Sunday, 20 June 2010

Recreating the Psychoactive Forest
Just created this website yesterday as we lead up to solstice.  More pages will be added later - it's just a starting point for information and links about what we can practically do to get us ourselves into a more enjoyable state. Eager to hear from anyone doing anything positive along the lines mentioned with anything to share.

Our forest home of antiquity was a biochemical factory which gave our brains everything they needed to enable us to experience cosmic consciousness.  No wonder we still run round looking for highs.  We are right to look for something more. To restore the brain chemistry we have lost because of pineal inactivity and loss of natural environment is ultimately possible and steps in the right direction can be made immediately.  We can do this in our homes  and localities without rushing off to live in a forest (!) but it may be that in a different brain state we will feel moved to let our urban areas repopulate with trees rather than lumps of metal and so forth...
The painting here is by Jasmine Barratt who was born on summer solstice.

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