Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Trecena of Introspection

Caban, or “Earth”, rules this trecena. This is the time to use your powers of intellect and perception, of acuity and insight, of harnessing all that rational, left-brain power for your personal growth or to guide others, if that is your calling. But as with all dualities, one side can’t function well without the other, so as always, seek balance even while you focus on one.

You will need a significant amount of personal and mental freedom during the next thirteen days… so make room for you, for your soul, for your heart and mind. Clear your calendar, ask for more free time of your family. Organize your bedroom, office or reading nook, and dedicate those times of the day that are naturally yours, to you and only you—this may be the dawn, late morning, afternoon, evening, or even late at night. Only you know your natural inner rhythms. Honor your circadian time.

The principal challenge of Caban is not to allow its acute sensitivities and powers of perception to bubble up into emotional upheavals, or to block it from living in the present moment. What is past belongs there; what is future is in your hands. But it is only through your decisions in the present time that your future is defined. This is why so many ancients and sages will tell you, live in the one moment, the ever-present, and think not of the past or future. For they are both already there, in that one eternal, flowing moment.

Trust your intelligence. Trust your instincts. Just make sure to keep them balanced, free and pure.

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