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The Science of Imagery

To consistently imagine (create images of) what we like, rather than what we don't want - that's the challenge.  We are confronted daily with things we don't like, and have  a tendency to create more of the same in our minds.  Our left brains, unable to feel much, particularly not pleasure,are not very good at distinguishing between what is pleasing and what is not, they just follow a sequence of associations wherever it goes.  And we humans are currently left hemisphere dominated.  Yet in the face of this to fire up our right hemispheres and create images of desirable futures, as consistently as possible, creates clear notes that ring through all the noise of the disharmonious unnatural world that has arisen.

Here is an extract from an  Exclusive interview with Vladimir Megre for THE EARTH Newspaper -

by Regina Jensen, Ph. D.

You have talked about the Science of Imagery and it sounds so very wonderful for us to learn more consciously how to create our lives through images. But when it comes to understanding world-affairs, which are of so much concern right now, don't you fear that people might think this is all much too simplistic when it comes to understanding politics by way of this idea of images as creative or destructive?

Vladimir Megre: Well, world forums have come to the unambiguous conclusion that a catastrophe is possible in the coming years. And it is here that an interesting question arises: is it possible to take some measures to prevent it? Representatives of the international scientific community have been unable to answer this question. The governments of various countries, although attempting to influence the situation in some way, developed the so-called Kyoto Protocol, according to which it was proposed that all countries reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. To date the Protocol has not been ratified. This can serve as an excellent example for the problem as I see it, namely that the leaders of these countries do not seem to comprehend the true issue. The exhaust gases from millions of cars and the smokestacks of large and small companies, and other sources that expel harmful pollutants are only a consequence, and not the cause that gave rise to them...
Modern science has been unable to identify the real cause. Anastasia explains that the true cause may be determined by applying methods from the forgotten Science of Imagery. But the modern scientific
community does not know anything about this scientific approach, at once ancient and very advanced, and this is highly unfortunate for our culture. It is a little known fact that precisely by using the powers gained from this very science, a few single individuals can and have governed entire countries as well as humanity as a whole. ..

For instance even in the past, historians report that, after the capture of ancient Egypt, the priests at the time knew how to instill into the people's unconscious the image of a liberator and with the power of that image freed the country. Or, as another example, to this day, Byzantinists are unable to arrive at a unified opinion or to identify the true reason for the collapse of the Byzantine Empire. But the reason can be found in the same realm, namely in the realm of Images. In this case, it was the loss of the image of the future of the empire and instead the instilling of a foreign, destructive image into that culture. It is precisely for this reason that all the empires of our known historical period have perished and others will follow unless changes are made.
R.J.: What a profound loss and a very real, modern-day danger to be repeated! And those forces which you and Anastasia call the Priests have really had no opposition at all until Anastasia came along. You are so right, few people other than our Western mass-media, political strategists and the marketing gurus know about even the rudiments of this science, and this ignorance and lack has brought humanity to the brink of destruction.

...Anastasia is certain that the catastrophe may not only be averted, but that it is possible to build a happy future for millions of individual families and the country as a whole. It would appear that she has a perfect knowledge of the Science of Imagery, and this is what she says about it:

"A person himself is nothing other than a materialized image, and being a materialized image, a person himself may create and materialize images. This comprises his Universal power that can be surpassed by no-one and nothing.  "If a person is not conscious of the abilities bestowed upon him by the Creator, then this person is himself blocking his most majestic power, and this person falls under the influence of other images, and materializes their ideas up to the point of the destruction of himself, his family, his lineage, his country, and the entire planet."

"The artificial technocratic world has also been created by Man using the energy of images which, however, infuse confront? A person with the very opposite of what they intended."

The artificial world is perishable and mortal. Even the most perfect machine, building, or any other thing of the artificial world is disintegrating with each passing second, and in only a few years will turn into dust or, even worse, into waste that is harmful for humans.  Man himself, who lives in an artificial world, also becomes perishable. It is too difficult for a person who, minute by minute, looks at the multitude of disintegrating objects surrounding him - objects that do not have the capacity to self-produce - to imagine eternal life, to create the image of his or her own eternity and materialize it.......

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Anasta, Vladimir Megre's tenth book in the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series, has been released in Russian.

'People will find it difficult to believe in something like this. And if someone does not believe, so what? What will be left to the nonbeliever from the lack of belief in his own power? His birth? Yes! But for what purpose? If afterward there is only a meaningless life, then death. And then again the question arises: born for what purpose? A multitude of teachings have existed for millions of years. All about the single idea that humanity is waiting for something from someone. And it waited, having locked up its thought and reason. And it did not think about why or for what purpose the Universe was illuminating the stars above.

Information on the release of the book in the English Language will be published in THE EARTH Monthly Newspaper as soon as it becomes available.


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