Friday, 21 January 2011

Deep Contact

through Steve Rother 

Deep contact is done by each and every person on this planet on a regular basis, but it makes up less than one percent of total conversation. That will change soon as many more of you start to consciously use this level of communication. Let us give an illustration. Imagine a conversation, speaking back and forth using words which do not quite fit. Over the next few years humans may experience challenges with all languages as the meanings set forth no longer convey the deeper meanings needed for high level communication. This will motivate you to come up with new words as you try to package your thoughts differently. The person receiving the message may grasp a piece of it, but the languages humans use now will begin to fall short of needs.

Deep contact can be described in current times in this scenario. Imagine two people talking, yet not really communicating. They are shaking their heads and just as they begin to walk away from one another, one says four words that go right to the heart of the energy; those four words shifted everything. That is deep contact. In the years ahead, all of the languages on Earth will use fewer words for this very reason.

Tools for Deep Contact - Thought Projection:
First, let us start this message with thought projection. Humans do it all the time, but they generally do it unconsciously. Start to consciously project your thoughts as part of every conversation, especially in situations where conversations are not getting through. If you re-word it once or twice and feel you are still not connecting, we ask that you simply stop for a second. Just take a moment, a breath, and send them your understanding of the larger picture of what you are trying to express to them. It is not necessary to tell them you are using thought projection; stop and communicate with their soul without words. Then, pick up your conversation again and watch what happens. Watch how easy things start to become.
There are many of these tools which have worked well before, but human consciousness was not high enough to recognize them. Before these were thought to be ethereal, fleeting, and imaginary, but now you will find them to have real and practical uses in daily life. We have mentioned that deep contact will be a way of life. There are people who have developed deep contact over several years of a relationship, or perhaps through many lifetimes of having relationships. Right now where deep contact is the most prevalent on Earth is through twins. These are beings who have actually shared and split a cell, and for them deep contact was built in from the very beginning. Once that deep contact is mastered between two people, it is also remembered in future lifetimes.

Those of you who have experienced that and have ever been a twin, you have a little bit of that deep contact in place with that person even if you do not see them for five or six lifetimes. All of a sudden you meet this person you never have before, and you know them and they know you; you are able to communicate. The biggest challenge most of you will have as this transition takes place is because you have become accustomed to using so many words, the communication media of Earth will have to change radically. The way humans present themselves will start to shift. It will be possible to use very precise meanings in your words, which will actually increase communication and the use of words at the same time. This will also be a motivation for developing common languages of Earth that will be coming soon. It is already in motion, as more to the point versions of all languages will start to emerge as each language develops a shortened simplified international version.

There are lots of pieces starting to fall into place, but the tool we wish to give you to work with over this next month is thought projection. For instance, instead of having something to say to someone, let us say that you are going to present—to stand on stage or in front of a camera. Again, before you stand on that stage, go live, or you actually take that step up, thought project the overall picture of what you wish to convey. Send out a mental picture of the message before you say it. Clarify it, see yourself sending it and then open your mouth and you will experience the stronger connection with the audience. We have said many times that the truth is always simple, yet humans must complicate things just enough to understand them.

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