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Amanita Muscaria The Magic Christmas Mushroom

The psychedelic secrets of Santa Claus
By Dana Larsen - Thursday, December 18 2003

Modern Christmas traditions are based on ancient mushroom-using shamans.

Although most people see Christmas as a Christian holiday, most of the symbols and icons we associate with Christmas celebrations are actually derived from the shamanistic traditions of the tribal peoples of pre-Christian Northern Europe.

The sacred mushroom of these people was the red and white amanita muscaria mushroom, also known as "fly agaric." These mushrooms are now commonly seen in books of fairy tales, and are usually associated with magic and fairies. This is because they contain potent hallucinogenic compounds, and were used by ancient peoples for insight and transcendental experiences.

Most of the major elements of the modern Christmas celebration, such as Santa Claus, Christmas trees, magical reindeer and the giving of gifts, are originally based upon the traditions surrounding the harvest and consumption of these most sacred mushrooms.

The problem is to save the human creature

Jordan Maxwell continues as a preeminent researcher and speaker in the fields of secret societies, occult philosophies, and ufology since 1959. His work is not only fascinating to explore, but too important to ignore.

Listen now

fate of earth - fate of birth

Truly natural birth is a deeply empowering experience - as comments one of the mothers: "if I can do that I can do anything". 

Birth has been turned into a medical procedure whereby 'professionals' are paid to 'deliver' a baby and the woman is expected to submit to the authorities rather than the forces of nature.

Nowadays natural birth is taken to mean anything less than a Caesarean section.  I was shocked recently to find out the current rate for this - about 25% and climbing in the UK.  The passage of birth through the birth canal is a rite of passage and biochemicals are released at this time which shape a child's relationship with the world.  If a mother has no drugs or interference during childbirth the release of endorphins and other natural biochemicals give her the most amazing high after the birth and i sometimes wonder whether that affects the rest of your life.  I was born at home and had three of my children at home and my closest friends did the same -  it still surprises me when I remember this is not seen as normal and even as an act of bravery.

"FATE OF EARTH - FATE OF BIRTH" explores our culture's dependence on technology, not only do we trust machines more than nature and our capabilities, but we also use machines to shield us from natural passages of life such as birth and death. A family centered birth experience at home seems to benefit the newborn and reinforces the natural mother- child bond. Since our cultural rituals reflect and shape our cultural values, changing our childbirth rituals to celebrate nature could enhance our valuing of the Earth.

Mom, why did you circumcise me?

Excellent documentary on this subject which is underrated in its significance.

To take a little boy before even the time he can even remember, take him from his mother and brutalise one of the most sensitive parts of his body  that will later be used in intimate connections - well that says it all... and none of the reasons given for this as a routine procedure bear scrutiny - it's a trauma ritual.

"you've encoded the brain with violence to a part of the body that's supposed to feel pleasure...and when it's done in the primal period that affects the child throughout interrupts maternal infant bonding and it undermines the first developmental task of a human which is to establish's a human rights issue"

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Terence McKenna - Nature Loves Courage

"this is the shamanic dance in the waterfall...this is how magic is hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering that it's a feather bed...there's no other way to do it..."

winter solstice lunar eclipse

There is a full moon on the night of 20th - 21st December, exactly full 8.15am GMT 21st December winter solstice day.  Full moon on winter solstice is the highest and brightest it can be in the northern hemisphere.  At 8.18am there is a total lunar eclipse.  This around the time of sunrise in southern Britain.  Because it is full moon this is also the time of moonset.  The time of winter solstice 23.40 GMT.

Here is John Wadsworth with 'Gateway to 2012 The Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse'.

"...lunar eclipse brings up that which we don't normally like to look at...that we don't articulate easily, that we don't accept easily as belonging to us... that we want to make other people responsible for...we are challenged to claim that back...these two years coming up to 2012 we are... going to see the greatest acceleration of darkness...being used against us but at the same time..a raising of consciousness..."

wake up call

"If you own a mobile phone, you must see this.  For years, the experts have been arguing over them.  Some say they're perfectly safe, others claim they fry your brains.  Well, an international team of doctors, including two of Australia's finest surgeons, have just released their latest, comprehensive research.  And, as the father of young children, it really made Liam Bartlett sit up and take notice. They say prolonged use of mobile phones could double the risk of malignant brain tumours.  The deadliest of all cancers, the kind that leaves no survivors.  With an entire generation now growing up hooked on their mobiles, that could be absolutely devastating." 

Rat brain before and after phone exposure.

Personally, even holding a mobile at arm's length, I can feel the blast into my head, I keep mine for occasional texting, I can't imagine we going to rely on these particular technologies long term!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

global political awakening

I got so burnt out a couple of years ago blogging the depths of what is going on in the world whilst experiencing a fair whack of it myself that for a while I had to stick mainly to information I felt would help us improve our lives in a very immediate way, for example nutrition.  However I feel freshly inspired by the increasing number of people who are seeing the bigger picture in detail and depth.  Now to share this information feels positive.  We are unravelling what has been keeping the human spirit from co-creating the paradise that the earth is meant to be. A lot of us are starting to appreciate how well we have done keeping alight a vision of how we could live, whilst often being unable to be particularly successful in terms of the world, because the values have been so distorted. Sure, we have been ambushed at times!  But let's just see how well we have done and as destructive values become seen for what they are, many of the things we thought we really should try and do because we were told we should become irrelevant.

Lovely piece here about the global political awakening:

"This new reality in the world, coupled with the fact that the world’s population has never been so vast, presents a challenge to elites seeking to dominate people all over the world who are aware and awakened to the realities of social inequality, war, poverty, exploitation, disrespect, imperialism and domination. This directly implies that these populations will be significantly more challenging to control: economically, politically, socially, psychologically and spiritually."

state of the nation

Ellie-Jay was born in Dublin, she was raised in Wexford for the first year of her life bu her nan. UK social services prevented Ellie-Jay returning to Ireland even though her nan had been assessed by the Irish Authorities and deemed fit to take care of her with no concerns!
On 19th November 2009, Ellie-Jay was stolen from her nan at Holyhead Port by the authorities, she has never been returned to her family and is now up for adoption in the UK.

To sign a petition to get her returned click here.

To understand the backgound to the increasing number of these cases please listen to Brian Gerrish's talk 'State of the Nation' describing how an attempt is being made to break down our society by destroying families.

By the way, the UK is the only country where it is legal to remove a child from their mother at birth.

quantum healing

The trick is to feel the feeling of what we would like to happen!

We do have quite large powers of consciousness and there is a way of managing awareness of what is going on in our current reality while still focusing creating our chosen reality. And cleaning up our systems at the physical level can help us do this more effectively.

Gregg Braden explains how the energy field of human emotions can manifest "miracles", whether it is healing or creating peace, when you apply conscious positive focus on what you want.

what in the world are they spraying?

very informative seven part video on chemtrails

Large amounts of aluminium particles are being sprayed over our heads.  This is very harmful to humans, causing diseases such as Alzemier's; it also makes the soil too alkaline, damaging vegetation worldwide. Barium and other chemicals are also being sprayed on us.  There are many aspects to this - from geoengineering and weather control to an attack on human health and fertility to transmitting electromangnetic impulses from Haarp.  There is one thing for sure - it's not a good thing, and needs to stop.

war on consciousness

There appears to be a systematic release into the environment of chemicals which are known to seriously disrupt human health, fertility and consciousness.  Major examples are fluoride, mercury, depleted uranium, aluminium (in chemtrails) and bisphenol-A.  Also mobile mast and phone radiations and gm crops are major weapons being used againt us wide-scale.

There is a group of chemicals called halogens which displace iodine and interfere in production of thyroid hormones. They include chlorine, fluoride and bromides. In this video Dr Mercola describes how this can cause hair loss as well as other symptoms.  We need to avoid these chemicals as far as possible (don't drink chlorinated water, fluoridated water, eat foods contaminated with bromides or swim in chlorinated pools) and ensure we have enough iodine in our diets.  These measures are also important to protect our pineal glands.

This video shows graphically how mercury damages brain cells with implications for autism and the importance of thinking twice before vaccinating or introducing mercury amalgam fillings.

If damage has occurred there is much that can be done to heal it and people are getting a lot of success.  Here Donna Gates and Natasha Campbell-McBride explain how.

Natasha Campbell-McBride will be speaking at Wise Traditions, London 2011.

Lots of high quality information about vaccination and related issues here.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

children on 'anti-depressants'

The Cancer Report

"Cancer is a normal part of life.  A healthy immune system eliminates cancer cells at the same rate theyare created.  Before the 20th century cancer was so uncommon that it was a medical oddity."

When doctors went on strike in Israel in 1983, and again in 2000, the mortality rate fell by approximately 50%.  In 1976, the number of deaths fell by 18% in Los Angelos, when L.A. doctors went on strike for merely a month.  This pattern has been mirrored in the 5 other major doctor strikes around the world.  Iatrogenic deaths (deaths caused by doctors) is the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA.

The Trecena of Destiny

This trecena is ruled by Cib, or Ajmaq in K'iche' Maya, known also as the Owl. Cib represents the wisdom and the souls of our ancestors, of the ancients that came before us both in our own bloodline and in the human family now inhabiting the Earth. The energy of Cib embodies our connection to the long history of life through evolution, through the millions of years that have elapsed and blessed our planet with the diversity of life we see today, and the sanctity of consciousness, free will and love.

In our fast-paced, stressed society where being busy and having a career is prized above health and above family, where success is defined by material wealth and personal status, there is little room for what truly matters. But we can make that room, re-arrange our schedules, redefine and re-establish our priorities. We have a choice, regardless of what our bosses, our colleagues, our peers—and yes, even our own families—may say. The only thing keeping us from making the choices we want to make, deep down, is fear, uncertainty, and the force of habit.

This is why connecting to the paths your ancestors have walked is so important, and so healthy. Cleanse your karma, enjoy the present moment and nurture your desired future.

Reconnect—and you will understand where you come from.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Philosopher's Stone and the Magic of Social Engineering - Joseph Farrell

This is the best interview I have heard in absolutely ages. It encapsulates our way forward as increasingly consciously creative beings in a world that appears to be, or has been, something else. Applying this understanding consistently is an art of living that comes with practice and there are so many tools around now to help us.

Here are some notes...

There is a direct effect of consciousness on the physical medium. The esoteric traditions have taught us that the material world is an illusion and science now tells us the same thing.
Quantum physics teaches us that in any situation we determine the outcome by the conscious choice of what we are going to look for - and there is a group multiplier effect.

Social engineering is actually magic or alchemy. At the extreme end we are seeing the old practice of human sacrifice - from wars to abortion. These are designed as magical acts to create a traumatised consciousness in the physical medium.

Let the government go bonkers. The way forward is to create ever expanding islands of culture, to go after creative activity - you practise it yourself - you own the 'high culture'. Thoughts interface directly with the physical medium. Have positive thoughts. Do not give in to apocalyptic doom and gloom because those thoughts also interface directly with the physical medium. And group consciousness has a multiplier effect.

We need to wake up and see things deeply not superficially. Goodness is a deeply rooted metaphysical spiritual philosophical character we have to adopt. Esoteric alchemy is about turning the base metal of human into an enlightened being. The alchemist must be pure, must be good.

We need to create our own culture rather than let the socially engineered culture in - create good, beautiful, loving things.

This is not to say we should not be informed but there's a difference between being informed and peddling fear. 'They' have already factored in the reaction of conspiracy researchers as amplifying effects on their magical acts. Be involved politically but don't let it centre you. Art, music and poetry are like magical charms or talismen.

It is easier to transmit fear than good beautiful loving things. Don't let causes or ideals or the problems you see con you into anger, hatred or negativity of any kind. That is the very game we are up against! Loveliness, kindness, civility, goodness, beauty, gentleness and love are the way forward.

more on looking after teeth

Ramiel Nagel author of Cure Tooth Decay
I have used this information successfully with one of my own children to rebuild tooth material - it worked even following the vegetarian protocol (her wishes) which he does not consider quite as powerful as including a full range of animal foods.

And here we have Robert O. Nara

DMT the spirit molecule

DMT (dimethyltryptamine) is an endogenous chemical released in the human brain during peak experiences, dreams, natural birth in child and mother, near-death experiences and at death; also found in many plants, seems to connect consciousness in some way beyond the mundane.
It was almost certainly released continuously in tiny amounts  in the days millenia ago when our pineals were more active.  It could be viewed as an essential neurotransmitter...