Monday, 4 October 2010

ubiquinol and stamina

Ubiquinol is a form of Coenzyme Q10 and its key role is in the making of mitochondrial energy in the cells of our bodies - in other words it is very important for energy production and every part of the body including the brain and particularly for the workings of our hearts.

Although there are plant sources of it such as parsley, broccoli and grapes, to get the ideal levels daily from manageable volumes of food is difficult if we are not eating organ meats such as liver and heart.  If we choose not to eat organ meats we need to be aware of how we can avoid deficiencies that can easily arise. Personally I prefer to avoid meat for many reasons - we just need to be aware what it takes to make this workable.

The point is, as usual, that our assimilation systems are not what they could be.  Our archaic diet was probably  plant based but there are considerable challenges with this way of eating in our current situation because of these assimilation difficulties.  And CoQ10 is one of those issues.  Since beginning an ubiquinol supplement I have been astonished at the increase in stamina levels and am bewildered as to why i did not start this supplement before!  It's not that my stamina was  low, but now it is back to what it was  years ago.  I had been craving and eating lots of parsley for over  a year and had a sense that there was something in it that I needed, but not enough - which led me to CoQ10. There was a noticeable difference for me in 24 hours and a marked effect within a week.

Here Dr Mercola explains the difference between straight CoQ10 and ubiquinol and explains the need.

Sequel to this post: I rang my mum to recommend ubiquinol and she rang me back the next day to thank me - the health shop where she purchased it said she would feel a different person after a few months on this stuff.  Happy day!  If you have parents on statins, consider doing the same for them.

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