification about how testosterone levels change the DNA transcription and the structure of the left brain you cn do no better than read Left in the Dark by Tony Wright.  For a basic explanation click here.

A Turning Point in History

there's nothing like getting back home from a festival to a cup of tea and a conspiracy
seriously this is serious and sensible and very interesting