Monday, 10 January 2011

Why We Are Quite Literally The Symbiotic Love Children Of The Forest

it's not just our DNA, it's the way it is read, which depends on the hormonal environment...


"Our unique physiology and extraordinary perceptual equipment (our brain) was not exclusively or even primarily the result of classic adaptive selection. Our DNA and the ‘primitive’ survival orientated asymmetric neural structures it always builds were immersed and hot housed in the most chemically complex developmental environment in the whole of biological evolution. It took the combined molecular engineering power of many tens of the most advanced biochemical factories (flowering plants) own hormonally rich developmental environments (fruit) to do the job. The convergence of their advanced biochemical ‘know how’ all focused in one place was necessary to design, construct and operate the most complex piece of molecular engineering we know, our own neural system. Symbiotic evolution at the developmental level, an exceptionally rare phenomena and totally unique in evolutionary history so not exactly surprising that what emerged was correspondingly rare, phenomenal and totally unique."

Tony Wright

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