paradise on earth

As we become more aware, we realise that our lives are part of a bigger dream and that we are co-creating with the source of our lives and each other, that we are dreaming with each other and the living being, Gaia-Sophia, that is the earth herself.  The living Earth is the immediate source of our physical life, a sacred paradise where we can experience anything and everything we truly desire.    Connection with the earth refines our desires so that they are harmonious with the whole. Our desires have an energetic reality, they come to as as a gift and are a source of both direction and pleasure.  We are being energised through the bio-electric magnetic aura of the earth.    Now we no longer need we be victims of the past but can be inspired by visions of the future which we can no longer predict because because we have the chance to become lucid in the dream.

How can we as humans get back on track of our optimal evolution and experience paradise on earth?  Although they are all interwoven, we can think in terms of three categories: regenerative nutrition and natural lifestyle, reactivating our minds and harmonious connection.  Humans have been given the gift of free-will and the capacity to self-correct through awareness of our feelings.  Over a long period of time humans have become so numb that we have got into a state of 'error beyond the scale of correction'.  Now it seems at last we have an opportunity to find our way back on track.  As we bring ourselves back into natural alignment in the three areas, the earth as a living being responds with her own 'correction' to generate an optimal environment for us - a paradise on earth.  It is up to us whether we choose this path.  As mystical as it sounds, this is the potential reality of living on earth at this time if we choose it.

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