Sunday, 23 May 2010

Something a bit more clever to do

There is so much information has become available over the last thirty years or so about how we can reconnect the part of our brains that is in touch with the wider intelligent reality. When we remember who we actually are we can see just how depraved life on this planet has really become. HOWEVER, the fact that we can see it shows that we know something better and that is what we keep surviving generation after generation of this for...why we still continue to have children when people question whether this is a fit world to bring children into... and life can be, in all honesty, such a struggle at times. Interestingly it is likely that the state of humans could be turned around in one generation.
from 'Consciousness and the Direction of Structure' by Tony Wright:

Microtubules: Generally considered part of the cells skeleton these supremely delicate and complex structures are increasingly associated with cognition and intelligence particularly in neural cells where they are especially abundant, some theories even suggest a central role in higher consciousness. Either way like most biological structures, their precise design and molecular arrangement, is dictated by DNA. However they display a very high level of plasticity in response to their biochemical environment, an excellent example of real time hormonal and chemical effect on the transcription, configuration and functionality of structures directly related to cognition and consciousness. For example a minor change in the cellular concentration of the neuro-active hormone melatonin will radically alter the structure of these extraordinary intelligence-related machines...

...All that is required to restore our sanity is to repair the precise molecular structure and restore the neuro-chemical regime that is absolutely essential to perceive reality. This is already well within our reach and with a common sense approach likely to yield spectacular results within a generation. While we may be less aware than our ancestors we have the potential to mobilise the industrial scale technologies and bio-sciences we have invented and currently deploy to wage war on our selves or provide distraction with endless plastic shit. It might be fitting to turn these machines of destruction built on the broken backs and broken spirits of millions of lives and lost generations to creating something other than quiet desperation for a tiny minority and abject misery for everyone else. Even a partial fix is likely to yield a profound improvement in our mental health and bring with it the cognitive capacity to effect a complete restoration. Prioritising anything other than the immediate structural repair of our mind simply highlights how far we have fallen into the abyss of our own insanity.

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This website has been recently updated to make even clearer the evidence about what is happening inside our own heads:

Undamaged nutrition, and simple measures such as melatonin supplemention can make a difference.

This article explains the practical steps we can take to begin to redress the situation.

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