Monday, 28 August 2017


"Gnosis is the knowledge of how the mind is designed to work. It's expert knowledge in the way that intelligence is designed to work at an optimum, or genius, level. Therefore, the Gnostic addresses your mind with the knowledge of how your mind is designed to work. I do so...." - John Lamb Lash

Sunday, 27 August 2017

The Otherworld

"let's get back to the otherworld" Patrick Jasper Lee

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Detox and Clearing Brain Fog

Latest Food for Consciousness Newsletter:
In this update I share with you some simple effective detox measures that can help give you a clearer happier mind. I also tell you about some of our expanding product range.

In the last email I sent out I listed some of the Perque supplements and the good news is that now we have most of them in stock.  You can see  them at this link. (There is more than one page). What’s so special about these supplements? Firstly they do not contain any undesirable additives such as magnesium stearate. Also they are ‘full disclosure’ i.e. everything in them is listed on the label. The more exciting part is the level of nutrition they contain and the value they provide. Many people, myself included, are finding that they can use them to replace some of their existing supplements and save money whilst increasing quality. To cover most basic mineral needs I generally recommend getting the Life Guard and so-called Hair Skin and Nails . Between them they cover the major minerals. To get the rest of the 60 plus trace minerals I then recommend the Simply Naturals products or Fulvic Minerals. Feel free to contact me for further advice on this or any other of the supplements. Email
Nowadays there is so much toxicity in our environment that detox is ideally a part of the daily routine rather than an annual event. A simple measure is to take between 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon organic MSM in clean water each day 30 minutes before other supplements or food. The sulphur bind
s with toxic metals and escorts them out of the body and also starts to build up your own sulphur levels which tend to be low in most people. The reasons for these mineral depletions are generally low levels in soil plus the binding up of essential minerals  with toxic elements in our food and environment.
If you want to push the boat out a little more there is the fat cell cleanse. Basically you take 1g niacin then exercise for 30 minutes then have a 60 minute hot sauna. The niacin causes your fat cells to pour out their contents. Toxins are stored in our fat cells so we need then to get them out of the body with the sauna. Saunas are always better after exercise because it activates the lymphatic system and gets body fluids moving. You may want to take some healthy raw fat/oil before the sauna or have it ready for afterwards because the fat cravings can be strong. The fat cell cleanse can be done from time to time to keep on top of the constant exposure to toxicity that is part of modern life. You can read more about detoxification in my book ‘Food for Consciousness’. 
More details about the fat cell cleanse here:
More on general detoxification with Dr Jaffe of Perque here:
I would not have said that I had brain fog, but on hind site I realise that many of us go round with less clear minds than we might have. Our ability to remember useful information and to enrich our lives with an enhanced memory may be greater than we thought, once we clear out the toxic debris.I am finding I can study many different subjects now including new hobbies and retain what I learnt so much more easily.
The simple fact is that, however healthily people feel they are eating, nowadays the soil is just not able to supply the plants with all the minerals we need so supplementing has become essential for long term well-being.
Food for Consciousness is so much more than food and detoxification. It is about reactivating our neural systems at every level. Personally i am passionate about essential oils incense and their ability to stimulate our minds in a beneficial way through the sense of smell. Last Christmas unfortunately one of the most amazing incense suppliers, Paul Eagle, founder of Happy Hacri incense passed away. I resolved at that time to continue to source and sell his super high quality authentic Indian incense. Happy Hari incense has been deeply appreciated by many people for a long time. Now, through serendipitous connections I now have a source of incense from the Happy Hari suppliers, plus new scents from one of his apprentices. I am delighted with th
em and if you, like me, appreciate good incense please take a look. The range includes the exotic Oud and Himalayan Spikenard.
Our full range of fragrances and incenses are here:
I hope this newsletter helps sets you in the mood for a productive September. please feel free to contact me with any questions and I will be back soon with new developments.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Coming Home to the Trees

We'll be required to undergo a transformation. this will help us to change the way we think. We will be charged with the task of changing from the modern individual to the graceful, dreamy, outlandish individual- which can actually be quite exciting to do. It means that we are also charged with he task of developing some new but old habits: seeing the world with eyes and ears we may nor have used in a very long time.
Patrick Jasper Lee
Coming Home to the Trees