Monday, 4 October 2010

The Trecena of Creativity
Finally, a fun trecena! The eleventh trecena is ruled by Chuen, the playful Monkey. The upcoming thirteen days embody a magical period of creativity, art, music, dance and play. This is the time to slip out of your rigid corporate persona, leave that business suit and tie in the closet, and let the real, creative you thrive.

This trecena can help you transform your life from fulfilling the mundane daily tasks of modern existence to one of endlessly vibrant, exuberant experience. We know of many such transformations: a Wall Street investment broker who quit his job to dedicate his life to photography, a Washington DC accountant who shed his corporate skin to be the painter he always was, a freelance writer who started a company dedicated to beauty and sustainability.

But as with any creative or magical power, you need to respect and honor it, and lend it your deepest talents and skill, and guide it as you would any wild untamed force of nature. Lose sense of what you’re doing and it will snap into chaos.

Do you have the courage to be who you are?

A message from Carl: 10.10.10
During this trecena, we are going to experience a unique date in the Gregorian Calendar: October 10, 2010 (10.10.10). While this date is not a particularly noteworthy date in the Mayan calendar (7 Caban/No'j), Dr. Carl Calleman reminds us that because of its numerology and the prevalence of the Gregorian calendar, this day will be celebrated with global events and meditations around the world. It may also be looked upon, Dr. Calleman says, as a preparation for the Ninth wave and a continuation of the Conscious Convergence.

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