Saturday, 8 January 2011

Critique of the China Study

In this interview with Dr Mercola, Chris Masterjohn shares his experience with vegetarianism, and his insightful critique of the pro-vegetarian classic, The China Study.

There are good reasons to minimise meat consumption for example compassionate reasons and the steroid hormones that exist naturally in all meat which can affect human emotions and behaviour.  However if we are to believe this report only about a third of people thrive on vegetarian diets. Organ meats are much richer in nutrients than muscle meats so these are a good choice if we need meat but wish to minimise consumption. Also worth bearing in mind that especially as we progress through adulthood it gets more difficult to obtain coQ10 (ubiquinol) from vegetarian sources. Organ meats are the richest source. Liver can be chopped into bite sized pieces and frozen raw for two weeks to kill pathogens and then eaten without cooking. Taking a ubiquinol supplement can reduce the need for meat. Ubiquinol is the form of coQ10 which is easier for the body to make use of. Fermented fish liver oil is one way to get animal derived DHA without need to consume fish flesh.

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