Sunday, 30 May 2010

Will the BP Gulf Disaster make us think again?

Mike Adams, Natural News says:

'I have arrived in the Gulf Coast and am now covering the oil spill story in person for the next few days. (More videos on the way...)

BP has now announced that its "Top Kill" effort to stop the volcano of oil in the Gulf of Mexico has failed.

Now it looks like oil will continue flooding the Gulf through at least August, when two "relief wells" might be completed that can relieve the oil pressure.

To make matters worse, BP has resumed its massive injection of dispersant chemicals into Gulf waters.

Read more about this outrageous environmental catastrophe in my story today:

this story about the troubled oil executives grabbed my attention:

'Credit: Reuters/Richard Carson

HOUSTON (Reuters) - Hardened U.S. oil men might be able to do deals in dangerous parts of the world and stay cool under perennial political fire, but the gravity of the Gulf of Mexico disaster has left some of them feeling shell-shocked...
...Black & Veatch Chief Executive Len Rodman, whose company does engineering for energy projects, said huge tragedies have changed the trajectory of the energy business before, such as the partial core meltdown in a unit at Pennsylvania's Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in 1979.
"What I worry about as an energy CEO is what effect this will have on energy policy," he said, noting it may lead people to look more seriously at electric cars, or complicate plans to pump carbon underground. "This BP thing has tentacles."
Damn! (my comment) "'

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