Sunday, 31 October 2010

Big shift as we head towards November 3rd

Rounding this picture out now as we move into a phase of great change around the date of November 3rd which will integrate the build up of energy that has been occurring.

Some of this information has already been incorporated into a previous post:

During the period leading up to this point there have been changes in the energy from space and in the sun, information about this is also in earlier blog posts:

Below are the graphs showing the dates involved.  These are all basically saying that there is a huge shift in consciousness headed our way.

Firstly the Mayan calendar:

The thirteenth energy, or seventh day, of the Galactic Underworld  of the Mayan Long Count Calendar begins on November 3rd 2010.  Calleman says that the particular Yin/Yang-polarity that this has been projecting onto the Earth is locked into position and will not be replaced by any further night in this Underworld.

From Ambler1980 David Icke forum: If you notice in this chart from the mayan calendar, something major happens around the start of the 7th day of each cycle. For the planetary cycle, the internet went wide. For the national cycle, science and capitalism took off, and so on. And the theme of each 7th day event was in line with the theme of the cycle. For instance, to round out the planet (planetary cycle), the internet connected everyone.
The beginning of the 7th day in this cycle (Nov. 3rd), which is the galactic cycle, must be in line with that galactic theme...basically something will happen to solidify our interaction with the galaxy as a whole. Obviously this has something to do with either first contact with ETs, or discovering our ability to break out of the mental prison they have us in, and use our higher abilities that transcend this planet.  It gets even better. The universal cycle begins Feb. 11 2011, and each day of creation will be twenty times faster than the days of creation in the last cycle, which was 360 days each (what we're going through now) the universal cycle, each day will last a staggeringly short 20 days...that means that the amount of energy that was in the beginnings of Christianity and the reign of the dark ages, as well as the energy in the beginnings of science and the entire campaign of WW2, will last a mere 20 days! You will literally have no time to think, time will be going 20 times faster than it does today (if you can believe it) and the thinking mind will no be able to handle that, so intuition will become more and more important. So those who have been spiritually developing themselves for the past months and years will be ready and flourish, while those who are sheep will be floundering and near the breaking point. Actually time wont be going faster, the same things that usually happen today, will simply take less time to happen next year, so more of it happens in the same span of time. And the 7th day of THAT cycle, will round out the theme of connection with the doesn't take a genius to see ascension alarm bells going off.
Anyway, I doubt anything will happen ON November 3rd, 2010, but the days that surround it will be eventful, as also the Timewave Zero graph, which has been crazy accurate for predicting times of novelty, shows a HUGE dip around that same date. So does the web bot graph. All three are pointing to this major tipping point, where the theme of galactic culmination will manifest somehow. Now on the mayan graph, the theme of "fully ethical society" is highlighted. What I take that to mean is, we CANNOT be part of the galaxy as a whole, and other star systems until our consciousness is I believe SOMETHING will trigger an event that FORCES us to grow up and behave, so we can sit at the dinner table of this galactic feast, just like when the internet hit during the seventh day of the last cycle, we were forced to adapt to a more worldwide connection and barriers to that communication coming down. You will see the same barriers to other star 
systems come down, just like the barrier between a guy in the ghetto in New York and a white collar businessman came down during the start of the internet. Whether that means disclosure, or possible WW3, and nobody shows up, I don't know...what I DO believe, is that the illuminati's tricks and darkness will BE EXTREMELY OBVIOUS, to the point where no one, not even the most passive sheep will be able to ignore it. They will simply be caught with their pants down, and something will force this thing to turn around.

Interestingly enough, all the changes we saw happen on the last two levels were completely aided by society and the illuminati, and technology. I believe this next step will be technological in nature AND spiritual in nature and you will have a choice as to which side you want to be on. Meaning, getting on UFOs and going to another planet, or staying with the earth and ascending naturally. For instance, I believe we will start to see mass telepathy happen...and we will also see mass communication devices that are more compact and quicker and those who are freaked out by the telepathy will ignore it and choose verizon or sprint's version of communication, while the more spiritual will use telepathy. Same for levitation, maybe devices for levitating objects at will and the more spiritual will communicate with what they want to levitate and make an agreement with it, etc.

Here is the graph that Cliff High has posted on his Half Past Human site. Generated with Web Bot data it clearly shows changes in the linguistics of internet users which is basically a map of shifts in consciousness. 

Listen to this to understand how the web bot data works, based on the unconscious revelations of people's psychic perception through their language. Fascinating!

The Time Wave Zero Graph shows a steep dip in the time wave at the same moment.

Here Terence McKenna explains Time Wave Zero.  This is totally fascinating and coming into reality. Please watch!


For the Druids, Samhain (celebrated 31st October to 1st November) was the beginning of the year.
As light goes to dark in the northern latitudes,  melatonin levels rise and the pineal - the inner eye or 'seat of the soul' - becomes more active, inner sight becomes more vivid and inner life blossoms.
Traditionally at Samhain time lost all meaning and the past, present, and future were one.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Trecena of Introspection

Caban, or “Earth”, rules this trecena. This is the time to use your powers of intellect and perception, of acuity and insight, of harnessing all that rational, left-brain power for your personal growth or to guide others, if that is your calling. But as with all dualities, one side can’t function well without the other, so as always, seek balance even while you focus on one.

You will need a significant amount of personal and mental freedom during the next thirteen days… so make room for you, for your soul, for your heart and mind. Clear your calendar, ask for more free time of your family. Organize your bedroom, office or reading nook, and dedicate those times of the day that are naturally yours, to you and only you—this may be the dawn, late morning, afternoon, evening, or even late at night. Only you know your natural inner rhythms. Honor your circadian time.

The principal challenge of Caban is not to allow its acute sensitivities and powers of perception to bubble up into emotional upheavals, or to block it from living in the present moment. What is past belongs there; what is future is in your hands. But it is only through your decisions in the present time that your future is defined. This is why so many ancients and sages will tell you, live in the one moment, the ever-present, and think not of the past or future. For they are both already there, in that one eternal, flowing moment.

Trust your intelligence. Trust your instincts. Just make sure to keep them balanced, free and pure.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Emotional clearing of old stuff

When we are truly enjoying life now, it feels like every moment in the past conspired to bring about this happy state of affairs.

After carrying out repeated  emotional clearing recently .I got down to some very deep stuff to clear from my childhood (not saying its all gone by any means!), then had a wonderful conversation with both my parents (in the real, on the landline), and appreciated just how important my relationship with them is and how much their qualities still enrich my life. I also updated a belief I had held unthinkingly since an emotionally charged moment at about the age of 7. This is my personal aside, this emotional clearing is designed to help us move forward in all areas of life.

The simplest form of emotional clearing is that when feel feel a strong reaction to something to stay aware of the feeling in our bodies/energetic fields and go back  to the first time we can remember having that feeling.  If that feeling is connected to a person we may also need to dissolve the unhealthy tie we have with that person. It is most powerful if we can  imagine a procedure that involves three actions.  Personally I think it is very important to dissolve the sticky limiting bonds with people we have been closely involved with in the past especially ex partners and lovers and is something that is so easily overlooked.  This does not mean ending the natural affection and connection with all the people in our lives in fact if we get it right this may increase - but we will no longer carry so many blocks based on our past interactions with them.  If we had to store all our emotional baggage in a house we simply could not afford the rent.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Optimising Nutrition for Expanded States

How do we work out how to eat in such a way as to maximise our health and well-being whilst opening our awareness and creative consciousness? The answer will be different for everybody depending on their situation, personal preferences, physical constitution, personal and ancestral history etc. There are some clues however that have helped many people optimise their own diet.

Firstly of course the raw food clue - a high raw food diet maximises health and energy. However, many raw foodists are finding that that the totally raw vegan diet is not working for them and are moderating what they eat, including taking note of the findings of researchers such as Weston Price, eating animal products and preparing vegetables differently. The thing is with many vegetables is that they are not really part of our biological diet and contain toxins such as goitrogens which were traditionally broken down by cooking or fermenting. This interview with Kevin Gianni illustrates the scenario (from about half way through)

For me, when I can sustain it, a virtually all raw diet is magical. I would never want to make anyone feel pressurised to achieve this but am grateful to the person who told me how amazing it feels.

The challenge for people is how to sustain a raw food diet whilst getting the nourishment they need. Including raw dairy changed everything for me. One of the main issues is getting fat soluble vitamins e.g. vitamin A in the usable for of retinol, vitamin D and one of the co-factors needed to absorb it, vitamin K2. Plant sources simply do not provide these vitamins in a form that most people can use, especially in the case of children and women. And then there is the case of vitamin B12 where the same applies. By the way in latitudes such as those of the UK, the sun is not high enough between September and March to give us the UVB light we need on our skins to manufacture vitamin D. Including raw milk, cheese , butter and kefir has worked for me for the last six years. I also need to obtain my DHA and EPA from fish - like many people I cannot convert enough from the omega 3's in plant foods An attempt to do so by drinking vast amounts of flax oil can leave the omega 3 omega 6 ratio out of balance with omega 6 deficiency symptoms. At the moment I use fermented cod liver and high vitamin butter oil. Ubiquinol (CoQ10) is a crucial substance needed for cell mitochondria to work properly and to get enough from food we really need to eat organ meats. Traditional cultures included plenty of organ meats in their diets - if we are not willing to do this we need to supplement. You can cut raw liver into tiny pieces and freeze it long enough for any pathogens to be killed. It is really delicious, yes! and melts in the mouth.

The point about eating animal flesh is not just the issue about whether it is raw but that meat also contains steroid hormones which affect pineal biochemistry so minimising it is a good idea. Liver is far more nutritionally rich than muscle meats so we can get nutrition we need more effectively whilst eating smaller quantities.

Here Barry Groves elaborates on our need for animal fats and dissolves some misconceptions about fellow primates and other mammals. I add that I do not come to the same conclusions about the history of humans or need to eat a lot of meat.

If you think what we would have ate in our original forest home: fruit, the seeds in fruit, presumably some leaves it gives some clues as to some of the foods it is important to include. Our digestive systems have changed since then and do not assimilate in the same way, so we need extra foods. Although it may on first sight seem 'unnatural' to drink the milk of another animal, we nonetheless are in some ways designed to consume dairy products- we are mammals and can drink our mother's milk. The ability to digest lactose in dairy products in later life varies a great deal for person to person. In cultures such as those of the orient which traditionally did not consume dairy produce there is greater lactose intolerance. However, tolerance to FERMENTED dairy products such as kefir is more common and uniform.

As we do not digest the seeds in fruit properly there is a lot to be said for including nutritious seeds broken down by blending in smoothies for example.

Then there are more subtle elements to be included such as monatomic elements rhodium and iridium which are essential for higher brain function (aloe vera gel is a good source). There are deficient pineal biochemicals to consider such as melatonin, di-methyl-tryptamine and mono-amine oxidase inhibitors. Sufficient iodine is important for pineal function and is lacking in the soil. It's important to include some iodine rich foods and avoid structurally similar elements such as chlorine and fluoride which get lapped up by the pineal in place of iodine. Nettle are very rich in minerals and also serotonin, strengthen all the glands and stimulate the pineal gland and are free! Pick the very tops of them before they flower and juice with carrot to bulk them out.

With all this going on the energy can get almost too high to handle! Staying grounded by spending time in nature, barefoot on the ground, in contact with trees or lying on the earth is part of the experience. Simply watching the sky, the sunrise and sunset, listening to birdsong, can become transcendental experiences in this state.

Some of these aspects of nutrition will be discussed in more detail at the event Food for Consciousness in Totnes, Devon on 27th November.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

BeYond Politics: Susan Joy Rennison

IndyInAsia and Co-Host Touchstone Tom Malone returns to the Internet with a jaw-dropping Interview of Susan Joy Rennison. Space Weather, Plasma Universe, Exploding Oil Pipelines, Rapid Evolution Trauma, Ingo Swann, The Human Butterfly Crop Circle are all discussed...and more!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Susan Joy Rennison - A New Cosmic Age, Space Weather & Cosmic Radiation

Susan Joy Rennison has an honors degree in physics and geophysics from a British university, she is an independent researcher and author of "Tuning the Diamonds - Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution". She joins us to talk about her new essay called "The Greatest Transition in the History of Mankind - The Return to Paradise" and what she calls "The New Cosmic Age". What is happening in our universe? How are we being influenced by cosmic changes and space weather? Topics Discussed: Space Weather, the Ether, 1989, Mayan Elders, Cosmic Energies, Space Environment, Killer Electrons, Gamma-Ray Bursts, Energies from Deep Space, Magnatars, Upgrade of the Human, Space-Time Changes, Earthquakes, Shifting Into a Higher Energy Point, The Effect on Humans, Clash of two Magnetic Fields, Plasma Manifestation of the World Tree, HAARP, EISCAT, Missile Defense Shield, X-Men, Crop Circle, "Evolutionary Bomb", Metaphysics, Synesthesia, Near Death Experience, Intuition, Brain Rewired, Daniel Tammet, One out of Twenty Three, Raising The Kundalini Energy, Evolutionary Process, Norwegian Spiral, Plasma Phenomena, Plasma Mythology, Intelligence Supervising Everything in the Universe, Universal Intelligence, Jose Arguelles, Rainbow Bridge, 2012 and more. We'll go deeper into the areas of the plasma phenomena in our next hour with Susan. We talk about UFO's, "plasma entities" as another form of life that now is increasing in numbers on the planet , according to Susan. Are our ancestors returning? We talk about organic dust, earth lights, fire balls and the incredible number of sightings that are happening around the world. It's something else then nuts and bolts space ships, these are balls of light, ball lightning, orbs being seen. We tie in the crop template or crop circle communication aspect into this as well. Is there an interaction going on with this phenomena? We ask Susan how strange things will get in the future as an increase of cosmic rays and cosmic radiation seems to be the case.

Enormous Ring on Sun

HUGE shift in consciousness

from Brad Johnson

You have to see this to believe it. Here is the graph that Cliff High has posted on his Half Past Human site followed by the graph generated by the Timewave zero software. The first graph that was generated with Web Bot data clearly shows changes in the linguistics which is basically a map of shifts in consciousness. The Time Wave Zero Graph shows a steep dip in the time wave at the same moment. Both graphs dip right as the 7th day begins in the Galactic Underworld of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. These are all basically saying that there is a huge shift in consciousness headed our way.

I have been watching the psychology of people in the world around me from a subjective frame of reference for the last few weeks. I have also been watching specifically for any changes in personality that might start to happen here in October 2010.
There is a tipping point that should occur Nov. 2nd of this year (2 weeks out) where all aspects of separation consciousness are purged and replaced with new vibrations congruent with unification consciousness.
Why? Well as I have noted in many posts and threads that I have participated in over the last 2 years, there seems to be a purging of the shadow self going on for everyone on the planet.
The shadow self being those aspects of ourselves that trick us into believing in the perspective of separation and the hostile universe paradigm.
The hostile universe paradigm is born from the separation consciousness that has been unavoidable for those living in the frequency of reality that we have been living in here on Earth for a long time now.
People see the things going on in the world around them as potential threats to their body that they believe is separate from the actual perceived threat itself.
Now for those people who are less insecure, and less set in their ways and values this purging of the emotions and beliefs that go along with separation consciousness has been gradual. Intense yes, but gradually spread out over the last couple years.
I am an example of that type of person. For what ever reason my intuition has shown me that this is what was happening to my consciousness while it was happening.
The tipping has been highlighted by the combination of indicators on The Mayan Calendar, The Web Bot Data, and The Time Wave Zero Graphs. All three of these modalities for the mapping of future trends in consciousness point to early November for a huge shift in consciousness that has long lasting profound effects on the population of the world, and perhaps even the entire 3rd dimensional Universe.
As we head into the last days of this phase of consciousness, the people that have been resisting against the gradual purging of it are in for a rough ride psychologically. What took months upon months of gradual release for some of us, will come all at one time for the rest.
What will this look like? Well those people will already now be exhibiting pathological child like insecurity and fear about all things in the world around them. This is the separation consciousness at its full intensity blowing out of the surface of peoples personalities like the cap on a cars radiator.
The good news is that for the long run this is a good thing because there will only be a few more weeks of this crazy glitch in reality before things get better than ever before. The bad news is that heading into early November some of these people will get worse before they get better.
I would have to assume that most of them will make it through OK. Emotionally spent, but OK for the long run. There is also the possibility that the stress could be to much for some and that they might never snap out of the extreme high intensity insecurity generated by all of this. We will see.

also, this is so worth watching, explains how the web bot data works, based on the unconscious revelations of people's psychic perception through their language:

Conscious Co-creation continues

The Conscious Co-Creation Continues:
Celebrating the return of harmony between
the feminine and masculine as we enter the Seventh Day

About 5100 years ago, at the beginning of the Mayan Long Count (6th Wave or National Underworld) a polarity of consciousness was introduced that created a separation between the masculine and the feminine. The result has been a suppression of the intuitive and feminine aspects of the human mind and soul. The pain associated with this separation has created a long-standing conflict between men and women that has resulted in often unbalanced, twisted and distorted relationships between them. With the beginning (November 3, 2010, 5 Imix) of the Seventh day of the 8th wave, (Galactic Underworld) a polarity shift in consciousness will support humanity in the co-creation of a new, balanced and more harmonious, relationship between the masculine and feminine. For the two days November 6-7 women and men all over the world are invited to locally co-create processes and ceremonies designed to restore the sacred relationship between the feminine and masculine. The intention of these ceremonies is to co-create balance and mutual respect between the genders and the freedom for all individuals to embody any combined expression of the sacred feminine and masculine. In the first of these two days members of each of the two genders are encouraged to develop healing processes of its own, while in the second day processes and unifying ceremonies may be performed, which serve the mutual recognition, honoring and celebration of the divine feminine and masculine in all of us.

Events are already being planned in several locations in the world for this shift in consciousness and the process has started to create a unified web presence for these.

also interesting:

Monday, 18 October 2010

The Trecena of Fertility
We are entering the twelfth trecena, ruled by Kan, the Seed or Lizard. This trecena is especially sacred, as it embodies the power to give life and drive evolution, but also especially dangerous, as it harbors powerful passions in all aspects of creativity and fertility—from sexual prowess to creative genius to the generation of wealth—that, if left unguided along the right path, can cause wanton waste, sensual abandon, or excessive indulgence.

The key to allowing the fertile energies of the Kan trecena into your soul is respect. Respect the sanctity of your life, and your own talent, imagination and capacity for creativity, fertility and abundance. Don’t put yourself or your abilities down, but be realistic in terms of which are your talents and where to best channel your creative energies.

The modern world we live in is built on power, productivity and money, which are but the technical structures that are supposed to serve the generation of true wealth—that of the mind, body and soul—yet which have taken over the psyche of our society and are now reigning as the ultimate purpose in life.

We categorically reject this paradigm, and encourage all of you to rediscover and harness the creative powers you hold deep within your soul. Nature herself expresses her fertility and creativity every breath of every day, blossoming new forms of life, nurturing the tiniest and supporting the biggest, painting vibrant colors across her skies, forests and seas, unleashing awe-inspiring storms, winds and earthquakes, yet balancing all of her forces with eternal patience, knowledge and the wisdom of millennia.

You too are a force of Nature. Live your life accordingly.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Sovereigns in our own Heads?

It's our continuing desire to rise up to the surface for a better view and resist being dragged down deep by thoughts and feelings that have no place in anyone who wants to be happy.  And the only thing that can get in the way is our unconsciousness - oddly it is taken for granted that most of being is unconsciousness and our analytical minds try to make sense of this as if it were normal and was going to carry on.

There's a sense and talk in the air that there is some kind of battle going on.  Personally I feel that the ground where this is actually taking place is moment by moment within ourselves in our own minds. Our challenge is to allow images of the most wonderful things we can imagine to form in our minds and not be distracted from this.  Of course it goes without saying that the greatest pleasure/joy/happiness we can have is from all experiencing pleasure/joy/happiness so these imaginings of course would not involve us or anyone else suffering in any way  for any justification.   Sovereigns in their own heads create things that feel good. That is not definable but it is recognisable and these include things that are very mundane to the intellect.  As we begin to feel more we will choose what we nourish within our minds more carefully because we will notice more how the mind content we create affects us.  We were 'created in God's image' i.e. we are creative beings and we create with our thoughts whether we are conscious of what we are doing or not.

There is a lot of talk about becoming sovereign beings in terms of the law - and there have been cultures in the past that operated like this.  In order to do this though we need to be sovereigns in our own minds, to have the ability to exercise some kind of authority over our own thoughts and imaginings.  It is because we are so unconscious that systems, rules and laws and protocols have been devised to keep things working and also it is for this reason that we are so vulnerable to manipulation.

Many of the problems in the world are patently unsolvable by any mechanical means we can understand at this current level of perception.  We go running round making things worse.  But when we change what is in our minds, trusting our ability to create from from this elusive thought matter,  unexpected things begin to happen.

God knows what happened... it seems that our brains and consciousness developed very very fast until about 200,000 years ago then this process stalled.  Maybe we had to leave our warm tropical forest home, and maybe even there we didn't have the quality of raw materials to take our 'evolution' further at that time so it crashed. Over time we started to worship creation itself instead of 'worshipping God' i.e. remaining true to the process of conscious creation.  And everything changed.  We forgot that we are one big creative consciousness and started to talk to 'each other' and even argue over bits of creation.  Because the whole thing crashed what we consciously create in the future will not need to be the same but a continued evolution.

I keep coming back to the same starting point is that it is to stop letting troublesome thoughts about the past at any level have power over us and feel as much as we can.  As we do this we can put more into place so that we can feel even more, and feel what we are doing.  Also we then feel the level of connection between us all.  This is where the brain biochemistry comes in because to feel within these incarnate bodies depends on that.  This has been known about for thousands of years but we need the information in modern language, in a form that fits with our education and conditioning.  It involves nutrition and supplementation of brain biochemicals and practices to keep us more influenced by the undamaged but currently suppressed parts of our brains.  Nutrition in this context is not just about giving us physical health and stamina but increasing the sensitivity of our perceptual equipment so that we can 'win' this battle within ourself.

Monday, 4 October 2010

The Trecena of Creativity
Finally, a fun trecena! The eleventh trecena is ruled by Chuen, the playful Monkey. The upcoming thirteen days embody a magical period of creativity, art, music, dance and play. This is the time to slip out of your rigid corporate persona, leave that business suit and tie in the closet, and let the real, creative you thrive.

This trecena can help you transform your life from fulfilling the mundane daily tasks of modern existence to one of endlessly vibrant, exuberant experience. We know of many such transformations: a Wall Street investment broker who quit his job to dedicate his life to photography, a Washington DC accountant who shed his corporate skin to be the painter he always was, a freelance writer who started a company dedicated to beauty and sustainability.

But as with any creative or magical power, you need to respect and honor it, and lend it your deepest talents and skill, and guide it as you would any wild untamed force of nature. Lose sense of what you’re doing and it will snap into chaos.

Do you have the courage to be who you are?

A message from Carl: 10.10.10
During this trecena, we are going to experience a unique date in the Gregorian Calendar: October 10, 2010 (10.10.10). While this date is not a particularly noteworthy date in the Mayan calendar (7 Caban/No'j), Dr. Carl Calleman reminds us that because of its numerology and the prevalence of the Gregorian calendar, this day will be celebrated with global events and meditations around the world. It may also be looked upon, Dr. Calleman says, as a preparation for the Ninth wave and a continuation of the Conscious Convergence.

When you need animal products and don't want to kill...

David Wolfe chatting about various stuff then some interesting perspectives on use of animal products - yes realistic perspectives on raw food are emerging thick, fast and nutrient rich right now...

ubiquinol and stamina

Ubiquinol is a form of Coenzyme Q10 and its key role is in the making of mitochondrial energy in the cells of our bodies - in other words it is very important for energy production and every part of the body including the brain and particularly for the workings of our hearts.

Although there are plant sources of it such as parsley, broccoli and grapes, to get the ideal levels daily from manageable volumes of food is difficult if we are not eating organ meats such as liver and heart.  If we choose not to eat organ meats we need to be aware of how we can avoid deficiencies that can easily arise. Personally I prefer to avoid meat for many reasons - we just need to be aware what it takes to make this workable.

The point is, as usual, that our assimilation systems are not what they could be.  Our archaic diet was probably  plant based but there are considerable challenges with this way of eating in our current situation because of these assimilation difficulties.  And CoQ10 is one of those issues.  Since beginning an ubiquinol supplement I have been astonished at the increase in stamina levels and am bewildered as to why i did not start this supplement before!  It's not that my stamina was  low, but now it is back to what it was  years ago.  I had been craving and eating lots of parsley for over  a year and had a sense that there was something in it that I needed, but not enough - which led me to CoQ10. There was a noticeable difference for me in 24 hours and a marked effect within a week.

Here Dr Mercola explains the difference between straight CoQ10 and ubiquinol and explains the need.

Sequel to this post: I rang my mum to recommend ubiquinol and she rang me back the next day to thank me - the health shop where she purchased it said she would feel a different person after a few months on this stuff.  Happy day!  If you have parents on statins, consider doing the same for them.

Vasopressin and Nicotine

As mentioned previously, nicotine lifts vasopressin levels and vasopressin is a hormone connected to bonding.   A need to smoke seems so often to be connected to interruption of the bond with the mother in childhood.  Traditionally tobacco was smoked by Native Americans to seal a covenant or treaty - again we have the bonding link.  Despite the problems associated with it, nicotine is a kind of medicine for grief - so in these times it is not surprising it is getting more popular, expecially amongst women.  People give up smoking and get past withdrawal symptoms and addiciton, only to return to it because of this hormonal need.    What the solutions are i'm not sure, apart from the fact that grief is eventually healed by staying aware of the feelings in the body.  Also when people become more closely connected to a particular other human or to other humans in general the need to use nicotine often lessens.  It's good to understand a little more of what makes us, as humans, behave the way we do.