Thursday, 9 December 2010

war on consciousness

There appears to be a systematic release into the environment of chemicals which are known to seriously disrupt human health, fertility and consciousness.  Major examples are fluoride, mercury, depleted uranium, aluminium (in chemtrails) and bisphenol-A.  Also mobile mast and phone radiations and gm crops are major weapons being used againt us wide-scale.

There is a group of chemicals called halogens which displace iodine and interfere in production of thyroid hormones. They include chlorine, fluoride and bromides. In this video Dr Mercola describes how this can cause hair loss as well as other symptoms.  We need to avoid these chemicals as far as possible (don't drink chlorinated water, fluoridated water, eat foods contaminated with bromides or swim in chlorinated pools) and ensure we have enough iodine in our diets.  These measures are also important to protect our pineal glands.

This video shows graphically how mercury damages brain cells with implications for autism and the importance of thinking twice before vaccinating or introducing mercury amalgam fillings.

If damage has occurred there is much that can be done to heal it and people are getting a lot of success.  Here Donna Gates and Natasha Campbell-McBride explain how.

Natasha Campbell-McBride will be speaking at Wise Traditions, London 2011.

Lots of high quality information about vaccination and related issues here.

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