Sunday, 16 February 2014

our transpersonal power spot

Bertie, Lizzy and I enjoyed the beautiful early spring sun in Ebbor Gorge, local 'biological site of of special scientific interest', tucked away in the Mendip Hills.  It's another world, from the top there are spectacular views over the Somerset levels, shimmering in the flood water, which show the lakes of old, in fact the inland sea between the islands that was navigated by boats in ancient times.  The gorge itself is a paradise of ancient woodland.  Came back feeling so energised and connected to the Earth, it's so easy in Britain in winter to become insulated from the natural world.  We fill our house with flowers, plants and crystals and of course living foods so it's a sane refuge from the cold but when you actually step into the aura of the Earth herself, uninsulated and uninterrupted by mains electricity, less emf in the hills and so forth it's another sensation. The petty troubles of the artificial world are swept away by this incredible life giving energy and clarity about what life is about comes in.

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