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Food for Consciousness the book

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“This excellent book shows you how to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life – in every area.”
Brian Tracy – Author – Maximum Achievement

348 pages, over 100 raw food recipes, complete guide to raw nutrition and much more

Getting Back on Track of your True Peak Potential

This book shows how we can build and fuel the brain or lens of consciousness with natural nutrition that will supply it with the biochemicals it needs for optimal functioning. It details nutrient rich raw food nutrition that can be put into practice in a variety of circumstances and locations. It explains how herbs and supplements and lifestyle practices can be used to reach our full potential. It includes a complete repertoire of over 100 delicious, easy, simple and quick raw vegetarian recipes that focus on the vital nutrients. Ultimately our DNA can once again be read to its full blueprint.

1. Origins ~ Your Unique Codes for Life
2. What on Earth’s going on ~ the Human Story
3. Getting Back on Track of your True Peak Potential
4. Eating the Biological Diet of our Species
5. Brain Biochemicals to Optimise Potential
6. Living in Beauty ~ Natural Lifestyle
7. Cleansing and Regenerating your Body Ecology
8. Reclaiming the Use of your Mind
9. Our Hormonal Human Life Cycle
10. Recreating the Forest ~ in your Kitchen
11. Succeeding ~ Bring the Life Force back into your Life
12. Recipes
References, Reading and Resources

In this book you will discover:
• how you can fulfil your unique potential
• how you can unveil a new sense of self, that feels more life the real you, your true nature and identity connected to the greater life of nature and the cosmos
• the phenomenal new research of the last few decades which changes how science views the brain
• how you can build and fuel your neural system with natural undamaged nutrition that will supply it with the biochemicals it needs for optimal functioning.
• detailed nutrient rich natural food nutrition, that will work in a variety of locations, climates and situations
• specific recommendations to cover the needs of young people and take into account their needs for growth
• tips on making raw food and plant based diets work long term
• give a complete repertoire of delicious, easy, simple and quick raw vegetarian recipes that will supply the vital nutrients
• how to equip your kitchen to be your laboratory of human potential with the biochemistry of ancient forest life.
• highlight effective use of herbs and supplements and powerful techniques to help you expand your state of mind.
• connecting to the earth that is the local source of our physical life and the benefits of doing this
• which bodily cleanses are of most benefit and basics of how to do them.
• how we can change our thinking to engage with the life that is dreamed for us, and is given to us in the form of our destiny
• how to experience that exquisite feeling, every day, of being fuelled by the Life Force itself
• point you to the next steps in finding more about this incredible phenomenon.

Research in the fields of anthropology, plant biology, mythology and human experience, and on the brain itself, suggests that we could be living in a very different and profoundly preferable state of consciousness to the one we have considered normal. The way we eat and our hormonal balance have a huge impact on how we feel, experience life and behave. Through regenerative nutrition, we can all significantly, swiftly and sustainably improve our brain and body chemistry, enhance our energy, effectiveness, mental acuity, intuition, creative powers, harmonious connection, joy, happiness and sheer pleasure of existence and attain substantially more success in our chosen paths. Ultimately we have the potential as humans to ongoingly experience a sense of well-being now usually associated with peak states, in a benign state of perpetual wonder and awe, in ecstatic connection with the natural world.

Holly Paige is passionate about our potential as humans to move into a much happier and more functional state of consciousness. She has spent many years investigating human origins and the lifestyle practices that generate a deep sense of well-being and fulfilment for humans. 

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