Monday, 18 October 2010

The Trecena of Fertility
We are entering the twelfth trecena, ruled by Kan, the Seed or Lizard. This trecena is especially sacred, as it embodies the power to give life and drive evolution, but also especially dangerous, as it harbors powerful passions in all aspects of creativity and fertility—from sexual prowess to creative genius to the generation of wealth—that, if left unguided along the right path, can cause wanton waste, sensual abandon, or excessive indulgence.

The key to allowing the fertile energies of the Kan trecena into your soul is respect. Respect the sanctity of your life, and your own talent, imagination and capacity for creativity, fertility and abundance. Don’t put yourself or your abilities down, but be realistic in terms of which are your talents and where to best channel your creative energies.

The modern world we live in is built on power, productivity and money, which are but the technical structures that are supposed to serve the generation of true wealth—that of the mind, body and soul—yet which have taken over the psyche of our society and are now reigning as the ultimate purpose in life.

We categorically reject this paradigm, and encourage all of you to rediscover and harness the creative powers you hold deep within your soul. Nature herself expresses her fertility and creativity every breath of every day, blossoming new forms of life, nurturing the tiniest and supporting the biggest, painting vibrant colors across her skies, forests and seas, unleashing awe-inspiring storms, winds and earthquakes, yet balancing all of her forces with eternal patience, knowledge and the wisdom of millennia.

You too are a force of Nature. Live your life accordingly.

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