shifting cerebral dominance

Summary of techniques that enhance right brain function and/or reduce left brain influence.


Nutrient dense raw food diet
appropriate biochemical supplementation

Quietening the mind:

reducing speaking, thinking and conceptualising, instead thinking in pictures
meditative activities and relaxation, carrying out daily activities in a meditative state

Gentle Techniques:

daydreaming/fantasising/use of imagination, visions of the future
looking up e.g. at the sky or stars, flying kites
music, preferably complex flowing music
dancing or rather allowing ones body to move with music
being in nature, energetic places, star watching, listening to bird song
sensory experiences – art, colour, use of incense etc.
creative and artistic pursuits
loving touch and sexual activity, (tantra or sacred sex is attempting to describe right hemisphered sex)
using left hand
laughter and humour

Powerful Techniques:

shamanic psychoactives/plant medicines
sleep deprivation - 'staying awake' for one or more nights/reducing sleep
eye connection/mirror gazing