Monday, 31 May 2010

Gulf Latest

  rescued turtle

It seems that stopping the oil spill might not be as difficult as it first seemed...if there is a will to do it...

from Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) Today, I spent my time interviewing people on the Gulf Coast from Mississippi to Louisiana. Several of those interviews were conducted on camera, and you'll be seeing those videos as early as tomorrow here on NaturalNews.

Interestingly, it turns out that a lot of the people living on the Gulf Coast have a history of working with oil companies -- and even on oil rigs. I spoke to several people who have a work history with BP, and two of them told me they are certain that British Petroleum is NOT trying to stop the oil coming out of the well. What they are trying to do, I was told, is SAVE the oil well so that they can capture the oil and sell it.

This claim stands in direct contradiction to what BP says. The company insists it's trying to stop the flow of oil from the well. But if you look at BP's actions, what they're really trying to do is siphon off the gushing oil where it can be pumped to a tanker ship and sold as crude. It is a simple matter, by the way, for oil companies to separate water from oil. They do it all the time in oil fields all across America. So if they can siphon off the oil from the Deepwater Horizon well -- even if it's mixed with water -- they can sell it for potentially billions of dollars.

Positive People

I think things like this help when you already feel a lot of positive things about your life and it reminds you to focus and build on them - when you're down in the dumps it just reminds you of how much worse it could get! - and is for so many.  But this video is uplifting because these are positive people in the video who are doing their best and getting on with it.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Will the BP Gulf Disaster make us think again?

Mike Adams, Natural News says:

'I have arrived in the Gulf Coast and am now covering the oil spill story in person for the next few days. (More videos on the way...)

BP has now announced that its "Top Kill" effort to stop the volcano of oil in the Gulf of Mexico has failed.

Now it looks like oil will continue flooding the Gulf through at least August, when two "relief wells" might be completed that can relieve the oil pressure.

To make matters worse, BP has resumed its massive injection of dispersant chemicals into Gulf waters.

Read more about this outrageous environmental catastrophe in my story today:

this story about the troubled oil executives grabbed my attention:

'Credit: Reuters/Richard Carson

HOUSTON (Reuters) - Hardened U.S. oil men might be able to do deals in dangerous parts of the world and stay cool under perennial political fire, but the gravity of the Gulf of Mexico disaster has left some of them feeling shell-shocked...
...Black & Veatch Chief Executive Len Rodman, whose company does engineering for energy projects, said huge tragedies have changed the trajectory of the energy business before, such as the partial core meltdown in a unit at Pennsylvania's Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in 1979.
"What I worry about as an energy CEO is what effect this will have on energy policy," he said, noting it may lead people to look more seriously at electric cars, or complicate plans to pump carbon underground. "This BP thing has tentacles."
Damn! (my comment) "'

Friday, 28 May 2010

Raw Butter is Better...and available

'The Wulzen or "anti-stiffness" factor is a nutrient unique to butter. Dutch researcher Wulzen found that it protects against calcification of the joints--degenerative arthritis--as well as hardening of the arteries, cataracts and calcification of the pineal gland. Unfortunately this vital substance is destroyed during pasteurization. Calves fed pasteurized milk or skim milk develop joint stiffness and do not thrive. Their symptoms are reversed when raw butterfat is added to the diet. '

more here:

AND Hook and Son are now delivering raw butter with your raw milk if you would like a very reasonable price.
By the way I do not earn anything for any products I recommend - except those on  sale in my own shop ( - and I do not recommend or sell anything unless I think it is entirely pertinent to getting our brain and body chemistry or life path sorted out as effectively as possible.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Preview of Paradise

After spending a couple of days remarking that babies being born with two heads (Iraq), ocean creatures being covered with oil (the Gulf) and our culture being so alien to young life and any conducive and child-like state of consciousness that women en masse are choosing to abort their babies (the one in three figures in the news over the last week or so seem to many to be conservative) is not my idea of Paradise, I was delighted to walk into my beautiful friend Sonja's house and exclaim THIS is my idea of Paradise.

More on the BP Gulf Catastrophe...

(NaturalNews) The Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe, now in its 35th day, has struck land, coating tourist beaches, marshes and shorelines with a greasy black filth that metaphorically represents the corporate greed that now dominates the U.S. economy. We are all awash in the dark slime of corporations gone bad, and now we're paying the price for allowing these companies to dominate our media, our government and our entire economy.

You might think government regulators could have prevented all this, but that's hardly the case. This disaster isn't merely about a government regulation failure; it's about what happens when you let corporations rule Washington.

Reporters threatened with arrest by U.S. Coast Guard under orders from BP
British Petroleum has been steamrolling both the federal government and the press over this oil catastrophe in the Gulf. For starters, the U.S. Coast Guard is now threatening to arrest journalists who try to cover the story by invoking "BP rules" that forbid journalists from conducting investigative journalism. (

As reported by CBS News: "When CBS News tried to reach the beach, covered in oil, a boat of BP contractors with two Coast Guard officers on board told us to turn around under threat of arrest."....
read more here:

Monday, 24 May 2010

Avoid GMO foods!

Click here to read this article by Dr Mercola about the horrific potential dangers of GMO foods.

Also here you will find an interview by Jeffrey Smith, author of the bestseller Seeds of Deception, and Genetic Roulette, where he discusses the latest GMO research findings coming out of Russia, which adds fuel to previous concerns about long-term sterility and other highly bizarre physiological side effects.
Highlights of the article:
'Nearly every species of animal that is offered a GMO food versus a non-GMO food will avoid the GMO one. Many times they will do this to the point of starvation, as they have an intuitive sense of the danger of this food. '
[In experiments done on hamsters feeding them GMO soy] 'nearly all of the third-generation GMO babies were sterile... nearly all of the third generation hamsters lost the ability to have babies altogether. Only a single third-generation female hamster gave birth to 16 pups, and of those, one fifth died. In short, nearly the entire third generation of GM soy eaters were sterile!
But it doesn’t end there.

In the GM soy-fed groups they also found an unusually high prevalence of an otherwise extremely rare phenomenon – hair growing inside the animals’
mouths. [click on link in Mercolas's site to see this bizarre deformity] '
Scientists who discover adverse findings from GMOs are regularly attacked, ridiculed, denied funding, and 'even fired. When Ermakova reported the high infant mortality among GM soy fed offspring, for example, she appealed to the scientific community to repeat and verify her preliminary results. She also sought additional funds to analyze preserved organs. Instead, she was attacked and vilified. Samples were stolen from her lab, papers were burnt on her desk, and she said that her boss, under pressure from his boss, told her to stop doing any more GMO research. No one has yet repeated Ermakova's simple, inexpensive studies.

In an attempt to offer her sympathy, one of her colleagues suggested that maybe the GM soy will solve the over population problem!'

'Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is also a former Monsanto attorney, but refuses to acknowledge any conflict of interest as he’s hearing Monsanto’s third appeal for deregulation of genetically modified alfalfa seeds.'

'After corn, soy and wheat, alfalfa is the most widely grown crop in the US, so allowing GM alfalfa to be deregulated could spell disaster in several ways. It’s easily cross-pollinated by bees and wind, and it’s a perennial, meaning GM alfalfa could live on for years, spreading their genetically modified traits far and wide for a long period of time.

It remains to be seen how Justice Thomas rules in this case…
But in addition to conflicts of interest, we’re also dealing with government agencies that refuse to acknowledge the science produced by their own scientists. '

'It’s Time to Save Yourself and Your Famiy Because White Knights Don’t Exist in Government.  It’s important to realize that the key to ending the ongoing atrocity of GM foods lies not with government, but with you and me. '
'Monsanto could probably be effectively bankrupted by the end of this year, if enough consumers were to take individual, proactive steps to avoid purchasing anything even remotely related to their business. '
'You CAN avoid GMOs, if you know what to look for.

First of all, remember there are eight genetically modified food crops:
3.Cottonseed (used in vegetable cooking oils)
4.Canola (canola oil)
5.Sugar from sugar beets
6.Hawaiian papaya
7.Some varieties of zucchini
8.Crookneck squash
Based on this list, anything containing soy or soy derivatives should be avoided, as well as anything containing corn, the most obvious ingredient being high fructose corn syrup.'

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hollow People

My family have enjoyed this book by Brian Keaney immensely - it tells of an asylum on the island of Tarnagar where you can be locked up for dreaming. Thanks to the influence of Dr Sigmundus, after  a coming of age ceremony at the age of 13 everyone takes a substance called Ichor which is supposed to stop them dreaming and induces a robotic like existence- except it doesn't work on everyone...sounds strangely familiar...

Something a bit more clever to do

There is so much information has become available over the last thirty years or so about how we can reconnect the part of our brains that is in touch with the wider intelligent reality. When we remember who we actually are we can see just how depraved life on this planet has really become. HOWEVER, the fact that we can see it shows that we know something better and that is what we keep surviving generation after generation of this for...why we still continue to have children when people question whether this is a fit world to bring children into... and life can be, in all honesty, such a struggle at times. Interestingly it is likely that the state of humans could be turned around in one generation.
from 'Consciousness and the Direction of Structure' by Tony Wright:

Microtubules: Generally considered part of the cells skeleton these supremely delicate and complex structures are increasingly associated with cognition and intelligence particularly in neural cells where they are especially abundant, some theories even suggest a central role in higher consciousness. Either way like most biological structures, their precise design and molecular arrangement, is dictated by DNA. However they display a very high level of plasticity in response to their biochemical environment, an excellent example of real time hormonal and chemical effect on the transcription, configuration and functionality of structures directly related to cognition and consciousness. For example a minor change in the cellular concentration of the neuro-active hormone melatonin will radically alter the structure of these extraordinary intelligence-related machines...

...All that is required to restore our sanity is to repair the precise molecular structure and restore the neuro-chemical regime that is absolutely essential to perceive reality. This is already well within our reach and with a common sense approach likely to yield spectacular results within a generation. While we may be less aware than our ancestors we have the potential to mobilise the industrial scale technologies and bio-sciences we have invented and currently deploy to wage war on our selves or provide distraction with endless plastic shit. It might be fitting to turn these machines of destruction built on the broken backs and broken spirits of millions of lives and lost generations to creating something other than quiet desperation for a tiny minority and abject misery for everyone else. Even a partial fix is likely to yield a profound improvement in our mental health and bring with it the cognitive capacity to effect a complete restoration. Prioritising anything other than the immediate structural repair of our mind simply highlights how far we have fallen into the abyss of our own insanity.

to read more click here
This website has been recently updated to make even clearer the evidence about what is happening inside our own heads:

Undamaged nutrition, and simple measures such as melatonin supplemention can make a difference.

This article explains the practical steps we can take to begin to redress the situation.

Black magic in white coats

Hooray, humans have managed to create new life, something has been happening through the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient divine intelligence for as long as any of us know about. Why don't we attempt something new for a change! Like connect our minds to that divine intelligence instead of getting the parts of our minds which have separated off from its reality to do its job.

While we do black magic in white lab coats, creating a bacterium cell for no real purpose except to feel clever, beautiful, sacred and benign life is systematically destroyed everywhere we care to look. How clever is that?

Thursday, 20 May 2010
'First 'synthetic cell' created

An American biologist has stepped into the shoes of Baron Frankenstein by breathing life into a bacterium using genes assembled in the laboratory.
The creation of the "synthetic cell", described as a "landmark" by one British expert, is a 15-year dream come true for maverick genetics entrepreneur Dr Craig Venter.
It has major implications for genomics, including the manufacture of artificial organisms designed for specific tasks such as making vaccines or cleaning up pollution.
But experts recognise that as Mary Shelley demonstrated in her famous novel, there are potential dangers too. Synthetic life could, for instance, pave the way to terrifying biological weapons.
Dr Venter's researchers explain in the journal Science how they effectively "re-booted" a simple microbe by transplanting into it a set of genetic code sequences that were built from scratch.
The genome was copied from the blueprint contained in Mycoplasma mycoides, a simple bacterium that infects cattle and goats.After first constructing short strands of DNA, the scientists used yeast cells as natural factory assembly lines.
The sequence was built in a step-by-step process. DNA repair systems in the yeast attached the pieces together, gradually lengthening the strands to finish up with a chromosome more than a million "letters" of genetic code long.
The final test came when the completed chromosome was transplanted into another bacterium, Mycoplasma capricolum, replacing its native DNA.
After a failed first attempt, the scientists brought the cells to life. Driven by the new genome, the bacteria took on the appearance and behaviour of M. mycoides, generating different proteins and multiplying.'

Left brain world

'Lying your way to the top: How tale-telling toddlers could turn out to be tycoons of the future '

By Fay Schlesinger

For parents driven to distraction by their children's little white lies, here is the good news.

Far from being a sign of future problems, research has shown that children who fib from an early age are more likely to become high-flying leaders, executives and bankers.

The complex brain processes involved in formulating a lie are indicators of a toddler's intelligence, it is claimed.

So the next time your son or daughter denies having touched the chocolate biscuits despite the suspicious brown smears around their mouth, there is no need to worry, according to researchers.

A study of 1,200 children found that a fifth of two-year-olds are likely to tell lies, rising to 90 per cent from the age of four.

This figure increases further until children reach their lying peak at 12.

But no link was found between telling porkies and a tendency to cheat in exams or commit fraud in later life.

Dr Kang Lee, director of the Institute of Child Study at Toronto University, examined children aged two to 17.

He said: 'Parents should not be alarmed if their child tells a fib.'

The left brain habitually lies, sometimes knowlingly and sometimes unknowingly - the right brain cannot because it deals with reality rather than conceptualisations. As the left brain becomes increasingly dominant as a child grows up, their ability to lie increases. It is a skill for success in a left hemisphere world that is founded on a separation from the reality of life.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Science of Imagery

To consistently imagine (create images of) what we like, rather than what we don't want - that's the challenge.  We are confronted daily with things we don't like, and have  a tendency to create more of the same in our minds.  Our left brains, unable to feel much, particularly not pleasure,are not very good at distinguishing between what is pleasing and what is not, they just follow a sequence of associations wherever it goes.  And we humans are currently left hemisphere dominated.  Yet in the face of this to fire up our right hemispheres and create images of desirable futures, as consistently as possible, creates clear notes that ring through all the noise of the disharmonious unnatural world that has arisen.

Here is an extract from an  Exclusive interview with Vladimir Megre for THE EARTH Newspaper -

by Regina Jensen, Ph. D.

You have talked about the Science of Imagery and it sounds so very wonderful for us to learn more consciously how to create our lives through images. But when it comes to understanding world-affairs, which are of so much concern right now, don't you fear that people might think this is all much too simplistic when it comes to understanding politics by way of this idea of images as creative or destructive?

Vladimir Megre: Well, world forums have come to the unambiguous conclusion that a catastrophe is possible in the coming years. And it is here that an interesting question arises: is it possible to take some measures to prevent it? Representatives of the international scientific community have been unable to answer this question. The governments of various countries, although attempting to influence the situation in some way, developed the so-called Kyoto Protocol, according to which it was proposed that all countries reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. To date the Protocol has not been ratified. This can serve as an excellent example for the problem as I see it, namely that the leaders of these countries do not seem to comprehend the true issue. The exhaust gases from millions of cars and the smokestacks of large and small companies, and other sources that expel harmful pollutants are only a consequence, and not the cause that gave rise to them...
Modern science has been unable to identify the real cause. Anastasia explains that the true cause may be determined by applying methods from the forgotten Science of Imagery. But the modern scientific
community does not know anything about this scientific approach, at once ancient and very advanced, and this is highly unfortunate for our culture. It is a little known fact that precisely by using the powers gained from this very science, a few single individuals can and have governed entire countries as well as humanity as a whole. ..

For instance even in the past, historians report that, after the capture of ancient Egypt, the priests at the time knew how to instill into the people's unconscious the image of a liberator and with the power of that image freed the country. Or, as another example, to this day, Byzantinists are unable to arrive at a unified opinion or to identify the true reason for the collapse of the Byzantine Empire. But the reason can be found in the same realm, namely in the realm of Images. In this case, it was the loss of the image of the future of the empire and instead the instilling of a foreign, destructive image into that culture. It is precisely for this reason that all the empires of our known historical period have perished and others will follow unless changes are made.
R.J.: What a profound loss and a very real, modern-day danger to be repeated! And those forces which you and Anastasia call the Priests have really had no opposition at all until Anastasia came along. You are so right, few people other than our Western mass-media, political strategists and the marketing gurus know about even the rudiments of this science, and this ignorance and lack has brought humanity to the brink of destruction.

...Anastasia is certain that the catastrophe may not only be averted, but that it is possible to build a happy future for millions of individual families and the country as a whole. It would appear that she has a perfect knowledge of the Science of Imagery, and this is what she says about it:

"A person himself is nothing other than a materialized image, and being a materialized image, a person himself may create and materialize images. This comprises his Universal power that can be surpassed by no-one and nothing.  "If a person is not conscious of the abilities bestowed upon him by the Creator, then this person is himself blocking his most majestic power, and this person falls under the influence of other images, and materializes their ideas up to the point of the destruction of himself, his family, his lineage, his country, and the entire planet."

"The artificial technocratic world has also been created by Man using the energy of images which, however, infuse confront? A person with the very opposite of what they intended."

The artificial world is perishable and mortal. Even the most perfect machine, building, or any other thing of the artificial world is disintegrating with each passing second, and in only a few years will turn into dust or, even worse, into waste that is harmful for humans.  Man himself, who lives in an artificial world, also becomes perishable. It is too difficult for a person who, minute by minute, looks at the multitude of disintegrating objects surrounding him - objects that do not have the capacity to self-produce - to imagine eternal life, to create the image of his or her own eternity and materialize it.......

for more click here:

Anasta, Vladimir Megre's tenth book in the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series, has been released in Russian.

'People will find it difficult to believe in something like this. And if someone does not believe, so what? What will be left to the nonbeliever from the lack of belief in his own power? His birth? Yes! But for what purpose? If afterward there is only a meaningless life, then death. And then again the question arises: born for what purpose? A multitude of teachings have existed for millions of years. All about the single idea that humanity is waiting for something from someone. And it waited, having locked up its thought and reason. And it did not think about why or for what purpose the Universe was illuminating the stars above.

Information on the release of the book in the English Language will be published in THE EARTH Monthly Newspaper as soon as it becomes available.


Massive underwater oil cloud may destroy life in Gulf of Mexico

Monday, May 17, 2010

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Editor of

(NaturalNews) Over a week ago, I published an article here on NaturalNews questioning the media spin on the massive oil spill in the Gulf. That story, entitled Is Gulf oil rig disaster far worse than we're being told? (, stated the following:

"It's hard to say exactly what's going on in the Gulf right now, especially because there are so many conflicting reports and unanswered questions. But one thing's for sure: if the situation is actually much worse than we're being led to believe, there could be worldwide catastrophic consequences. If it's true that millions upon millions of gallons of crude oil are flooding the Gulf with no end in sight, the massive oil slicks being created could make their way into the Gulf Stream currents, which would carry them not only up the East Coast but around the world where they could absolutely destroy the global fishing industries."

Now, barely one week later, it turns out that the oil slick is FAR worse than what we were being told.

USA Today now reports:

Researchers warned Sunday that miles-long underwater plumes of oil from the spill could poison and suffocate sea life across the food chain, with damage that could endure for a decade or more. (

That same article also explained:

"Researchers have found more underwater plumes of oil than they can count from the blown-out well, said Samantha Joye, a professor of marine sciences at the University of Georgia. She said careful measurements taken of one plume showed it stretching for 10 miles, with a 3-mile width."

The Christian Science Monitor also reports now that as much as 3.4 million gallons of oil may be leaking into the Gulf every day!

"The oil that can be seen from the surface is apparently just a fraction of the oil that has spilled into the Gulf of Mexico since April 20, according to an assessment the National Institute for Undersea Science and Technology. Significant amounts of oil are spreading at various levels throughout the water column... Scientists looking at video of the leak, suggest that as many as 3.4 million gallons of oil could be leaking into the Gulf every day – 16 times more than the current 210,000-gallon-a-day estimate, according to the Times." (

The New York Times also chimed in on the topic over the weekend with some absolutely shocking (and disturbing) revelations:

"Scientists are finding enormous oil plumes in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, including one as large as 10 miles long, 3 miles wide and 300 feet thick in spots. The discovery is fresh evidence that the leak from the broken undersea well could be substantially worse than estimates that the government and BP have given.

Scientists studying video of the gushing oil well have tentatively calculated that it could be flowing at a rate of 25,000 to 80,000 barrels of oil a day. The latter figure would be 3.4 million gallons a day. But the government, working from satellite images of the ocean surface, has calculated a flow rate of only 5,000 barrels a day." (

In other words, while the government has been telling us the leak is only 5,000 barrels a day, the true volume could be more like 80,000 barrels a day.

Wiping out the Gulf

It hardly needs to be stated that 80,000 barrels of oil a day leaking into the Gulf of Mexico could destroy virtually all marine life in the region.

Oxygen levels have already fallen by 30 percent in waters near the oil. When water loses its oxygen content, it quickly becomes a so-called "dead zone" because marine species simply can't live there anymore. (Fish and other aquatic creatures need oxygen to live, obviously.)

With this volcano of oil still erupting through the ocean floor, we could be witnessing the mass-murder of virtually all marine life in the Gulf of Mexico.

And yet we're faced with a virtual blackout of truly accurate news on the event. Both the oil industry and the Obama administration are desperately trying to limit the videos, photos and stories about the spill, spinning everything to make it seem like it's not really much of a problem at all... more here:

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Return of the Kings

Royal Line leads the House of Commons...

Prime Minister David Cameron is the great great great great great grandson of King William IV and his long term live-in mistress Dorothea Jordan (and thus 5th cousin, twice removed of Queen Elizabeth II).   As they were all illegitimate, none of William IV's children could succeed him so the throne passed to Victoria and down a different line.
Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg's paternal grandmother, Kira von Engelhardt, was a Russian Baroness whose German-Russian aristocratic family fled the Bolsheviks after the 1917 Russian Revolution. His great-great-grandfather, the Russian nobleman Ignaty Zakrevsky, was attorney general of the imperial Russian senate.

Leader of the Opposition Harriet Harman is related to David Cameron through her aunt's marriage to his great uncle (this discovery by amateur genealogist Tony Andrews was published by the Sun in May 2009).


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Free snacks in the hedgerows

So much free food there if you look!  Yes food actually grows by itself and we can pick it!  Wild edible greens around in abundance right now near where I live in Devon include wild garlic leaves and flowers, violet flowers, pennywort, yellow archangel, cleavers, hawthorn leaves, bramble buds, gorse flowers, borage, dandelion leaves and flowers, garlic mustard and crow garlic.  We make our salads with them -  I usually high speed blend a mixture of a huge pile of leaves, tomato, carrot, avocado and cucumber for a fast meal.  We've discovered that if you dehydrate them for a few hours and sprinkle on Himalayan salt and cold pressed olive oil they taste like crisps...a very moreish and mineral rich snack.

The bramble buds are the inner bit where the new shoots are forming - if you pick them the bramble will grow more shoots so it helps the plant too.

In days gone by hawthorn leaves were known as 'poor man's bread and cheese' - and dehydrated they taste a bit like cheese and onion crisps.

Love chefs

Mark and Charlotte Mabon are running a raw food delivery service in the Totnes and Buckfastleigh area in South Devon email
The menu varies each week - here is a sample:

Med pumpkin seed soft bread
Spinach and cashew cream dip
Selection of chocolate/ chocolate orange/ lemon truffles
Raw cookies
Kale crisps
The minimum order is four items (12.50). Feel free to create your own menu from any of the above (you can double up on items too).

Monday, 10 May 2010

Wild Food and Paint

Cherry Blossom

Lawful Rebellion

"In these extraordinary circumstances of the imminent dissolution of our nation and its amalgamation into EUROPE without our consent, by parliamentary action in direct contradiction to the 1689 Declaration of Rights and with Royal Assent being given without explanation and in abandonment of the Coronation Oath to provide governance according to our laws and customs, we act out of duty to preserve our nation of people and land from foreign dictatorial control. We are in lawful rebellion under Article 61 of Magna Carta.

Having endured years of corporate commercial government, the wilful representation and dimunition of our Lawful standing by the legal device of the PERSON, we no longer recognise liablity under the Acts and Statutes of the UNITED KINGDOM Commercial Law and Admiralty Maritime Jurisdiction and instead insist on our Lawful and Natural Right to abide by the Common Law of the Land also known as the Natural Law or simply the Law...

Totnes Castle 5th May 2010"

In common law, as  long as we cause no harm or loss to anybody else we are not in trouble.  The other laws are statutes or contract law which apply to us as commercial entities or 'persons'.  In common law we are men and women - the word 'person' is a legislative device.  I love this principle - it is very empowering - we are not pieces of paper or numbers on computers but live in real bodies.  For more information visit or
It mirrors the situation inside our own heads where are natural feelings (right hemisphere) are being kept in check by conditioned thoughts (left hemisphere) and maybe the time is coming to break free of them.

Highly recommend listening to Lawful Rebellion Talks 1 and 2 by Guy Euden, Richy Landy and David Ophalus on the site.  This is highly inspiring and heart-warming material.

'Recently, Guy Euden, David Ophalus and Richy had an opportunity to sit down and record two sessions totalling around 2.5 hours each on the wider scope of Lawful Rebellion with the intention of answering many questions that have been left open to alot of people for a long time.

They have given over two 2.5 hour sessions of our own valuable experiences and as much information and explanation backed up with links to further information as is necessary to gather up a comprehensive introductory guide of this colossal movement.

Guy can be considered one of the innovators of Lawful Rebellion research and information at the founding level of the TPUC, and has written some interesting articles before disappearing off the radar to research and practice what he has learnt. We decided it was about time to try and distil some of that knowledge and experience for all our benefit and pulled him out of the trenches for a while.

David is a media and business veteran and a converted year-long beginner to Lawful Rebellion. He setup up the first regular London TPUC talks that helped to accelerate the evolution of John’s, ‘It’s and Illusion’ talk. He has also worked on the press and media side of TPUC and continues to manage the Lawful Rebellion Facebook group. David spent over 24 hours of time editing these podcasts down and worked with Richy on gathering all the information.

Richy has spent a considerable amount of time helping John Harris develop his talks and spread the message of Lawful Rebellion and took a lead in presenting these two podcasts. He is an avid researcher but finds the statutes of legislation a bit dry, preferring to spend time with people distilling information down. Richy says,
“I’ve got no respect for corruption or greed. We are under massive psychological coercion, and in the absence of heartfelt response we engage in mind-based action. I believe the resolution is to make the majority of people aware of the real system here, and the people will work out the solutions.”

We hope that the interview serves to add to your understanding and aids in your actions of Lawful Rebellion. After all, Lawful Rebellion is what we make it.'