Monday, 10 May 2010

Lawful Rebellion

"In these extraordinary circumstances of the imminent dissolution of our nation and its amalgamation into EUROPE without our consent, by parliamentary action in direct contradiction to the 1689 Declaration of Rights and with Royal Assent being given without explanation and in abandonment of the Coronation Oath to provide governance according to our laws and customs, we act out of duty to preserve our nation of people and land from foreign dictatorial control. We are in lawful rebellion under Article 61 of Magna Carta.

Having endured years of corporate commercial government, the wilful representation and dimunition of our Lawful standing by the legal device of the PERSON, we no longer recognise liablity under the Acts and Statutes of the UNITED KINGDOM Commercial Law and Admiralty Maritime Jurisdiction and instead insist on our Lawful and Natural Right to abide by the Common Law of the Land also known as the Natural Law or simply the Law...

Totnes Castle 5th May 2010"

In common law, as  long as we cause no harm or loss to anybody else we are not in trouble.  The other laws are statutes or contract law which apply to us as commercial entities or 'persons'.  In common law we are men and women - the word 'person' is a legislative device.  I love this principle - it is very empowering - we are not pieces of paper or numbers on computers but live in real bodies.  For more information visit or
It mirrors the situation inside our own heads where are natural feelings (right hemisphere) are being kept in check by conditioned thoughts (left hemisphere) and maybe the time is coming to break free of them.

Highly recommend listening to Lawful Rebellion Talks 1 and 2 by Guy Euden, Richy Landy and David Ophalus on the site.  This is highly inspiring and heart-warming material.

'Recently, Guy Euden, David Ophalus and Richy had an opportunity to sit down and record two sessions totalling around 2.5 hours each on the wider scope of Lawful Rebellion with the intention of answering many questions that have been left open to alot of people for a long time.

They have given over two 2.5 hour sessions of our own valuable experiences and as much information and explanation backed up with links to further information as is necessary to gather up a comprehensive introductory guide of this colossal movement.

Guy can be considered one of the innovators of Lawful Rebellion research and information at the founding level of the TPUC, and has written some interesting articles before disappearing off the radar to research and practice what he has learnt. We decided it was about time to try and distil some of that knowledge and experience for all our benefit and pulled him out of the trenches for a while.

David is a media and business veteran and a converted year-long beginner to Lawful Rebellion. He setup up the first regular London TPUC talks that helped to accelerate the evolution of John’s, ‘It’s and Illusion’ talk. He has also worked on the press and media side of TPUC and continues to manage the Lawful Rebellion Facebook group. David spent over 24 hours of time editing these podcasts down and worked with Richy on gathering all the information.

Richy has spent a considerable amount of time helping John Harris develop his talks and spread the message of Lawful Rebellion and took a lead in presenting these two podcasts. He is an avid researcher but finds the statutes of legislation a bit dry, preferring to spend time with people distilling information down. Richy says,
“I’ve got no respect for corruption or greed. We are under massive psychological coercion, and in the absence of heartfelt response we engage in mind-based action. I believe the resolution is to make the majority of people aware of the real system here, and the people will work out the solutions.”

We hope that the interview serves to add to your understanding and aids in your actions of Lawful Rebellion. After all, Lawful Rebellion is what we make it.'

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