Sunday, 30 January 2011

Love is the Cure

Love is the cure,
for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain
until your eyes constantly exhale love
as effortlessly as your body yields its scent.

~ Rumi

John Lash on Feminine Mojo Radio

"it encompasses far more than taking a walk in the woods and growing vegetables... :) it really encompasses a direct, vivid, living, conscious, ecstatic bond with the life-force of the planet...the divine feminine...the animating life-force of the earth"
...sacred unity embodied here and now"

We are not alone in our own minds; we have the capacity to examine our own minds and see what is in our own minds that alienates and deviates us from being human. The signatures of the deviating powers of the Archons are simulation, mimicry and imitation. We become entranced and fascinated by simulations rather than the real thing.  We are suggestible and we ought to take our suggestions from the right place which is our own imagination and develop and test and articulate and share the the expressions of our imaginations.  Use your imagination - or someone else will...

The power of your imagination and the strength of your desire is what connects you to Gaia.  The most powerful emotion of the Earth is desire.  You do it with her.  We cannot do anything by ourselves.

Planetary Tantra is a power sharing arrangement.  If the faculties of desire and imagination are developed by people independent of her, Gaia, the Earth, it is narcissism - you have to satisfy it by Archontic means, that is you have to substitute real things with things you have to buy or simulate.

Narcissism is probably the worst pathological disease that our species is suffering from;  intimate connection with Gaia is the cure for our insane pathological egos.

Salbuchi - your free will - The global power elite's Achilles heel

"the global power elite needs you to be a willing be sell your soul to sign a virtual contract  in which you say "i will obey.. if only you will let me live and give me some rights" RIGHTS!!! - that are yours inalienably - you don't need the elite to give them to you... this is a key truth as old as mankind...they need you to serve them from your own free will...this is an Achilles heel which the elite have...many a Hollywood film has spelled this out...don't be a collaborator..."

"this is a key truth as old as mankind...they need you to serve them from your own free will...this is an Achilles heel which the elite have...many a Hollywood film has spelled this out...don't be a collaborator...who's responsible for this mess - you need only look into a mirror..."

Our minds are hijacked into thinking we are doing these things for our own is as if we have forgotten our true purpose in the process.

Survive in Beauty

Against alarmism, Gaia responds with a message that will register in the heart of all those who are truly her devotees, those who desire nothing more than to learn the sublime discipline of her purposes. To instill this message in your minds, I give you her words, verbatim:

    To survive in Beauty is my safe passage for you.

If the human experiment fails, and disappears in the current extinction, it will be because of one failure, one supreme shortcoming, above all others: not to observe beauty. The epi-culture we have created must go because it is too ugly to endure, too ugly to be tolerated. We perish from not observing beauty: this is the epitaph of the human species. The same for the behaviours of greed and deceit that run that epiculture. These behaviors must perish. Only what is beautiful does Gaia deem worthy to preserve. Only what is beautiful in us will preserve us. Indeed, only what is beautiful will serve us, when push comes to shove. In Beauty we have safe passage to a future worth living. The call to Beauty counteracts the disorienting hysteria of alarmism because alarmism triggers a need to survive at any cost, in any fashion, but in the sanity and honor of our hearts, all we really desire is to be beautiful in Gaia's ways. Beautiful, sober, playful, serene.

That is how those who recognize Gaia as the living, indwelling intelligence of this planet will get through the current extinction.

John Lamb Lash

The Trecena of Abundance

A lush and fertile sign, Lamat, or Q’anil in K’iche’ Maya, brims with the energy of positive growth and abundance. Lamat represents the seed, corn, pride, harvest and food. It is the nagual of all kinds of animal and plant seeds, and the daysign of fertility and harvests, of prosperity and abundance. It signifies corn and its four colors known to the Maya: yellow, white, red and black—which are also the four colors of the twenty daysigns in the Tzolk’in, represented by the four cardinal directions of the globe.

Take these next thirteen days to enjoy and celebrate the abundance in your life, without guilt, without hesitation: celebrate who you are, what you bring to this world and your loved ones, and what your loved ones and the world around you, in turn bring to you.

Let us remember what true abundance really is: it’s not money or fame, and it’s not power or influence. Abundance is life in its breathtaking diversity of forms and colors. Abundance is the unfathomable volumes of sunlight, water, air and nutrients that cycle throughout the biosphere. Abundance is a rich harvest that leaves plenty of fruits, vegetables and grain for the next season or to share with your neighbor. Abundance is an endlessly overflowing fountain of joy, elation and happiness that never dries up and never asks for anything in return. Abundance is that nobility of spirit that keeps no score and no grudges, a spirit completely content and free of toxic emotions and thoughts.

Think about what living an abundant, joyous, fulfilling life really means to you, not what advertisers want it to mean to you, and pursue that—not the plastic idealizations of modern life you see and hear in the media and the Internet. Do not allow the poison of envy, greed, inferiority or inequality to enter the vessels of your soul. Respect your natural merit and worthiness of a full and enriching life.

This Trecena, choose to live in breathtaking abundance.

~ Birgitte Rasine

Friday, 28 January 2011

Food and Behaviour - If You Only Knew! Dr.Russell Blaylock

Delightful and incredibly information dense talk about the effects of diet on behaviour.
"nutrition can control whether genes are operative or can early in the stages of development alter a child's and mother's nutrition and affect a child's life from the is never too late to make nutritional changes...there is a profound influence on your ability to function intellectually just by changing diet and most of what you do is detrimental...a lot of the things we are seeing are marginal deficiencies...

The brain uses a tremendous amount of energy, even in deep coma the brain's metabolism is only down by 50%.  This high metabolism creates a lot of free radicals and lipid peroxidation products which can damage and prematurely age the brain - unless we take care of our diets.  Russell Blaylock talks about the shocking implications of hypoglycemia for anti-social behaviour, the stunning results of changing the diet of violent criminals and the role of hypoglycemia in alcoholism (71% of alcoholics become sober when this issue is addressed - this compares with the 25% success rate of Alcoholics' Anonymous).

Excess carbohydrates can cause thiamine deficiency and personality changes and other mental problems.  Also the effects of soy foods, corn, potatoes, gluten, brain allergies, vaccinations (immune reaction goes on for years) and a mother's thyroid deficiencies on her unborn baby...and much more...

Influences include fats, carbohydrates, proteins, fruit and vegetables, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, hormonal balance (testosterone, oestrogen, thyroid hormones) and environmental toxins particularly heavy metals and there are synergistic effects between these things.

Lierre Keith on Grok-the-Talk

Lierre Keith, lovely, clear thinking lady embraces the caring values that underlie compassionate vegetarianism but questions whether we can actually live long term this way. Even herbivorous animals eat a high percentage insect matter. She questions the agricultural diet.  Agriculture is the most destructive thing that humans have ever done to the planet...just domination.  Do we want to dominate or participate?

listen here now

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Consciousness drives the Universe

"there's an ocean of pure vibrant consciousness inside each one of us"

"the entire whole is contained in the part; if we were to change one little aspect in any one of these holograms that change will be reflected throughout the whole system"

"people in their quiet desperation attempt to accumulate as many material possessions as possible - in fact the substance of the universe is consciousness therefore it is behaviour that is important"
"fear is a very slow dense vibrational state"

"we should be very careful what we believe about the future"

John Lash - Karen Tate Interview

 "having your sense of connection becoming so acute that it overwhelms and permeates everything in your life...there is no global phenomenon without an intimate personal awakening in each person"
John Lamb Lash
This interview is so laden with gems; well worth taking the time to listen to:

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Love of the Earth

love of the land, the earth and the of peace, beauty, justice (restorative not punitive), story and myth, history and reverance for the ancestors (formative power of the past), trees, stones (stone circles, crystals), truth, animals, body, sun, moon, stars and the sky, the universe, each other (community), love of life (celebration and commitment to life)...
from 'Druid Mysteries' Philip Carr Gomm

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Ogham - the Celtic Tree Alphabet

Beautiful video of thirteen native trees of the British Isles.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Not in HIS Image

‎"...the gnostokoi rejected the belief that suffering has a redemptive value"

"Unlike the divine Aeons who emanate without imposing themselves, the Archons wrongly believe they can impress their mentality upon the human species."

John Lamb Lash

In the Light of Nature - Terence McKenna

lovely, entertaining and mind-expanding talk - very long - i just listened to parts of it, it's energetic as much as informational

"...nature is psyche..a self-describing genetic language...our unique ability to provisionally code sound to we can recommand and reconstruct the world...actually we do it because we are moving linguistic charge around inside some kind of metasystem ...the good part comes at the end...the supercompression of modern times... the penetration of the natural world by the transcendental object..."

Friday, 21 January 2011

The Sophia Myth with John Lamb Lash

John Lamb Lash, unsurpassed comparative mythologist, uses symbolic myth to describe how the Earth and humans came to be the way they are and how we could fruitfully evolve.  Here on Grok-the-Talk radio he talks about the incredibly revealing myth of the Earth Goddess Sophia, the Archons, the disinformation regarding genetic engineering of humans and planetary tantra.

listen to part 1 here

listen to part 2 here

Where to begin?...there is so much information in this interview that it is only possible to pick out the main points.
Firstly, what is gnosticism?  It is knowledge - knowledge of the true identity of humanity and our place in the cosmic order.   John Lamb Lash has selectively interpreted information form the Nag Hammadi texts in order to extract the teaching of the Gnostics.  The Gnostics go way back before the religions we know of today.  They learned everything from interaction with the divine feminine and they interacted with the earth rather than worshipping it.  The Gnostics called themselves Telestai.  This comes from the word 'telos' which mean 'aim', 'purpose' or 'goal'.  A Telestic is one who is aimed, one who has a sense of purpose and direction.

The dawn of the dark ages and the serious suppression of gnosticism began in 415 AD with the murder of Hypatia.  The gnostics were a threat to the biblical idea of  god, that is the off-planet paternalistic idea of god.  They warned against the increasing influence of redemptive religion (for example Judeo-Christianity) and salvationist beliefs and could see the potential danger to humanity from them.

There are four main facets to redemptive religion:
1. Belief in an off-planet paternalistic creator, a father God, who creates humanity without a consort and oversees it.
2.  Belief in a chosen people - a group of people chosen to represent the paternalistic god and fulfil his destiny.
3.  Belief in a messiah sent by the paternalistic god  to save the people because they can't live up to his insane rules.
4. Belief in a day of judgement, a doomsday, an apocalypse, when judgement is pronounced because humanity still can't get it right.

Even if we have consciously rejected religion these ways of thinking or programs can remain active within us and are influential in the dominator culture. I think they are responsible for the idea that something or someone  will come and save us or tell us what to do without us having to take responsibility.  Natural guidance through feelings as to appropriate behaviour and lifestyle have been hijacked by religious/intellectual morality.  There is no evil as such, wrongdoing occurs when we lose touch with our deep feelings and correction is to come back to them.  Goodness is what is beautiful to us, what is aesthetically pleasing.

The Telestai originally preferred to stay anonymous but as they saw the way the mental virus of redemptive religion taking over human minds they made themselves more public.  Their methodology was experiential mysticism and intellectual analysis.

The myth of Sophia describes how we are the product of the imagination of the Earth Goddess Sophia.  We are a divine experiment.  The modern mind has been conditioned with the language of science and can be quite resistant to the language of mythology.  Both are just ways of communicating deeper reality to the mind.  However John Lamb Lash emphasises that this information is not just a metaphor but an experiential myth that we can be involved with, a practice to explore.

So what are our tasks?
1. The most powerful technology on the planet is our own bodies.  We need to rediscover the innate 'supernatural' powers of our own body-mind machinery. 
2. We also need to understand the nature of the delusional mind parasites, called 'Archons' by the Telestai.  These entities have no aim of their own but hijack human intent and incarnate in  ideologies.  They are predatory and have given us that aspect of our minds - the divine human is not like this.
3. We need to discover Gaia herself and planetary tantra - interactive magic with Gaia herself, learned through interaction with the organic light.

John Lamb Lash emphasises that the Annunaki and Sumerian texts which describe genetic manipulation of humans by an extra-terrestrial race are dangerous.  He considers them to be disinformation which is infecting human minds and taking us away from understanding our true divine nature.  There was an attempt to interfere with human genetics which failed - indeed the same thing is being attempted now and will again fail.

In the past I have tried to find books which explained the gnostic teachings and have to say that this is the first information I have come across on this subject that explains them in a way that sounds accurate and makes sense of experience. John Lamb Lash's book 'Not in HIS Image' explains in more detail.

John Lash Lamb's website is here and contains fascinating information.

Returning to our natural happy selves

Much of current physical reality for humans is the result of chaotic and hijacked thinking that has deviated from nature and that is why so many of the structures are now crumbling. It is important that the 'flow' we go with is connected to the dreams and hopes of divine intelligence, the things that deeply satisfy us and we don't get overly distracted with the chaotic 'flow' of much of what currently exists or is on its way out or by frustrations and obstacles we felt in the past. It helps to go into a deep meditative space to set goals that are taking us to what we truly want and makes us happy. The priority is feel and to feel as good as possible and our goals need to be connected to this. This is the best place to act from, the best place to think from, and the best place to be of any use to anyone. This means using our thinking minds creatively rather than reactively.

The Abraham Hicks material is the most useful I have found for getting back to this.  Over the holiday period I finally got round to watching the complete 'Getting into the Vortex' DVD set by Abraham Hicks.
Although I have read and watched a fair amount of Abraham Hicks material before, actually watching this whole DVD helped in a way that surprised me because it is so thorough. The vortex as described by Abraham Hicks is that place in our consciousness where we are aligned to our full potential and to source or divine intelligence, Getting into the vortex is about connecting with what we have already created in non-physical reality. As we go into this process, our individual desires aren't in conflict with each other.

The vortex is beautifully described here:

And this is the focus wheel, a methodology for taking us from negative programming to creating what we want, at a pace that we can adjust our belief systems:

Deep Contact

through Steve Rother 

Deep contact is done by each and every person on this planet on a regular basis, but it makes up less than one percent of total conversation. That will change soon as many more of you start to consciously use this level of communication. Let us give an illustration. Imagine a conversation, speaking back and forth using words which do not quite fit. Over the next few years humans may experience challenges with all languages as the meanings set forth no longer convey the deeper meanings needed for high level communication. This will motivate you to come up with new words as you try to package your thoughts differently. The person receiving the message may grasp a piece of it, but the languages humans use now will begin to fall short of needs.

Deep contact can be described in current times in this scenario. Imagine two people talking, yet not really communicating. They are shaking their heads and just as they begin to walk away from one another, one says four words that go right to the heart of the energy; those four words shifted everything. That is deep contact. In the years ahead, all of the languages on Earth will use fewer words for this very reason.

Tools for Deep Contact - Thought Projection:
First, let us start this message with thought projection. Humans do it all the time, but they generally do it unconsciously. Start to consciously project your thoughts as part of every conversation, especially in situations where conversations are not getting through. If you re-word it once or twice and feel you are still not connecting, we ask that you simply stop for a second. Just take a moment, a breath, and send them your understanding of the larger picture of what you are trying to express to them. It is not necessary to tell them you are using thought projection; stop and communicate with their soul without words. Then, pick up your conversation again and watch what happens. Watch how easy things start to become.
There are many of these tools which have worked well before, but human consciousness was not high enough to recognize them. Before these were thought to be ethereal, fleeting, and imaginary, but now you will find them to have real and practical uses in daily life. We have mentioned that deep contact will be a way of life. There are people who have developed deep contact over several years of a relationship, or perhaps through many lifetimes of having relationships. Right now where deep contact is the most prevalent on Earth is through twins. These are beings who have actually shared and split a cell, and for them deep contact was built in from the very beginning. Once that deep contact is mastered between two people, it is also remembered in future lifetimes.

Those of you who have experienced that and have ever been a twin, you have a little bit of that deep contact in place with that person even if you do not see them for five or six lifetimes. All of a sudden you meet this person you never have before, and you know them and they know you; you are able to communicate. The biggest challenge most of you will have as this transition takes place is because you have become accustomed to using so many words, the communication media of Earth will have to change radically. The way humans present themselves will start to shift. It will be possible to use very precise meanings in your words, which will actually increase communication and the use of words at the same time. This will also be a motivation for developing common languages of Earth that will be coming soon. It is already in motion, as more to the point versions of all languages will start to emerge as each language develops a shortened simplified international version.

There are lots of pieces starting to fall into place, but the tool we wish to give you to work with over this next month is thought projection. For instance, instead of having something to say to someone, let us say that you are going to present—to stand on stage or in front of a camera. Again, before you stand on that stage, go live, or you actually take that step up, thought project the overall picture of what you wish to convey. Send out a mental picture of the message before you say it. Clarify it, see yourself sending it and then open your mouth and you will experience the stronger connection with the audience. We have said many times that the truth is always simple, yet humans must complicate things just enough to understand them.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

68 seconds of pure thought - Abraham Hicks

68 seconds - or even 17 seconds! - of thinking about stuff we like and wish for is so much more enjoyable than thinking about stuff to fret about - eventually there is no going back...

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Rupert Spira on Grok the Talk

There is one awareness, one self, there is no-one 'else' we only speak to 'ourselves'..."love is the word that is used to describe that understanding"...

Rupert Spira brilliantly distinguishes between the illusion (maya) and ignorance, separation is not the experience, just a conceptual belief; some wonderful quotes: "the experience itself is intimate", "we set out into the imaginary outside world seeking to refind this peace, love and happiness and when we touch the apparent object in the world...this division of experience collapses and at this timeless moment when this imaginary inside self and imaginary outside self collapse, peace love and happiness are again tasted

listen to part 1

listen to part 2

Monday, 17 January 2011

The Trecena of Vision

Men, the Eagle (Tz'ikin in K'iche' Maya), carries this next Trecena high into the heavens with his powerful wings. Come along for a 36,000-foot view of your life as you soar far above the routine, the day-to-day, the mundane.

Unfetter the shackles of entrenched belief, fear and uncertainty that hold you down, break down the walls of what others tell you, shed the old brittle skin and let your colors shine through with all their vibrant life. This is the time to ask for and receive good luck, fortune, and the resources you need to realize your dreams.

Modern society is built on control, power and influence—the media, the economy, the political system, organized religion, even the workplace and our own families can be confining, whether or not they intend to be. This is a time for you to explore who you really are: your higher self, your dreams and ambitions, your ultimate potential.

Careful, though, not to act too quickly or impulsively, for these soaring heights can be intoxicating. When you witness pure potential, when you feel the exhilaration of freedom, it’s like a drug. The air is purer, you can see farther, you can fly faster and stronger. But this trecena is about vision, perspective, and insight, not action. So take these thirteen days to clear your vision and your perspective, work through where you want your life’s path to take you, or where it is already taking you, and prepare to take action in due time.

Remember, flight at these heights takes experience, planning and skill. Remember Jonathan Livingston Seagull. So spread your wings, try them out, push them farther and higher than ever before, and fly.

~ Birgitte Rasine

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Getting excited!

from my lovely friend Sonja:

"There is never a better way of inviting into your experience than getting really, really excited about something. The more excited you are -- negatively or positively -- the faster, the faster it comes. The more excited you are the faster it comes. And what gets you excited? Talking about it. Or talking to others who are excited about it."


Time for a clean up

Robert Smith with speed EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Setting history free and star maps

David Wilcock does a lovely interview with Graham Hancock; topics include representations of the patterns of stars in the layouts of ancient monuments  and the use of entheogens to make that all important connection to spirit - which is an essential part of humanity.

Speaking of star maps, here Wayne Hershel, author of "The Hidden Records", is interviewed on Grok the Talk Radio about his theory of star maps encoded into the pyramid structures spread out over the Earth and even beyond.

click here to listen

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Honey and Royal Jelly

Honey and royal jelly have to be two of the most magical foods...

David Wolfe - The Miraculous Healing Power of Honey!

I loved honey all my life and ate it every day until i went raw nearly ten years ago. Then almost immediately I went off the taste of honey and started to love pollen. Then suddenly about a year ago I went off pollen and started to love honey. I have no explanation for this but now use honey with 1% royal jelly - one of the best ways to preserve royal jelly is in the honey. You don't get much royal jelly but, as with any hormonally active ingredient, a little can go a long way. I and my twenty year old daughter, Jasmine, have noticed something since we began eating it - hard to define but definitely something... If you look up all the benefits of royal jelly there are far too many to read let alone remember and I am just left concluding that it's good for everything...

I make this delicious breakfast cereal with royal jelly honey - it's raw but equally liked by non raw-foodists.  It covers a lot of bases nutritionally. Lovely with raw milk or kefir and with extra honey drizzled over it.  It's worth making a double batch - as it doesn't contain a lot of moisture it freezes very well.

Honey Granola

150g almonds, soaked overnight
75g sunflower seeds, soaked
150g fresh coconut
1 tsp mesquite powder
1 tsp maca powder
1 tsp rosehip powder
½ tsp vanilla powder
¼ tsp ground cinnamon (freshly ground sticks are nicest)
3 dried figs
3 dried apricots
2 Tbsp cold pressed honey
300g strawberries, sliced
2 pears, diced

Process all the ingredients (in a 3 prong food processor), except the strawberries and pears, together until broken down and smooth. Mix in the chopped fresh fruit. Crumble the mixture over dehydrator sheets and dehydrate at 115 degrees Fahrenheit until dry and crunchy. This is likely to be several hours and can be left on overnight.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Universal Cycle begins February 2011

From Ambler1980 David Icke forum:

"The universal cycle begins Feb. 11 2011, and each day of creation will be twenty times faster than the days of creation in the last the universal cycle, each day will last a staggeringly short 20 days...that means that the amount of energy that was in the beginnings of Christianity and the reign of the dark ages, as well as the energy in the beginnings of science and the entire campaign of WW2, will last a mere 20 days! You will literally have no time to think, time will be going 20 times faster than it does today (if you can believe it) and the thinking mind will no be able to handle that, so intuition will become more and more important. So those who have been spiritually developing themselves for the past months and years will be ready and flourish, while those who are sheep will be floundering and near the breaking point."

Excerpt - Universal Underworld
The spiritual beings will remain to create one world and one nation under one power, that of the Creator.

- Hopi Prophecy

"The Universal Underworld in 2011 is what all of creation has been waiting for: its very purpose. It is when all things are brought together and all the conflicting ways of being, acting, and thinking will be resolved and unified in a light that makes it possible for everyone to understand everyone else and everything at once. All limiting thoughts will disappear. The Ninth Underworld may be seen as a gift from God, since it is not only about creating balance, but also the enlightenment given to humankind as an expression of divine grace. This is when we will fully understand why the cosmic plan was designed the way it was and we will overflow with gratitude to the Creator. At the same time, we will recognize our own divinity, for there will be no separation between the divinity of the Creator and our own. "The enlightened consciousness developed in the Universal Underworld will be pulsed onto humankind in a wave movement of the Thirteen Heavens that covers a period of only 260 days. This reflects a frequency of change of the heavenly energies that by far surpasses anything anyone has ever experienced. Yet there is every reason to believe that, at the same point, "time" will come to an end, since "time" is an experience that is predominantly mediated by the left-brain hemisphere. In actuality, the experience of time exists only in a world dominated by the imbalance created by duality. As balance between the two hemispheres is created, instead of time we may expect to experience pure being moment by

"This paradox, of course, is not easily resolved by someone whose mind is still dominated by the dualities generated by lower Underworlds. The ego that was established to serve the dualist mind in navigating their changing waters and to maintain a sense of continuity for the individual in the midst of them simply cannot survive at the high frequency of the Universal Underworld. The ego is not consistent with the unitary field of light that will then be ruling the world. In a dualist frame of consciousness, the ego was an important tool for survival; in a unitary frame of consciousness, it will jeopardize the survival of the individual. In an Underworld dominated by unity and enlightenment, acting and thinking based on a dualist frame of mind will become impossible. At the frequency of change that will prevail in the Universal Underworld, with shifts between Days and Nights taking place every twenty kin (days), the mind has to be disengaged if it is not to lead the individual to compete heartbreak or personal collapse. Even with proper preparation, for a person who is well aware of the workings of the cosmic plan, the conflict between the five-thousand-year-old dualist mind and the unitary consciousness of the Universal Underworld can only be successfully resolved in one way - through the excision or "slaying" of the ego and the ensuing creation of space for the enlightened way of being to take over. This is what Kalki proposes to help us do... The intent and humility of each one of us will determine the outcome.

"As we will then be endowed not only with a galactic but also with a non-dualist, universal frame of consciousness, these frames will also make it possible for us to see the events of the past from a different perspective. Being fully immersed in the present, without the dualist mind's need for maintaining continuity with the past, the Universal Underworld will allow for true forgiveness. The Book of Revelation refers to this in verse 21:4: "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away." From the perspective of the Universal Underworld, the former things will have passed away.

"By 2011 the dominance of the dualist mind will wither, and all the conflicts of humanity originating in lower levels of consciousness will be resolved. From the perspective of the enlightened state, the old order will no longer be real. The advanced technologies developed by the dualist mind will find the place they were always meant to have, in service to humanity and the living cosmos, not as tools of domination. By then not only the old monarchic rule, but also democracy, will be a thing of the past (if everyone lives in unity and harmony with the Divine, why elect someone to rule them?). All hierarchies will have crumbled. With the end of duality, the dominance of one soul over any other will naturally come to an end, and so there will be no need for a government (which is like the ego of a nation) to steer people through conflicting interests. All human beings will, in a much deeper sense than at present, be recognized as having equal value - each as her or his own manifestation of the Divine. In the process of climbing to the universal level of consciousness, all limiting thoughts will disappear.

"Once this has happened, we will be able to fully experience the unity with All That Is moment by moment, or frame by frame, as it were. Such an experience, frame by frame of consciousness, will allow for a total sensual enjoyment in the present moment. Lacking the mind's need to maintain continuity, we will experience complete freedom, and our status as puppets of the divine process of creation will come to an end. No longer will there be an experience of separation between human beings and God. If we do not experience ourselves as gods, we will, at the very least, experience ourselves fully as the manifestations of the Divine that we truly are." "As a corollary, to wait around to see what will happen in the year 2012 is to totally miss the point. It will simply not be possible NOT to be enlightened after October 28, 2011, or at least not from a certain time afterward when the new reality has definitely manifested. With a dualist mind, it will not be possible to be in resonance with the new unitary divine reality under one power, the Creator. It would thus seem wise for all of us to prepare ourselves, beginning today, by immersing ourselves in the cosmic flow of time and in all possible ways seeking to transcend the influence of dualist Underworlds on our thinking, acting, and being. After all, the Universal Underworld will favor an enlightened state of being of love and joy, and once this has been established no reversal to duality will be possible.

"This will mean the return of an apprehension of the living cosmos. The enlightenment that this cycle brings will allow for true and complete healing and forgiveness of the past, which humans will also extend to God, whose relationship with human beings (because of the duality of lower Underworlds) has sometimes been perceived as antagonistic. When the energy of 13 Ahau is reached in all the Underworlds, no filters will block our vision of divine light or our communication with the Divine. We will come to live in the New Jerusalem, having reached enlightenment after climbing the Nine Underworlds and completing the 108 movements of Shiva. After the building of the ninth level has been completed, human-kind will be ready to stand on top of the cosmic pyramid. Humanity will be complete, living fully in the present at a higher level of awareness and with a pure enjoyment of living. The creation cycles that have served to build the cosmic pyramid, partly by making human beings into puppets, will come to an end. The life of Universal Human-kind will begin."
- pages 214-219
- The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, by Carl Calleman

According to Johann Calleman the 13th Heaven of the Galactic Underworld began on November 3rd, 2010 and then also the 1st Heaven of the Universal Underworld on February 11, 2011.

All 13 Heavens of the Universal Underworld will then unfold concurrent with the completion of the 12th Heaven of the Galactic Underworld and ALL Underworlds will complete on October 28th, 2011. That is 13 Universal Heavens in only 260 days!  Its also important to realize that all the other 7 Underworlds that preceded these two are still running concurrent as well in their 13th Heaven modalities and will also complete at the same time when the Mayan Calendar ends on October 28th, 2011.

The Mayan Calendar
and the Process of Enlightenment

by Carl Johan Calleman
The Mayan calendar and the process of enlightenment have for long been regarded as two
entirely separate approaches to life, especially as the origins of the two are to be found in two different hemispheres of our planet. The Mayan calendar is an understanding of the universe that obviously has its origin in the West, in the Native American traditions, whereas enlightenment is a state whose attainment has been the focus almost exclusively of Eastern traditions

Deprogramming Yourself (The Parting of the Ways)

David Icke - Alex Jones interview

David Icke -- Alex Jones Interview 01-11-11

"...they are so desperate to push this agenda forward as fast as possible before the wake up that's happening gets to a point where it brings it to an end...the excuses now are getting more and more ludicrous...The points of the monster are satanism, mind control, secret societies and paedophilia... these all work as one unit...getting people possessed by very malevolent entities."

David Icke on Rothschild Zionism:

" understand the financial crisis, 9/11 and so much more, it must be spoken constantly. As we begin a new year, amid ever-gathering global tyranny, this information is vital for everyone to know.

I have written and spoken extensively about the agenda behind the unfolding global financial crisis and here I will expose the coordinating force, or at least the prime one, behind that agenda and so much else, including 9/11.

Most conspiracy researchers either don't realise the fundamental significance of this network or are too frightened to say so if they do. Sod that.

It is widely known as Zionism or, as I call it, more accurately, I suggest ... Rothschild Zionism. I add the 'Rothschild' to constantly emphasise the true creators of Zionism and its controllers to this day (see Human Race Get Off Your Knees).

I'll explain the connection later to the gathering economic catastrophe, but some background is necessary to put it all in the context that it needs to be seen.

Ask most people about Zionism and they will say 'that's the Jews', but while this is the impression the Rothschild networks in politics and the media have sought very successfully to 'sell' as 'common knowledge', it is not true. It represents only a minority of them and many others who are not Jewish."

Manipulation of human psyche

Alan Watt - Shock And Awe: The Manipulation Of The Human Psyche 1 of 4

Alan Watt talks about the culture industry, taking time away from people, entertainment and television, political correctness, conspiracies, new age spirituality and counter intelligence, 'free love' and breaking down families - the techniques of abusers.  He suggests we start to think for ourselves and talk to eachother again, read factual data, discuss real experiences and recreate community; the knowledge is there.

EU threat to traditional herbs

On 1st April 2011 hundreds of plant based products which have been safely sold in Europe for decades will be banned unless action is taken.  Alliance for Natural Health with Robert Verkerk.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Birds don't fall out of the sky for no reason

Are the recent bird and fish deaths being caused by the Earth's magnetic pole shift, HAARP  or something else?  One thing is for certain, birds don't just fall out of the sky for no reason.

"(NaturalNews) The recent mysterious deaths of birds and fish are causing alarm among naturalists around the world. Birds are literally falling dead out of the sky, and fish are washing up dead on shores and rivers across North America and around the world. The reaction from the mainstream media seems strangely subdued, as if they're all just blowing this off as some unexplained quirk about the natural world that should be largely ignored.

NaturalNews readers think differently. We are concerned when thousands of dead birds fall out of the sky for no apparent reason. The sky itself may not be falling, but previously live animals are clearly falling out of it. If that's not enough reason to wonder what the heck is happening to our planet, then what is?

These are clear signs that something is wrong. Red flags from nature, if you will. Here's the timeline of recent deaths that have been reporte."

Take a look - this is an astounding list.

"(NaturalNews) Following the unexplained deaths of several thousand birds over the last two weeks, events are now emerging that may offer a physics-based explanation for the mysterious deaths. It all begins on a runway in Tampa, where airport officials recently closed that runway in order to change the numeric designators painted there. Why are those numeric designators being changed? Because the Earth's magnetic poles are shifting and the numbers previously painted on the runway no longer match up with the magnetic measurements of sensitive airplane instruments."

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Living in Real-time Reality

'Current reality is old news' by Abraham Hicks:

Current reality is the creation or result of past thoughts and imaginings.  It is important keep in touch with this reality by staying tuned to our feelings and senses, rather than continually analysing it.

We can then turn the attention of our creative powers to the things that we wish for.  These things may not come  from sources in the exact form that they exist in our 'current reality' - they may at this very minute be in thought creation...

When we go for a walk we touch the ground with our feet but look ahead to where we are going...

Jumping Timelines

with Tom Kenyon

click here to read full article

Although it may seem paradoxical to some, your timeline—your life—is only one of many simultaneous possibilities. And it is quite possible, indeed it is your birthright, to alter your timeline and the potentials of your life.Your culture, for various reasons, has hypnotized you into believing that you are limited to one timeline. In this message we shall endeavor to discuss our understanding of timelines and how you can change them.

For the record, there are technological means to jump timelines, but our information here deals with human consciousness, and how you, through the power of your own awareness and intention, can jump timelines. For this endeavor, you already possess two of the greatest treasures in your very own nature—your sovereign will (to make choices) and your capacity to feel. These two, when combined properly will allow you to jump timelines as you so desire, as co-creators of your reality rather than being mere pawns on a chessboard.

The fundamental principle, for jumping timelines, involves the coordination of a few significant fields of intentionality.

1) You identify the timeline you wish to move into.
2) You shift your vibrational state to match the timeline.
3) You lock in the vibrational state so it does not waver.
4) You take an action that is an expression of the new timeline.
5) Persevere.

In this fifth stage, you must hold the vibrational state of the new timeline you have chosen, making choices coherent with the new timeline and persevering with this despite sensory information to the contrary.
This last phase of perseverance is important, because your current timeline is an accumulation of your beliefs and intentions. Depending upon the strength of these beliefs and intentions, you may have to accumulate a vast amount of energy in order to overcome the set pattern of your life...

The task here is to be true to your vision while paying attention to what the current reality is showing you. It is not about pretending. It is about facing reality as it presents itself to you while simultaneously holding a higher vision. In other words, you deal with the reality of your life while simultaneously holding the vision of a different life. This is the art...

We said that the ability to jump timelines had both physical and spiritual survival benefits. What we meant here is that the ability to jump a timeline into a different outcome can result in physical survival in certain situations. By spiritual survival, we mean that there are threats to your spiritual awakening. If you lose track of your own truth, if you lose the two treasures that you possess in your nature—your sovereign will and your capacity to feel then you are spiritually in danger. Do not lose sight of these treasures in yourself. As chaotic events increase, and they shall—for this is the birthing of a new world—the Controllers will increase their efforts. Be leery of mind-control and of any thought form that limits your sovereign will and your ability to feel, regardless of its origins—even if it comes from one of your “sacred” religions...

There is something else in this latest message that I consider to be of vital importance - especially for those of us who are actually going to attempt jumping timelines. And this “something” has to do with our human capacity for delusional or “magical thinking.” In case you aren’t aware of that term, magical thinking is a thinking disorder in which the person believes that just by thinking something, it is real or can be made real without any effort on his or her part.  There is, in my opinion, a highly toxic element in New Age thinking that encourages denial as a means to cope with certain difficulties in life (i.e., magical thinking)...

Part of the art of jumping timelines is to hold the vision and vibrational signature of the timeline we wish to experience. But at the same time, we need to pay attention to the actual realities of the timeline we are on. This is living between the worlds...I suspect that many of us who choose to jump timelines (myself included) will encounter a learning curve, where we fall short of being able to leap to the new timeline and/or fail to sustain it. This is completely normal when learning a new skill, and yes, this is essentially a new skill—albeit a profound one. So my advice to all of us neophyte timeline-jumpers is to be gentle with ourselves, leave self-judgment behind, and enter into this type of learning experience with a good sense of humor. After all, the whole thing is, from at least one perspective, a grand cosmic joke...

How we navigate the realities of a transforming (some would say dying) civilization, while keeping our hearts and minds on the timeline we wish to live in, will undoubtedly become an art form...

I salute you and the great undertaking we are about to engage, which is nothing short of the ascent upward into our own highest qualities as spiritual beings living a human experience.

System vs.Synchronicity

FreemanTV - You Chose To Be Here

interesting insights

"...shift the methodology of defeating these enemies...when we fight fire with fire all we get is fire...if we fight these people as they have sought to have us fight them then we lose because they're programming the game from the get go...we will find our ways through this if we are open to more life as life as we want it.."


Dr Mercola interviews James Oschman on earthing, the importance of going barefoot and hydration. This is VERY interesting and informative.

The most important factors - diet, exercise, vitamin D and grounding!

Grounding restructures the water in our bodies.

There's a huge difference between standing outside barefoot and standing outside in shoes. The best grounding activity is to put bare feet in seawater; also the sand at the beach is grounding. Seawater is a great electrical conductor. The higher up you are, the more separated you are from the surface of the earth (e.g. in a high rise building) and the bigger the implications for health. High rise buildings can be redesigned so that people are grounded so that the electrons from the earth can flow into the body. Grounding whilst sleeping of course makes a huge difference - that's why it feels so good to sleep outside on the earth. Of course that is not always possible and you can obtain grounding sheets.

Mercola on aging and telomeres:
"I kind of like to view those theories of aging that you mentioned as really more of an accelerated aging because there is this basal rate of aging that even if you’re doing everything perfectly, you’re going to age. That’s believed to be related to telomere shortening.

..I really do believe very strongly that within the next decade or two, we’ll have some clinically proven approaches to actually increase the length of our telomeres which is essentially the same as reversing aging. You will grow younger if your telomere is lengthened. At least that’s what it shows in the test tube. The evidence seems pretty compelling which is pretty shocking if you think about it...
I think ultimately, we are getting close to the technology where we actually develop the ability to lengthen our telomeres which, I’m sure you’re familiar with it, believed to be one of the primary causes of aging. But until we’re at that level, we need to keep ourselves and our tissues healthy and this transfer of free electrons is one way to do it."

from Wikipedia "A telomere is a region of repetitive DNA at the end of a chromosome, which protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration."

Power of Consciousness - Bruce Lipton

What truly makes us happy?
Dealing with our subconscious habitual ways of thinking.

In the beginning was the word...

Vibration creates matter with David Icke

"Your thoughts are a form of energy with their own unique frequency and as your thoughts are sent out into the universe they gather energy vibrating at the identical frequency and bring to you circumstances and
people who reside on the same frequency."

Monday, 10 January 2011

17 seconds - Abraham Hicks

On the power of focusing for 17 seconds:

On the wisdom of limiting irritations to 17 seconds:

Alan Watt -- The Secret Truth Interview

It is my belief that if the human race was operating at its full potential we would not allow ourselves to be and actually could not be manipulated in this way.

Talks about electricity as trick of elect, using weather technology to convince population to give up rights, human emotion being manipulated with technotronic warfare etc...clearly and calmly explained.

‎"train one generation in the illusion and they will train their children for you..."

‎"destroy the sacredness of life itself"

Why We Are Quite Literally The Symbiotic Love Children Of The Forest

it's not just our DNA, it's the way it is read, which depends on the hormonal environment...


"Our unique physiology and extraordinary perceptual equipment (our brain) was not exclusively or even primarily the result of classic adaptive selection. Our DNA and the ‘primitive’ survival orientated asymmetric neural structures it always builds were immersed and hot housed in the most chemically complex developmental environment in the whole of biological evolution. It took the combined molecular engineering power of many tens of the most advanced biochemical factories (flowering plants) own hormonally rich developmental environments (fruit) to do the job. The convergence of their advanced biochemical ‘know how’ all focused in one place was necessary to design, construct and operate the most complex piece of molecular engineering we know, our own neural system. Symbiotic evolution at the developmental level, an exceptionally rare phenomena and totally unique in evolutionary history so not exactly surprising that what emerged was correspondingly rare, phenomenal and totally unique."

Tony Wright

Spiritual Bypassing

"The following is excerpted from Spiritual Bypassing: When Spirituality Disconnects Us from What Really Matters, by Robert Augustus Masters, available from North Atlantic Books.

Avoidance in Holy Drag: An Introduction to Spiritual Bypassing

Spiritual bypassing, a term first coined by psychologist John Welwood in 1984, is the use of spiritual practices and beliefs to avoid dealing with our painful feelings, unresolved wounds, and developmental needs. It is much more common than we might think and, in fact, is so pervasive as to go largely unnoticed, except in its more obvious extremes.

Part of the reason for this is that we tend not to have very much tolerance, either personally or collectively, for facing, entering, and working through our pain, strongly preferring pain-numbing "solutions," regardless of how much suffering such "remedies" may catalyze. Because this preference has so deeply and thoroughly infiltrated our culture that it has become all but normalized, spiritual bypassing fits almost seamlessly into our collective habit of turning away from what is painful, as a kind of higher analgesic with seemingly minimal side effects. It is a spiritualized strategy not only for avoiding pain but also for legitimizing such avoidance, in ways ranging from the blatantly obvious to the extremely subtle.

Spiritual bypassing is a very persistent shadow of spirituality, manifesting in many forms, often without being acknowledged as such. Aspects of spiritual bypassing include exaggerated detachment, emotional numbing and repression, overemphasis on the positive, anger-phobia, blind or overly tolerant compassion, weak or too porous boundaries, lopsided development (cognitive intelligence often being far ahead of emotional and moral intelligence), debilitating judgment about one's negativity or shadow side, devaluation of the personal relative to the spiritual, and delusions of having arrived at a higher level of being."

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Critique of the China Study

In this interview with Dr Mercola, Chris Masterjohn shares his experience with vegetarianism, and his insightful critique of the pro-vegetarian classic, The China Study.

There are good reasons to minimise meat consumption for example compassionate reasons and the steroid hormones that exist naturally in all meat which can affect human emotions and behaviour.  However if we are to believe this report only about a third of people thrive on vegetarian diets. Organ meats are much richer in nutrients than muscle meats so these are a good choice if we need meat but wish to minimise consumption. Also worth bearing in mind that especially as we progress through adulthood it gets more difficult to obtain coQ10 (ubiquinol) from vegetarian sources. Organ meats are the richest source. Liver can be chopped into bite sized pieces and frozen raw for two weeks to kill pathogens and then eaten without cooking. Taking a ubiquinol supplement can reduce the need for meat. Ubiquinol is the form of coQ10 which is easier for the body to make use of. Fermented fish liver oil is one way to get animal derived DHA without need to consume fish flesh.

Why are the animals dying? Birds, fish wiped out in mysterious deaths

by Mike Adams, NaturalNews

In the last week, nearly 100,000 fish washed up on the shores of the Arkansas River, dead. Also in Arkansas, thousands of red-winged blackbirds fell from the sky and plummeted to the ground where they were also found dead. The scene repeated itself in Southern Louisiana where 500 red-winged blackbirds recently plunged out of the sky, dead on arrival, and in Chesapeake Bay, thousands of dead fish have begun washing up onto bay shores.

Alex Jones: Is Mass Bird and Fish Die Off Connected to Government Testing?

1977 Senate Hearing found that U.S. government had infected hundreds of cities with biological agents

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

Scalar weapons that can artificially manipulate the environment could be responsible for the mass die offs. We know for a fact that over a decade ago the U.S. Military Industrial Complex was aware of and involved in the testing of such technology.

In 1997, Defense Secretary William Cohen stated, "Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations...It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counter terrorism] efforts."

The fact that illness or poisoning has been ruled out points to some form of secret testing being behind the mass die-offs.

The U.S. government has been repeatedly caught engaging in illegal bio-weapons tests over American skies that have maimed and killed not just animals, but humans. The history of US government biological testing includes deliberately infecting Americans with syphilis, malaria and other bacteriological agents.

the power of vulnerability

What do people with a deep sense of worthiness have in common?
Very interesting and entertaining TED talk by Brene Brown - what started as a rational investigation culminated in a 'spritual awakening'/breakdown! and she emerged a different and deepened person.

war on consciousness part 2

"What is happening in our world has more the “feeling” of an invasion from a parallel universe than a physical coup d’etat. This is because the intrusion is taking place on the plane of mind, and only secondarily on the physical plane. If we could stop this covert incursion into our minds it would be much easier to mitigate the outer wars that plague our world.

Connecting with each other is crucially important, as the more of us that consciously associate with each other - as if re-membering (putting our “members” back together to form a unified body) - the stronger the field of unified force that we are able to generate. Once enough of us sync up, we become more able to collectively invoke and channel through our expanded awareness a power that is able to dis-arm any WMD: the power of consciousness infused with wisdom and compassion."

Paul Levy if some alien race has set up a space station inside of our minds. This is exactly what the Gnostics -- the ones who "know" -- are pointing at when they talk about alien predators called "Archons" who infiltrate and subvert the workings of our mind. To the extent that we are not conscious of this alien take over of our psyche, we become drafted into the predator's sinister agenda, unwittingly becoming its slaves."

Here Krishnamurti and David Bohm discuss the 'Future of Humanity' and consciousness beyond thought and time, which I would simply call feeling.  How to reawaken thi kind of sensitivity seems to me to be the big question.  When we do this will naturally affect the way we think.

infinite consciousness and "are they your thoughts?"

"The human mind is the ‘stadium’ in which the global conspiracy is being played out minute by minute every day. That’s the biggest prize of all for the Control System – to dictate what we think and so how we behave and perceive self and the world...conscious awareness of that is the most effective defence from these external influences targeting the individual and collective psyche ..."

David Icke -- Edge Media TV Interview 10-23-08

Friday, 7 January 2011

David Bohm and human consciousness

 Interview with physicist David Bohm (Part 3/5)


Part 4:

Part 5:

"Holonomic brain theory
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The holonomic brain theory, originated by psychologist Karl Pribram and initially developed in collaboration with physicist David Bohm, is a model for human cognition that is drastically different from conventionally accepted ideas: Pribram and Bohm posit a model of cognitive function as being guided by a matrix of neurological wave interference patterns situated temporally between holographic Gestalt perception and discrete, affective, quantum vectors derived from reward anticipation potentials.

In this model, each sense functions as a lens, refocusing wave patterns either by perceiving a specific pattern or context as swirls, or by discerning discrete grains or quantum units. David Bohm has said that if you take the lenses away, what you are left with is a hologram.
According to Pribram and Bohm, "future orientation" is the essence of cognitive function, which they have attempted to define through use of the Fourier theorem and quantum mechanical formulae. According to Pribram, the tuning of wave frequency in cells of the primary visual cortex plays a role in visual imaging, while such tuning in the auditory system has been well established for decades.[citation needed] Pribram and colleagues also assert that similar tuning occurs in the somatosensory cortex.
Pribram distinguishes between propagative nerve impulses on the one hand, and slow potentials (hyperpolarizations, steep polarizations) that are essentially static. At this temporal interface, he indicates, the wave interferences form holographic patterns.
Pribram has written, "What the data suggest is that there exists in the cortex, a multidimensional holographic-like process serving as an attractor or set point toward which muscular contractions operate to achieve a specified environmental result. The specification has to be based on prior experience (of the species or the individual) and stored in holographic-like form. Activation of the store involves patterns of muscular contractions (guided by basal ganglia, cerebellar, brain stem and spinal cord) whose sequential operations need only to satisfy the 'target' encoded in the image of achievement much as the patterns of sequential operations of heating and cooling must meet the setpoint of the thermostat."

Quantum dynamics of free will

According to this theory, waveforms, within the matrix of a distributed system, allow fluctuations taking place to create new patterns, according to Pribram, and the resulting dynamic potential can then organize new foci of activity oriented to the precipitation of strategic planning and exercise of free will.
In a 1998 interview,Pribram addressed the understanding of cognitive potential, stating that, "If you get into your potential mode, then new things can happen. But usually free will is conceived in terms of how many constraints are operating, and we have in statistics a notion of degrees of freedom. I think our will essentially is constrained, more or less. We have so many degrees of freedom, and the more degrees of freedom we have, the more we feel free, and we have freedom of choice."
These so-called "quantum minds" are still debated among scientists and philosophers, and there are actually a number of different theories—not one—that have been suggested. Notable proponents of various quantum mind theories are philosopher David Chalmers and mathematical physicist Roger Penrose. Cosmologist Max Tegmark is a notable opponent of the various quantum mind theories. Tegmark wrote the well-known paper, "Problem with Quantum Mind Theory," which demonstrates certain problems with Chalmers' and Penrose's ideas on the subject."

Thursday, 6 January 2011

vitamin D, the happiness hormone

Vitamin D is a happiness hormone which is also essential for health in many ways.

Vitamin D activates the immune system: "with vitamin D in the bloodstream, T cells become "armed" and begin seeking out invaders that are then destroyed and carried out of the body"
There is a 'vitamin D' winter if we live a long way from the equator; the length of this winter depends on the exact latitude - you can get a more exact idea in the article that follows. In Britain it is from approximately September to March. The latitude determines the angle at which the sun's rays reach us and therefore the amount of UVB radiation we receive. It is UVB rays that create vitamin D3 in the skin.

"Sunlight has long been recognized as a major provider of vitamin D for humans; radiation in the UVB (290-315 nm) portion of the solar spectrum photolyzes 7-dehydrocholesterol in the skin to previtamin D3, which, in turn, is converted by a thermal process to vitamin D3. Latitude and season affect both the quantity and quality of solar radiation reaching the earth's surface, especially in the UVB region of the spectrum, but little is known about how these influence the ability of sunlight to synthesize vitamin D3 in skin. A model has been developed to evaluate the effect of seasonal and latitudinal changes on the potential of sunlight to initiate cutaneous production of vitamin D3. Human skin or [3 alpha-3H]7-dehydrocholesterol exposed to sunlight on cloudless days in Boston (42.2 degrees N) from November through February produced no previtamin D3. In Edmonton (52 degrees N) this ineffective winter period extended from October through March. Further south (34 degrees N and 18 degrees N), sunlight effectively photoconverted 7-dehydrocholesterol to previtamin D3 in the middle of winter. These results quantify the dramatic influence of changes in solar UVB radiation on cutaneous vitamin D3 synthesis and indicate the latitudinal increase in the length of the "vitamin D winter" during which dietary supplementation of the vitamin may be advisable."

Vitamin D is fat soluble, and needs to be taken with fat in order to be properly absorbed ...there are two common types of vitamin D: Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) and Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol). We need vitamin D3 rather than vitamin D2. You can obtain softgel D3 supplements. The richest food sources include fermented fish liver oil, butter (preferably raw) and high vitamin butter oil.

 "Even indoor tanning beds may have their proper use...After exposure to UVB rays, make sure you wait as many hours as you can before showering. Why? After UV exposure, your skin produces a powdery substance that is then absorbed into the skin and converted to vitamin D by the body. If you wash this off too early, you interfere with the amount of vitamin D made....

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Trecena of Communication

This Trecena is governed by Ik’, the Wind (Iq' in K'iche' Maya). Ik' is the nagual of the element of air and the moon, of the spirit of human existence. This is trecena of communication, the thread that connects all human beings, and all living things on Earth.

To communicate is, in its most simple essence, to be connected. To be connected, in turn, does not necessarily mean spending your life on social networks or talking on the phone… it means to be actively present, in your mind body and soul, and to be aware of others, other living beings, the natural environment, your family and community, and of yourself. Communication takes all forms: verbal, visual, auditory, kinetic, sensual, emotional, psychic or spiritual. And we are the ones who have the most tools and technologies for communicating, yet suffer the most of all species on Earth from miscommunication.

So regardless of whether you think you are a good communicator or not, if you quiet those external voices that society and the marketing machines of our economy bombard us with on a daily basis, and tune into those finer, subtler frequencies, you may find yourself communicating on a much higher and deeper level, not just with your fellow human beings, but with the rest of the living planet as well.

Ironically, Wind is as fickle as it is strong… it can change direction on a moment’s notice, but if you are aware and tuned in, you will notice those signs and hints of change that can be short-lived, ephemeral in fact, but tell of major shifts to come.

This Trecena is not the time for control or rules. It is a time of fluidity, experimentation, and open-mindedness. Indeed, if you are one with the Wind, you will experience a different kind of freedom!