Saturday, 11 December 2010

winter solstice lunar eclipse

There is a full moon on the night of 20th - 21st December, exactly full 8.15am GMT 21st December winter solstice day.  Full moon on winter solstice is the highest and brightest it can be in the northern hemisphere.  At 8.18am there is a total lunar eclipse.  This around the time of sunrise in southern Britain.  Because it is full moon this is also the time of moonset.  The time of winter solstice 23.40 GMT.

Here is John Wadsworth with 'Gateway to 2012 The Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse'.

"...lunar eclipse brings up that which we don't normally like to look at...that we don't articulate easily, that we don't accept easily as belonging to us... that we want to make other people responsible for...we are challenged to claim that back...these two years coming up to 2012 we are... going to see the greatest acceleration of darkness...being used against us but at the same time..a raising of consciousness..."

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