Sunday, 2 February 2014

bath and the sacred spring

Lizzy and I visited the Roman baths in Bath.  They are very interesting historically, they are basically the remains of a  a two thousand year old healing centre with hydrotherapy, olive oil massage etc.  The baths are fed by Britain's only hot thermal spring.  There is something unusual and special about it in that the source of the heat is not volcanic, but geothermic - the spring arises from about two miles underground.  This means that the water is not sulphurous.
The atmosphere is incredible, it was one of those occasions when you don't realise how magical it is until you come away.  The baths and Roman temple were built on the site of a Celtic sacred spring dedicated to Sulis, a local Celtic mother goddess of healing wisdom.  The Romans called Bath Aquae Sulis.  They site was buried over the centuries and Georgian houses were built over it.  It was only rediscovered in the nineteenth century when it was rebuilt Victorian style but the Roman remains including the lead lined pool remain, The nearby more natural muddy pool of the Celts was known all along.  Difficult to know what to be sure about regarding the history because in that storyline there are claims about Celtic practices which are very doubtful but the energy of the place is amazing.

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