erotic connection

Erotic in this context is pleasurable feeling, including but not confined to sexuality.  As we put the pieces of the jigsaw together on the physical and mental levels a profoundly new sense of self begins to emerge.  This sense of self is actually rooted in different biochemistry and neural pathways, it is a new sense of being.  One that feels better, feels more energetically, operates in real time and is more functional, with a deep and mystical sense of connection.   One that FEELS.  Feelings are our guidance to how well on track we are.    Feeling the energetic connection between each other we realise that the best thing we can do for others is feel good and the best thing we can do for ourselves is help others feel good and  our desires naturally refine to be more harmonious with others. We dream a dream together and we are part of this living organism we call the Earth and her dream.  Connection with the earth tempers our desires so that they are harmonious with her and each other.

Part of the healing is reflected in the way men and women relate to each other; our differences are not as great or insurmountable as sometimes it has appeared. When we appreciate the impact of hormones on our way of being things become much clearer. It would seem that men and women have been running two different biological programmes. As we resolve the issues of cerebral dominance, the relations between men ad women would be expected to improve. Also revolutionary is the understanding that it is a three way relationship between a man, a woman and the earth.  In fact so great are the implications of healing between the genders that it might be first in the to do list.  The energetic connection between two people can, as we know, transport them into transcendental states and can help protect us from unwelcome intrusive forces.  Eye connection, sexual connection and psychoactive plants  are three of the most powerful gateways into so-called altered states.

As we step out of victim-hood (martyrdom) and narcissism (limited love) we can express unconditional love and experience the sense of freedom that gives us. Love is unconditional when we can give it freely, becasue we want to without demand of anything in return or a sense of suffering.

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