Sunday, 31 July 2016

eye body

Peter Grunwald has discovered that certain areas of brain, eyes and the rest of the visual system correspond to specific areas in the human body. He has developed effective techniques to release patterns which underlies myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism and other visual dysfunctions together with postural dysfunctions causing back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches and breathing disorders.

The biochemistry of Juvenility

Tony Wright on our relationship with the flowering plants,
impact on size of window of brain development which slows down at age of puberty, impact on longevity and more.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Plant Spirit Medicine Class

Meet Your Plant Spirit Ally and Enter the Dreamsong of Gaia
With Gwyneth Robbins

We are only a fraction of what we could be as human beings.  When we fully open up our heart, mind and souls to the green-beings of the Earth, we enter into another dimension.  There’s so much we can learn about ourselves and our soul journey from the plants and trees.
I’m offering you the opportunity to take part in this class and find your plant spirit ally, moving into a deep state of re-connection, taking up your rightful place within Nature.  This is a soul healing journey that is deeply life-changing.  A unique personal experience.

This class is a whole day as part of our Three day initiation Retreat in Wales this September.  I’m also offering this as a stand alone class.  It will be a long day, from 10am until 6pm and you will need to be equipped for ‘weather’, as you’ll be outside some of the time, even if its raining.  You’ll also need to bring a wooden bead or other small human crafted organic offering for your plant.  You also need to come with an open heart and respect for the green-beings.

This unique class will:

Deeply realign your energies to the natural world
Help you be more decisive and clear about your own pathway on Earth
Can help to heal deep hidden trauma spontaneously and supportively
Give you a sense of balance on all levels of your being.
Keep you grounded, earthed and able to manifest your dreams.
Find a plant spirit ally for life, which can always be called upon when needed.
The exact location of this class in Wales is a mystery and will take place on Saturday 17th September 2016 but will be in a beautiful location in the South – full details will be revealed on booking!

We are designed to live in symbiosis with plants. Even our DNA is read to it's full potential in a biochemical mix of complex plant phytochemistry along with our own hormones. These and more mysteries revealed at our September retreat of which this stand alone class is a part.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Neuroactive Nutrition Consultation

DO YOU WANT TO adjust your diet to eat and live in an optimal way for neural function, so you think more clearly, remember more and feel happier? Are you struggling to tailor your nutritional intake to feel at your very best? Miracles can be worked with food and herbs when you know how. Specific issues can so often be turned around with simple changes...

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Fermentation and Neuroactive Nutrition Food Preparation Class

Sunday 25th September 2016
Amazing health secrets you and your family need to know.
Exact location to be confirmed, it is full day class that is part of a weekend retreat. It will be in South Wales, we can collect from train or bus stations of necessary. Book before 16th August to get early bird price of £85.
In this informative, exciting and comprehensive class you will learn.
Food, supplements and herbs that regenerate our neural systems, supply good fuel and modulate our existing biochemistry to give us the best experience of life possible….enhance our cognitive abilities, perception, capacity to feel and to feel good. ongoingly,sustainably, functional and productive in the world as well as ecstatically connected.
The optimal biological diet of our species.
Raw food nutrition principles and recipe creation for long term success.Why kefir is one of the most powerful and cost effective superfoods available.
How to use exotic cruciferous veggie ferments to safeguard you and your family from xenoestrogens and harmful chemicals in plastic.
For more details and booking click here:

Economics is a Form of Brain Damage

Geneticist and climate activist David Suzuki explains how conventional economics is a form of brain damage in this clip from the 2011 documentary "Surviving Progress."

Friday, 8 July 2016

Alternative View of Nutrition

“AV7 was the most eclectic Alternative View event to date; bringing together Campaigners, Activists, Spiritual Warriors and people who have simply had enough of a Governmental system which evidently does NOT have Humanity’s best interests as heart!  The speakers and the audience represented almost every demographic imaginable. People from all parts of the social spectrum, almost every political persuasion and varying religious and philosophical viewpoints came together at AV7, united in their knowledge that ‘Something isn’t right’ … that Humanity (the collective ‘WE’) have an enormous challenge ahead. ”

You can buy DVD of my talk o here


What is ‘food’ ? Is it inert building blocks or an intricate array of complex biochemical components that interact with our own neurochemistry to affect our thoughts feelings and actions. Putting aside what we have been told, what is the natural biological diet of our species?
We look, in a very practical way, at how we can eat and use herbs to regenerate and optimise our incredible neural equipment. We also see how this can empower us into a state of awareness where we can not only see the nature of the problems that confront us but can also clarify and focus on the solutions.
We explore how our synergetic connection with trees and plants through fruit and herbs widens our intelligence and kickstarts the pineal gland into pumping it’s own biochemicals of perception. There are particular plant species which reset our neurotransmitters and receptors thus clearing lifelong and ancestral trauma. We look at how changing our biochemistry can change the stories we live and we ask how we know what is the true story of our individual destinies.
Science and mythology tell the same story. We are designed to live in states where we feel alive and free and we now know the steps to get into them.


Also 16 disk DVD set  available including my talk on neuroactive nutrition at the 2016 Alternative View Conference. Every talk was unique and fascinating.
 You can find out more or purchase here.

Disk 1:  James Gordon Graham
Tax Havens & the Secret Multi-Dimensional Knowledge of the Ruling Parasites
Disk 2:  Holly Paige
 Neuro Active Food
Disk 3:  Anthony Carlin 
Never Book a Judge By His Cover
Disk 4 :  Vanessa Beeley
The NGO Soft Power Complex : Humanitarians or Executioners?
Disk 5 : Dr Graham Downing 1
The Null Hypothesis : Dead Doctors Don’t Lie!
Disk 6 : Patrick Henningsen
Consensus Reality : Mind Control Through The New Media
Disk 7 : Max Igan
Decoding the Matrix : Creating a New Reality
Disk 8 : Open Mic & Speakers Panel
Disk 1:  Dr Graham Downing 2
VAXXED : One FLU over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Disk 2 : Michael Shrimpton
Takedown : ‘Unexplained’ Aircraft Disappearances
Disk 3 :  Willem Felderhof
The Toxic War on Humanity & on Mother Earth
Disk 4 : Field McConnell
Hillary Clinton’s Connection to 9/11 … Revealed!
Disk 5 : Thomas Sheridan
The Lords of Perception & their Psychopathic Control Grid

Disk 6 : Zen Gardner
Rise Like Lions After Slumber; In Unvanquishable Number; …
Disk 7 : Ian R Crane
 The EU Hokey Cokey … IN or OUT; Either Way, EU’re Screwed!
Disk 8 : Bonus Disk
Breaking Free

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Claudio Naranjo on the early days of ibogaine experiments

Interview with the Chilean Psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo about his clinical experiments in the 60s with Ibogaine; his findings, observations on therapeutic potential and phenomenology, etc.