Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Trecena of Communication

This Trecena is governed by Ik’, the Wind (Iq' in K'iche' Maya). Ik' is the nagual of the element of air and the moon, of the spirit of human existence. This is trecena of communication, the thread that connects all human beings, and all living things on Earth.

To communicate is, in its most simple essence, to be connected. To be connected, in turn, does not necessarily mean spending your life on social networks or talking on the phone… it means to be actively present, in your mind body and soul, and to be aware of others, other living beings, the natural environment, your family and community, and of yourself. Communication takes all forms: verbal, visual, auditory, kinetic, sensual, emotional, psychic or spiritual. And we are the ones who have the most tools and technologies for communicating, yet suffer the most of all species on Earth from miscommunication.

So regardless of whether you think you are a good communicator or not, if you quiet those external voices that society and the marketing machines of our economy bombard us with on a daily basis, and tune into those finer, subtler frequencies, you may find yourself communicating on a much higher and deeper level, not just with your fellow human beings, but with the rest of the living planet as well.

Ironically, Wind is as fickle as it is strong… it can change direction on a moment’s notice, but if you are aware and tuned in, you will notice those signs and hints of change that can be short-lived, ephemeral in fact, but tell of major shifts to come.

This Trecena is not the time for control or rules. It is a time of fluidity, experimentation, and open-mindedness. Indeed, if you are one with the Wind, you will experience a different kind of freedom!


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