Tuesday, 11 February 2014

cleanse and rejuvenate with a delicious difference

We are in the middle of an amazingly easy and pleasurable 14 day cleanse. Basically it's sticking to blended raw foods such as delicious vegetable and seaweed soups, chocolate smoothies, blended desserts, rich lemonades and in my case kefir. Then several times a day it's taking oxymag and citrus to get the digestion moving and also cider vinegar to break up any stones in the liver and gallbladder.

Liver and gallbladder stones accumulate over time with all of us and eliminating them allows the liver and gallbladder to function more effectively, making it easier to digest fats. Afterwards people generally feel wonderful.  In fact people have even avoided gallbladder surgery by cleansing in this way.

Yesterday evening we drank olive oil and orange juice to flush the liver. The gallbladder is stimulated to put out a lot of bile and so any stones or any other unwanted materials or toxins can be eliminated.   The next day its a good idea to have an enema of colonic to flush this material out of the colon.

This is a very gentle cleanse and we were able to carry on as usual except for a slightly but very mild queasyish feeling when lying down at the end of yesterday evening after the oil. The wonderful thing about doing all the blended foods is that you are wonderfully nourished through the whole process so you don't need to be hungry.  It's as much a rejuvenation as a cleanse in my experience.

Now for recipes!

Live probiotic liver cleansing raw soup:

In this recipe I personally leave the beetroot out or replace with raw sweet potato because it is an oestrogen mimicker which is not generally a problem in this case but can cause overheating for some women including me.

Seaweed soup:

I made this with a couple of red bell peppers added  and miso the other day and it was so delicious. It's incredibly easy to make and more delicious than you can imagine on first sight!  Really nourishing too so you feel satisfied but still light.

Chocolate smoothies!

I'm getting organised for the year ahead with great excitement and want to feel as energised as I can for what is to come.

We can offer coaching in this process, more details coming soon.

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