Sunday, 30 January 2011

John Lash on Feminine Mojo Radio

"it encompasses far more than taking a walk in the woods and growing vegetables... :) it really encompasses a direct, vivid, living, conscious, ecstatic bond with the life-force of the planet...the divine feminine...the animating life-force of the earth"
...sacred unity embodied here and now"

We are not alone in our own minds; we have the capacity to examine our own minds and see what is in our own minds that alienates and deviates us from being human. The signatures of the deviating powers of the Archons are simulation, mimicry and imitation. We become entranced and fascinated by simulations rather than the real thing.  We are suggestible and we ought to take our suggestions from the right place which is our own imagination and develop and test and articulate and share the the expressions of our imaginations.  Use your imagination - or someone else will...

The power of your imagination and the strength of your desire is what connects you to Gaia.  The most powerful emotion of the Earth is desire.  You do it with her.  We cannot do anything by ourselves.

Planetary Tantra is a power sharing arrangement.  If the faculties of desire and imagination are developed by people independent of her, Gaia, the Earth, it is narcissism - you have to satisfy it by Archontic means, that is you have to substitute real things with things you have to buy or simulate.

Narcissism is probably the worst pathological disease that our species is suffering from;  intimate connection with Gaia is the cure for our insane pathological egos.

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