Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Chuen / B'atz' — The Trecena of Creativity

Master of all the Arts, Chuen, or B’atz’ in K’iche’ Maya, is the weaver of the thread of life and the cords of time.  It symbolizes movement, motion, and development; initiation, affirmation, and favorable divination readings; as well as marriage and pregnancy.  Chuen is the nagual of the arts, artists, and the art of weaving, and as such, represents all concepts and elements of life related to art and weaving, from time itself—called by the Maya “the thread of life”—to the life-connecting umbilical cord.  Not surprisingly, Chuen is often referred to as “Monkey,” for monkeys were the mythic patrons of the arts in ancient Mayan lore.  The monkey is, in fact, Chuen’s animal totem.

On Chuen days, the Maya express their intention to freely receive all that they have requested from the universe, and to be able to unravel or resolve any matter or issue.  Chuen days are extremely auspicious for all artistic works and endeavors; in fact, it is a powerful day to begin any project.  And it is the best day in the Tzolk’in to ask for a partner or to be married.

The upcoming thirteen days embody a magical period of creativity, art, music, dance and play. This is the time to slip out of your rigid corporate persona, leave that business suit and tie in the closet, and let the real, creative you thrive.

This trecena can help you transform your life from fulfilling the mundane daily tasks of modern existence to one of endlessly vibrant, exuberant experience. We know of many such transformations.  But as with any creative or magical power, you need to respect and honor it, and lend it your deepest talents and skill, and guide it as you would any wild untamed force of nature. Lose sense of what you’re doing and it will snap into chaos.

Do you have the courage to be who you are?