Friday, 27 August 2010

What all women need to know: alleviating oestrogen dominance

This post is specially for the many women who unnecessarily suffer at the hands of their own hormones.  There are simple things that can be done that can alleviate a lot of discomfort and unnecessary suffering.

It's a simple fact that humans today generally have unbalanced sex hormones - we have unbalanced (not necessarily too much) oestrogen and testosterone and this causes us problems.  This has been going on for thousands of years and is due to  the reduction of flavonoids (fruit compounds) in our diets and the reduction of melatonin output by the pineal gland.  Flavonoids and melatonin kept the levels of oestrogen and testosterone balanced with other biochemicals millenia ago.

In women now there is too much oestrogen compared to progesterone. This is an increasing problem even for young women and as women go through the years, this imbalance, or 'oestrogen dominance', gets more extreme eventually producing the 'peri-menopausal' and 'menopausal' symptoms.

To further compound things, in modern times we have the arrival of oestrogen mimicers, xenoestrogens, in chemicals in our environment, including plastics.

The unpleasant symptoms of oestrogen dominance/progesterone deficiency can include depression, anxiety, premenstrual syndrome and excessive bleeding, inability to maintain pregnancies, interference with thyroid function and increased risk of reproductive cancers.  These is a full list here.

Fortunately there are some simple things we can do to alleviate these symptoms, by addressing the cause.

Firstly use a natural progesterone cream.  Yam creams are not effective and here I will recommend the one I use and know to be effective, Wellsprings Serenity cream.

By rubbing a tiny amount onto varying fatty areas of the body for half the days of the cycle, progesterone levels are gradually restored.

Consuming maca in addition to using the cream can really make the difference.  Maca is an adaptogen and tends to bring the body back into balance.  Heavy periods have become normal for so many women but they can become lighter with the use of maca and/or natural progesterone cream.  At first the effect of thre maca can be to make things seem a little worse then in the next month it tends to stabilise and the month after that it can be much much better  Persevere, you can get a detox and be a little wiped out initially with maca - just keep going.

In addition to all this it makes sense for us all to supplement melatonin levels, especially as we get older and the levels fall.  It is anti-aging and massively anti-oxidant and, to the point, will help bring hormone levels into balance.  Some good suppliers are listed here.

To reference the science, there is a paper here documenting how 'Melatonin increases oestrogen receptor binding activity..'.

And here Tony Wright explains how oestrogen dominance has led to reproductive problems and cancers and points out the benefits of flavonoids.

And Leslie Kenton writes here about the effects of xenoestrogens.

'watch out for xenoestrogens

Oestrogen dominance in women and the drop in sperm count in men have come about for several reasons, the major one being the widespread use of oestrogen-based oral contraceptives and the exponential spread of chemicals in our environment. Called xenoestrogens - oestrogen mimics - they are taken up by the oestrogen receptor sites in our bodies to throw spanners in the works'.

These products can all be purchased at reasonable cost in quantities that will last for months.
By the way I do not sell or profit from sales of any products mentioned in this post.

Obviously consuming plenty of fresh raw fruit and salad vegetables is a basic part of the picture for those of us interested in wellbeing and will increase flavonoid levels. Also avoiding problem foods such as refined sugar helps as does getting sufficient magnesium in the diet.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Symptons, causality and restoration

Kylle Vialli interviews Tony Wright

incredibly empowering information beautifully articulated

Split brain with one half atheist and one half theist

Nothing like a bit of Ramachandran on a Sunday evening...
wonderful stuff...
The right hemisphere has greater access to reality including what we conceptually differentiate as physical and spiritual - it feels the greater energetic reality, the 'presence', sometimes described as God.

By the way this talk appears to contradict itself - Ramachandran says the right hemisphere said yes to God then he describes right hemisphere as being atheist, hat leads to some interesting thoughts

I feel compelled to add that the belief or not in God is a left hemisphere stance whilst the experience of that greater reality sometimes labelled God by the left hemisphere is something else.

Fermented Foods with Donna Gates

Donna Gates on:

The power of probiotics to improve the bio-availablity of protein by as much as 100x.

How first generation hearty (good) bacteria cultured with your vegetables can help you look and feel younger at any age.

How to combat the causes of autism and immune disorders in infants and developing children through increasing beneficial micro-flora in their systems.

WHY vaccinations do not work anymore and in fact cause more problems because many children today
start off with weak immune systems.

Understanding the multi-faceted causes of ADHD and what we can do to counter them.

Donna gates is 63!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Let food be thy medicine

Beautifully articulated explanation of why we need the medicine in our foods, how modern hybrid food has lost it - and the drugs industry sells it back to us.  And the importance of eating truly natural foods which contain the medicinal element.

Thinking about the 'bitter principle', which is the medicinal element of plant foods,  those of us who have trodden this path in the face of various adversities have had to become very independent, able to  flourish in a range of trying situations and have developed a repertoire of strategies  (medicine ways) to call upon and heal ourselves when we are challenged yet again.  Its easy to envy those whose path seems to have been more facilitated, but the challenges make us strong and takes us back to our true nature like the wild plants.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Happy Lammas!

Cardinal Grand Cross

In astrology, a  grand cross involves four or more planets each opposite another and at right angles to two others as seen from Earth.  It is a configuration involving great tension.  This summer has been dominated astrologically by several planets going in and out of this powerful formation.  On this occasion it is a 'cardinal grand cross' meaning that the planets are in the cardinal signs of aries, libra, capricorn and cancer.  These are signs of initiating or leading - in very different ways. On August 6-7, 2010 we have the last big grand cross of the summer when the Moon enter 3 degrees of Cancer to complete it, opposing Pluto at 3 degrees of Capricorn, with Uranus and Jupiter is in Aries (at 0 and 3 degrees, respectively); and then there is a trio of Mars, Saturn and Venus in Libra (at 5, 1 and 0 degrees, respectively).

Tony Wright presentation at Sunrise Off-Grid

A presentation at Sunrise: Off-Grid outlining a radical new theory of human evolution and how that led our current state of mind. A diagnosis explaining the root cause of human suffering, a means of treatment and ultimately prevention that will restore sanity where madness has prevailed.

Virtually all cultures preserve myths with an almost identical theme; that from a past golden age humanity has suffered a progressive degeneration. Is this near universal tradition based on real events? The answer appears to be 'yes'. Recent scientific evidence supports the idea that we suffer from an inherited hormonal condition that has damaged part of our brain. In an unexpected twist, it is the damaged part that is not only driven to play the major role in telling us who we are but also dominates our basic biological functions. Such a scenario explains some extraordinary anomalies that have emerged from research into how our brains function. It provides an underlying reason for the present crises in health, from the dysfunction of the immune system to the declining age of puberty. It also makes sense of the diverse mystic and religious practices that are said to lead to enlightened states or 'oneness with God'.
If our common experience of near constant low-level fear and anxiety is actually a consequence of a neurological disorder, there may be a fundamental solution to the problem. We all know that fear, distrust and a lack of connection lead to conflict and ultimately war. Such a solution therefore could be of crucial importance to our global future.

Despite the staggering implications the basic proposal is already attracting emotive endorsement and support from sceptical mainstream academics and scholars in many disciplines to spiritually inclined philosophers, environmental activists and pretty much everyone who has read and understood the basic proposal as outlined in the book.

“A stunningly innovative and challenging theory” Dr Dennis McKenna (Heffter Research Institute)
“This is a startling book that makes us rethink the most fundamental issues of religion, psychology, and philosophy.”
Richard Heinberg (Post Carbon Institute)
“Left in the Dark offers a provocative and original answer to the most important question of our time.”
Linda Buzzell-Saltzman (IAE)
“ It will be, it must be, taken very seriously in any discussion of human origins.” Prof. Colin Groves (ANU)

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Sunrise Offgrid

A Celebration of Off grid Living, Alternative Energy, Community Creativity and Consciousness
19th - 22nd August, Somerset.

I am doing a talk on Food for Consciousness in the Avalon Rising area.

Tony Wright, author of 'Left in the Dark' will be doing a presentation at the Zia Solar stage probably on the Friday.

'Research suggests that humans once lived, and could again live, in a very different and profoundly preferable state of consciousness to the one we consider normal today. Nutrition and hormones determine the accuracy to which DNA is read and the brain ('lens of consciousness')is built, from the moment of conception. The modern diet provides only 5% of the micronutrients that other primates ingest each day in the wild, whilst pineal underactivity has reduced all important melatonin levels to a point which is having major impact on our state of well-being. Given the knowledge that is now coming to light human beings could eventually be on-goingly experiencing a mode of awareness and function usually associated with peak states - in 'a benign state of perpetual wonder and joy'. Even now, the undamaged amino acids (proteins), fatty acids (fats) and flavonoids (fruit compounds) found in nutrient rich raw foods plus judicious biochemical supplementation can significantly improve our brain chemistry to improve the way we feel and allow us to experience more energy, personal effectiveness, intuition, creative powers and deepen our connection with others. This talk will look at the research and also some very practical things we can do to increase the happiness and harmony in our everyday lives.'

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