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The Sophia Myth with John Lamb Lash

John Lamb Lash, unsurpassed comparative mythologist, uses symbolic myth to describe how the Earth and humans came to be the way they are and how we could fruitfully evolve.  Here on Grok-the-Talk radio he talks about the incredibly revealing myth of the Earth Goddess Sophia, the Archons, the disinformation regarding genetic engineering of humans and planetary tantra.

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Where to begin?...there is so much information in this interview that it is only possible to pick out the main points.
Firstly, what is gnosticism?  It is knowledge - knowledge of the true identity of humanity and our place in the cosmic order.   John Lamb Lash has selectively interpreted information form the Nag Hammadi texts in order to extract the teaching of the Gnostics.  The Gnostics go way back before the religions we know of today.  They learned everything from interaction with the divine feminine and they interacted with the earth rather than worshipping it.  The Gnostics called themselves Telestai.  This comes from the word 'telos' which mean 'aim', 'purpose' or 'goal'.  A Telestic is one who is aimed, one who has a sense of purpose and direction.

The dawn of the dark ages and the serious suppression of gnosticism began in 415 AD with the murder of Hypatia.  The gnostics were a threat to the biblical idea of  god, that is the off-planet paternalistic idea of god.  They warned against the increasing influence of redemptive religion (for example Judeo-Christianity) and salvationist beliefs and could see the potential danger to humanity from them.

There are four main facets to redemptive religion:
1. Belief in an off-planet paternalistic creator, a father God, who creates humanity without a consort and oversees it.
2.  Belief in a chosen people - a group of people chosen to represent the paternalistic god and fulfil his destiny.
3.  Belief in a messiah sent by the paternalistic god  to save the people because they can't live up to his insane rules.
4. Belief in a day of judgement, a doomsday, an apocalypse, when judgement is pronounced because humanity still can't get it right.

Even if we have consciously rejected religion these ways of thinking or programs can remain active within us and are influential in the dominator culture. I think they are responsible for the idea that something or someone  will come and save us or tell us what to do without us having to take responsibility.  Natural guidance through feelings as to appropriate behaviour and lifestyle have been hijacked by religious/intellectual morality.  There is no evil as such, wrongdoing occurs when we lose touch with our deep feelings and correction is to come back to them.  Goodness is what is beautiful to us, what is aesthetically pleasing.

The Telestai originally preferred to stay anonymous but as they saw the way the mental virus of redemptive religion taking over human minds they made themselves more public.  Their methodology was experiential mysticism and intellectual analysis.

The myth of Sophia describes how we are the product of the imagination of the Earth Goddess Sophia.  We are a divine experiment.  The modern mind has been conditioned with the language of science and can be quite resistant to the language of mythology.  Both are just ways of communicating deeper reality to the mind.  However John Lamb Lash emphasises that this information is not just a metaphor but an experiential myth that we can be involved with, a practice to explore.

So what are our tasks?
1. The most powerful technology on the planet is our own bodies.  We need to rediscover the innate 'supernatural' powers of our own body-mind machinery. 
2. We also need to understand the nature of the delusional mind parasites, called 'Archons' by the Telestai.  These entities have no aim of their own but hijack human intent and incarnate in  ideologies.  They are predatory and have given us that aspect of our minds - the divine human is not like this.
3. We need to discover Gaia herself and planetary tantra - interactive magic with Gaia herself, learned through interaction with the organic light.

John Lamb Lash emphasises that the Annunaki and Sumerian texts which describe genetic manipulation of humans by an extra-terrestrial race are dangerous.  He considers them to be disinformation which is infecting human minds and taking us away from understanding our true divine nature.  There was an attempt to interfere with human genetics which failed - indeed the same thing is being attempted now and will again fail.

In the past I have tried to find books which explained the gnostic teachings and have to say that this is the first information I have come across on this subject that explains them in a way that sounds accurate and makes sense of experience. John Lamb Lash's book 'Not in HIS Image' explains in more detail.

John Lash Lamb's website is here and contains fascinating information.

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