Friday, 8 October 2010

Sovereigns in our own Heads?

It's our continuing desire to rise up to the surface for a better view and resist being dragged down deep by thoughts and feelings that have no place in anyone who wants to be happy.  And the only thing that can get in the way is our unconsciousness - oddly it is taken for granted that most of being is unconsciousness and our analytical minds try to make sense of this as if it were normal and was going to carry on.

There's a sense and talk in the air that there is some kind of battle going on.  Personally I feel that the ground where this is actually taking place is moment by moment within ourselves in our own minds. Our challenge is to allow images of the most wonderful things we can imagine to form in our minds and not be distracted from this.  Of course it goes without saying that the greatest pleasure/joy/happiness we can have is from all experiencing pleasure/joy/happiness so these imaginings of course would not involve us or anyone else suffering in any way  for any justification.   Sovereigns in their own heads create things that feel good. That is not definable but it is recognisable and these include things that are very mundane to the intellect.  As we begin to feel more we will choose what we nourish within our minds more carefully because we will notice more how the mind content we create affects us.  We were 'created in God's image' i.e. we are creative beings and we create with our thoughts whether we are conscious of what we are doing or not.

There is a lot of talk about becoming sovereign beings in terms of the law - and there have been cultures in the past that operated like this.  In order to do this though we need to be sovereigns in our own minds, to have the ability to exercise some kind of authority over our own thoughts and imaginings.  It is because we are so unconscious that systems, rules and laws and protocols have been devised to keep things working and also it is for this reason that we are so vulnerable to manipulation.

Many of the problems in the world are patently unsolvable by any mechanical means we can understand at this current level of perception.  We go running round making things worse.  But when we change what is in our minds, trusting our ability to create from from this elusive thought matter,  unexpected things begin to happen.

God knows what happened... it seems that our brains and consciousness developed very very fast until about 200,000 years ago then this process stalled.  Maybe we had to leave our warm tropical forest home, and maybe even there we didn't have the quality of raw materials to take our 'evolution' further at that time so it crashed. Over time we started to worship creation itself instead of 'worshipping God' i.e. remaining true to the process of conscious creation.  And everything changed.  We forgot that we are one big creative consciousness and started to talk to 'each other' and even argue over bits of creation.  Because the whole thing crashed what we consciously create in the future will not need to be the same but a continued evolution.

I keep coming back to the same starting point is that it is to stop letting troublesome thoughts about the past at any level have power over us and feel as much as we can.  As we do this we can put more into place so that we can feel even more, and feel what we are doing.  Also we then feel the level of connection between us all.  This is where the brain biochemistry comes in because to feel within these incarnate bodies depends on that.  This has been known about for thousands of years but we need the information in modern language, in a form that fits with our education and conditioning.  It involves nutrition and supplementation of brain biochemicals and practices to keep us more influenced by the undamaged but currently suppressed parts of our brains.  Nutrition in this context is not just about giving us physical health and stamina but increasing the sensitivity of our perceptual equipment so that we can 'win' this battle within ourself.

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