Sunday, 14 April 2013

protection of the light

Gnostics taught that nous, the spiritual intelligence endowed in humanity, could be blocked by the Archons [mind parasites which deviate humans from their true wisdom]. This occurs through Archontic intrusion affected by a kind of subliminal invasion at the level of thought and language (i.e., mental syntax). But nous could be reinforced through accessing the power of Kundalini, an ecstatic current that normally rests dormant in the human body. In his monograph on the Archons, I. S. Gilhus notes that "the erotic strategy is the most important means used by the pneumatics to save the lost light." (p. 51) Pneumatics is the Gnostic terms for humans who pursue the path of psychosomatic illumination, the key method of Gnostic religion. Pneuma, "spiritual force," is developed by cultvation of nous, "higher intelligence." But the Archons present a blind field of resistance to this process: in short, they rely on humans remaining ignorant of their inherent spiritual potential.
When Kundalini is raised from its dormant state, higher intelligence blossoms, and there are other effects as well. Gnostic sects such as the Ophites practiced the communal raising of Kundalini to produce an protective envelope against Archontic intrusion. In effect, they held Kundalini, the sexual-spiritual energy locked in the body structure, to be the main instrument of defense against the Archons. The Dialogue of the Savior, NHC III, 5 (85), contains this exchange:
Judas said, "Behold, The authorities (Archons) dwell above us, so it is they who will rule over us."
The savior said, "It is you who will rule over them. But only when you rid yourselves of jealousy, and take on the protection of the Light, and enter the nymphion (bridal chamber)."
The savior-teacher is emphatic that we have power over the Archons, but he also makes it clear that some human failings impede the use of our power. The Greek wordphthonos may be translated as "jealousy" or "envy." Gnostics considered envy to be the signature of the Archons, as well as the key human failing that makes us vulnerable to their intrusion. "The protection of the Light" comes through activated Kundalini, often described as a lightning-like tide of electrified light that pours through the body. "Nymphion" is a code word for the ambient cell of psychophysical protection generated by high levels of Kundalini.

John Lamb Lash

Monday, 1 April 2013

noni feel good fruit and helper with addictions

Noni, a cherished fruit of the South Pacific, has been used for natural healing for generations. It has a reputation for helping with all manner of ailments and addictions, promoting general good health, high levels of energy and well-being. It is said to boost the immune system and cell health, cleanse the body of harmful bacteria and purifiy the blood.

One of noni's active constituents is pro-xeronine which the body makes into xeronine.  Xeronine is an important nutrient which tends to be lacking in the modern diet.  By consuming noni we can redress this situation. One of xeronine's functions is to allow better absorption of amino acids such as tryptophan which makes serotonin in the brain.  So how does noni help with addictions?

In many plants xeronine is stored for it's nitrogen, clumped together with  'molecular garbage'.  The compounds formed are part of  a class of compounds called alkaloids.  Over 10,000 alkaloids are known to exist in various plants.  These include nicotine, caffeine, cocaine, heroin and morphine.  These alkaloids are completely inactive in the plant but because they resemble xeronine they are treated and accepted as xeronine by the proteins in our bodies.  However our bodies adapt to these alkaloids by slightly changing the shape of the proteins so they will fit with the alkaloid being used rather than xeronine. Thus we become dependent on the alkaloid in question i.e. addicted.  By using noni you can flood your body with xeronine, just like you originally flooded your body with the foreign alkaloid. By doing this you "re-addict" yourself to xeronine and you can avoid all of the problems of withdrawal.

Another very exciting application for xeronine is as a pain-reliever and an anaesthetic. Currently the most powerful pain-relieving drugs are foreign alkaloids like morphine and codeine. We learned earlier that foreign alkaloids are nothing but counterfeits of xeronine made for storage by plants. Therefore, anything that these foreign alkaloids can do, xeronine can do better and more naturally. Xeronine acts as a supreme painkiller because it works with endorphins in the body to numb pain and produce feelings of euphoria.
Endorphins are the hormones that are responsible for producing good feelings in the body. They bind to certain proteins just like the xeronine does. When xeronine and an endorphin are bound to a protein, the xeronine channels the energy from the water into the endorphin and the endorphin creates a good feeling within you. Without xeronine, endorphins are useless.
Xeronine also stimulates the body but without the draining effects of the counterfeit foreign alkaloids such as caffeine.  The stimulative effects of xeronine could  significantly improve athletic performance as well as increasing your ability to concentrate and think clearly.

You can read more fascinating information about noni here:

All in all this is an amazing medicinal fruit and one which we are delighted to offer in it's raw form.  You can buy it at our shop website here.