Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Emotional clearing of old stuff

When we are truly enjoying life now, it feels like every moment in the past conspired to bring about this happy state of affairs.

After carrying out repeated  emotional clearing recently .I got down to some very deep stuff to clear from my childhood (not saying its all gone by any means!), then had a wonderful conversation with both my parents (in the real, on the landline), and appreciated just how important my relationship with them is and how much their qualities still enrich my life. I also updated a belief I had held unthinkingly since an emotionally charged moment at about the age of 7. This is my personal aside, this emotional clearing is designed to help us move forward in all areas of life.

The simplest form of emotional clearing is that when feel feel a strong reaction to something to stay aware of the feeling in our bodies/energetic fields and go back  to the first time we can remember having that feeling.  If that feeling is connected to a person we may also need to dissolve the unhealthy tie we have with that person. It is most powerful if we can  imagine a procedure that involves three actions.  Personally I think it is very important to dissolve the sticky limiting bonds with people we have been closely involved with in the past especially ex partners and lovers and is something that is so easily overlooked.  This does not mean ending the natural affection and connection with all the people in our lives in fact if we get it right this may increase - but we will no longer carry so many blocks based on our past interactions with them.  If we had to store all our emotional baggage in a house we simply could not afford the rent.

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