Friday, 28 February 2014

kefir grains will travel

I just had this lovely message from  a lady who ordered our dehydrated kefir grains to go to Auroville in India:

'I thought that I would give you an update of the Kefir Grains that you
sent me.

"Well they have been so popular in the Ashram and Auroville. They are growing so fast in that environment - doubling every 2 or 3 days. Anyway as they do get a lot of visitors, the grains have reached Africa America and various parts of India. I found this quite incredible and i thought i might let you know. So Thank you from many people who have seen the benefits." '

Of course I was so happy and grateful to hear this.  And also very relieved to hear how well the dehydrated kefir grains travel and rejuvenate at their destination.  There is magic at work with this living culture.  Living culture is global, it's of the Earth and longing to propagate.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

tropical fruits and a surreal day

We had a delivery from , young coconuts, mangosteen and longans.  Yummy and very fresh!  They also do durian and a host of other fruits and vegetables.  We are using the mangosteen rinds to make a new potion - so we had to eat the middles today :).  Eating this fruit is so evocative, feel wafted back to my soul's home.  A funny, slightly random, happy and upbeat day with surreal happenings and interesting chats.
Toucan Fruit also do a range of delicious and unusual exotic fruits, you can visit them here:

Sunday, 23 February 2014

our fermentation fetish workshop

making chocolate kefir cheesecake...
the final touch...
Our workshop went so well yesterday, we always get very appreciative feedback and this was a particularly fun day.  Here is what Chris Paradox, Vandita and Alan had to say afterwards, they really capture the mood of the event.

We feel this is a new generation of raw food, by fermenting gourmet raw food or using fermented foods to make the dishes, it is brought to life and becomes infinitely more digestible.

Next one is 22nd March.  Click here to find out more.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

our transpersonal power spot

Bertie, Lizzy and I enjoyed the beautiful early spring sun in Ebbor Gorge, local 'biological site of of special scientific interest', tucked away in the Mendip Hills.  It's another world, from the top there are spectacular views over the Somerset levels, shimmering in the flood water, which show the lakes of old, in fact the inland sea between the islands that was navigated by boats in ancient times.  The gorge itself is a paradise of ancient woodland.  Came back feeling so energised and connected to the Earth, it's so easy in Britain in winter to become insulated from the natural world.  We fill our house with flowers, plants and crystals and of course living foods so it's a sane refuge from the cold but when you actually step into the aura of the Earth herself, uninsulated and uninterrupted by mains electricity, less emf in the hills and so forth it's another sensation. The petty troubles of the artificial world are swept away by this incredible life giving energy and clarity about what life is about comes in.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

return to the brain of eden:

"our state of mind is central to everything we do and the culture and civilisation that we manifest"

Tony Wright – Return to the Brain of Eden: Part One

Tony Wright discusses his forthcoming book Return to the Brain of Eden: Restoring the Connection Between Neurochemistry and Consciousness.
This is a two part interview. Part two will follow shortly.
Over a period of a million years the human brain expanded at an increasingly rapid rate, but suddenly, around 200,000 years ago, this expansion stopped. Modern science has overlooked this in order to maintain the illusion that humans are at the pinnacle of evolution. However, it is extremely significant that the abrupt end to brain expansion explains not only recently uncovered anomalies within the human brain, but also the universal mythic traditions of a lost earthly paradise and of humanity’s degeneration from our original state of perpetual wonder and joy.
Drawing on more than 20 years of research, Return to the Brain of Eden explores how our modern brains are performing far below their true potential and how we can unlock our higher abilities and return to the euphoria of our distant past. It explains how for millions of years early forest-dwelling humans were primarily consuming the hormone-rich sex organs of plants – otherwise known as fruit – which contains a highly complex biochemical cocktail evolved to influence DNA transcription, rapid brain development, and elevated neural and pineal gland activity.
Recent neurological and psychological studies suggest that the loss of our symbiotic fruit-based diet led to a progressive neuro-degenerative condition characterized by aggressive behaviour, a fearful perception of the world, and the suppression of higher artistic, mathematical, and spiritual abilities. Return to the Brain of Eden shows how many shamanic and spiritual traditions were developed to counteract our decline, and outlines a strategy to reverse our degeneration, restore our connection with the plant world, and regain the bliss and peace that is the natural human condition.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

life in the upper atmosphere

Earth’s upper atmosphere—below freezing, nearly without oxygen, flooded by UV radiation—is no place to live. But last winter, scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology discovered that billions of bacteria actually thrive up there. Expecting only a smattering of microorganisms, the researchers flew six miles above Earth’s surface in a NASA jet plane. There, they pumped outside air through a filter to collect particles. Back on the ground, they tallied the organisms, and the count was staggering: 20 percent of what they had assumed to be just dust or other particles was alive. Earth, it seems, is surrounded by a bubble of bacteria.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

cleanse and rejuvenate with a delicious difference

We are in the middle of an amazingly easy and pleasurable 14 day cleanse. Basically it's sticking to blended raw foods such as delicious vegetable and seaweed soups, chocolate smoothies, blended desserts, rich lemonades and in my case kefir. Then several times a day it's taking oxymag and citrus to get the digestion moving and also cider vinegar to break up any stones in the liver and gallbladder.

Liver and gallbladder stones accumulate over time with all of us and eliminating them allows the liver and gallbladder to function more effectively, making it easier to digest fats. Afterwards people generally feel wonderful.  In fact people have even avoided gallbladder surgery by cleansing in this way.

Yesterday evening we drank olive oil and orange juice to flush the liver. The gallbladder is stimulated to put out a lot of bile and so any stones or any other unwanted materials or toxins can be eliminated.   The next day its a good idea to have an enema of colonic to flush this material out of the colon.

This is a very gentle cleanse and we were able to carry on as usual except for a slightly but very mild queasyish feeling when lying down at the end of yesterday evening after the oil. The wonderful thing about doing all the blended foods is that you are wonderfully nourished through the whole process so you don't need to be hungry.  It's as much a rejuvenation as a cleanse in my experience.

Now for recipes!

Live probiotic liver cleansing raw soup:

In this recipe I personally leave the beetroot out or replace with raw sweet potato because it is an oestrogen mimicker which is not generally a problem in this case but can cause overheating for some women including me.

Seaweed soup:

I made this with a couple of red bell peppers added  and miso the other day and it was so delicious. It's incredibly easy to make and more delicious than you can imagine on first sight!  Really nourishing too so you feel satisfied but still light.

Chocolate smoothies!

I'm getting organised for the year ahead with great excitement and want to feel as energised as I can for what is to come.

We can offer coaching in this process, more details coming soon.

Monday, 3 February 2014

child of the starry heavens

"I am a child of the Earth and the Starry Heavens but my origin is in the Heavens alone"

from the Petelia leaf which is said to have come from a tomb in Strongoli, in the deep south of Italy

It was understood in the ancient mysteries that, although we are born and live on the Earth, we, as a species, were originally conceived in the centre of the galaxy.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

bath and the sacred spring

Lizzy and I visited the Roman baths in Bath.  They are very interesting historically, they are basically the remains of a  a two thousand year old healing centre with hydrotherapy, olive oil massage etc.  The baths are fed by Britain's only hot thermal spring.  There is something unusual and special about it in that the source of the heat is not volcanic, but geothermic - the spring arises from about two miles underground.  This means that the water is not sulphurous.
The atmosphere is incredible, it was one of those occasions when you don't realise how magical it is until you come away.  The baths and Roman temple were built on the site of a Celtic sacred spring dedicated to Sulis, a local Celtic mother goddess of healing wisdom.  The Romans called Bath Aquae Sulis.  They site was buried over the centuries and Georgian houses were built over it.  It was only rediscovered in the nineteenth century when it was rebuilt Victorian style but the Roman remains including the lead lined pool remain, The nearby more natural muddy pool of the Celts was known all along.  Difficult to know what to be sure about regarding the history because in that storyline there are claims about Celtic practices which are very doubtful but the energy of the place is amazing.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

rivers of red and return of the life force

There's been even more rain than usual!
This is the clay water from the beautiful South Devon red earth gushing over the banks into the lanes and streaming down the road set against the re-emerging green vegetation of spring, the return of the life we move into Imbolc and the new moon cycle.